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Most Searched For Deals By Brits In Lockdown Revealed

16 February 2021, 0:00 pm
  • Brits are scouring the internet for the best deals on items to help them redecorate, liven-up mealtimes and elevate their home entertainment for less during lockdown 3.0, according to search data revealed by 1.8-million-member money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk
  • Home and garden related searches comprised the lion’s share (15%) of the top 100 search terms followed by supermarkets and kitchen gadgets (13%). ‘Oximeter’ and ‘thermometer’ among the wellbeing related terms that appeared in the rankings
  • “The data paints a picture of the most popular items that Brits are seeking a deal on to help them save money,” says Consumer Expert Tom Church

People are making the most of their time during lockdown by snapping up bargains that will help them to redecorate, liven-up mealtimes and elevate their home entertainment for less. 

An analysis of the top 100 search terms over the past month by 1.8-million-member money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk revealed what Brits are honing in on as they scour the website and app for offers and discounts from leading retailers.

Ticking some of those home and garden DIY jobs off the to-do list is high-up on the agenda for many people, with related searches for items such as tools, paint, bedding and pillows comprising 15% of the top 100 search terms.

“Deals and discounts on homewares are always popular, but it’s no surprise that it is the most searched for category at the moment, with people turning their attention to making wallet-friendly upgrades around the home,” says Tom Church, Consumer Expert and Co-Founder of LatestDeals.co.uk.

As people strive to keep mealtimes interesting and on budget, hunting down supermarket deals and discounts on handy kitchen gadgets swallowed up 13% of the search terms. Tesco, ASDA and Morrisons were the most searched for supermarkets while microwaves and air fryers were the most popular gadgets people were looking to snap up. Furthermore, alcohol comprised 7% of search terms with whiskey, gin and wine among the most inputted words. 

“A recent poll of our money-saving community revealed that 21% of people are spending less than £50 on their weekly food shopping, compared to ONS research that shows that the average UK household spends £56.60 a week on food,” says Tom. “People are feeling the pinch now more than ever and with meals out off the agenda, there is a growing pressure to build variety into mealtimes on a tight budget.

“A new discount code for Morrisons is shared every six days on our website, on average, and we have a very active Food & Drink category too, with community members sharing fantastic deals usually multiple times per day,” says Tom. “All of this can go a long way to helping people to cut down their food spend.”

Home entertainment accounted for 9% of the search terms, with popular items including TVs, projectors, Xbox and PS5 popping up. Toys, including LEGO, delivered a further 4% of search terms. 

“This is to be expected, with people relying heavily on home entertainment at the moment,” says Tom. “With many of us spending a lot more time in front of the box, people may be looking to upgrade their television sets for a better picture quality. With families on top of one another, they may be considering treating themselves to an additional set to stamp out disagreements over what to watch. What’s also interesting is that our members are searching for projectors – perhaps to help to recreate cinema-quality movie nights at home.”

Home schooling and office supplies also featured prominently in the data, with quests for printers, laptops, desks and chairs comprising 8% of the top 100 search terms. 

Many people are stepping-up their fitness regimes, with people in pursuit of deals for Nike, treadmills and trainers. Furthermore, as a sign of the times,‘oximeter’ and ‘thermometer’ ranked 62nd and 69th respectively.

The top 10 items searched for, in order of popularity, are: LEGO, TV, laptop, toys, flowers, microwave, coffee, printer, perfume and KFC. The top 10 ranking brands and retailers that people searched for are: MAC, Amazon, LEGO, Tesco, Boots, Argos, Superdrug, ASDA, Pandora, and Ebay

(Data extracted from an analysis of the top 100 searches carried out over the past month, as of 06/02/21.)

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