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Shoppers Share 7 Loyalty Card Hacks - From £270 Freebies To £8 Family Trips

August 13, 2021, 1:00 PM
  • Savvy shoppers from LatestDeals.co.uk share how to save £100s using Tesco, Sainsburys and Boots loyalty cards
  • Grocery bargains include £50 in points exchanged for £100 worth of premium wine and £90 in points converted to £270 to spend in-store
  • Bargain hunters have also picked up £90 in points for meals out, 4 cinema tickets for £8, half price Yankee Candles and free Railcard renewal

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Hannah Lou Carney uses specific tools to increase her loyalty points. ‘Nectar Canvass is great. I save 15 pounds off my shopping weekly just from that.’ Meanwhile, on the LatestDeals.co.uk forum, Snoogans888 recommended the Tesco version. ‘Are you signed up to Tesco Shopper Thoughts? You get points for completing quick surveys. It’s in the ‘other ways to collect points’ section .’

Stuartsmith544 was thinking along the same lines. ‘Try Tescoviews and give them feedback and each month you earn 25 Clubcard points. For Nectar I do quite a lot of surveys and I earn a lot of Nectar points doing that.’ Tom Church, Co-Founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, said: ‘Filling in surveys and providing feedback is a quick and effective way to increase your points. It can be done during downtime and the results quickly pile up!’

Look instore for discounts

Sarah Hannah Loveday is a fan of browsing the aisles in Tesco with her Clubcard. ‘Tesco has a lot of offers on at the moment if you have a Clubcard! For example the cheese I buy is £4.50 without a Clubcard but £2 with! Also the orange juice my fiancé loves is £3 without a Clubcard and £1 with!

Jeanette Burrill shared her recent Clubcard bargain: ‘I got a set of Yankee Candles from Tesco priced at £50.00 and reduced to £25.00 if you use Clubcard.’ Tom said: ‘It’s easy to pick up the same groceries each week once you’re in a routine, but looking around for items which have Clubcard reductions can result in huge savings on your shop.’

Get discounts on trips and meals out

Robin Knight makes the most of her loyalty points for holidays. ‘What I do is save all my points, then when we go on a week's holiday we use our vouchers for food.’ Wendy Roberts had a similar tactic, revealing: ‘Just booked a night away in a hotel paid for by Tesco Rewards.’

Those who don’t go away in the holidays can still make the most of points - Joanne Dalgarno said: ‘I use Tesco Clubcard points for the summer holidays and then book days out, attractions and meals out at very little cost.’ Rach Ael added: ‘I save up my points all year and usually get discounts at theme parks.’

Laura Bailey had a tip for those who commute or travel via public transport: ‘You can also renew your family railcard with it which is invaluable.’

Get ready for Christmas

Many shoppers save up their points throughout the year to make some major savings during the festive season. Lindsey Millward said: ‘All my points pay for my big Xmas shop, including all the alcohol, gift sets and chocolate stuff. It saves me a fortune at that time of the year.’ Cheryl Jones added: ‘I save points for Christmas, it’s even better if you have Tesco Mobile and use their fuel. It soon adds up and you should have about £100 by Christmas.’

Janet Toon uses this trick in Sainsburys: ‘I use Nectar points at Xmas, I do the double-up and buy the Xmas wine. For £50 of Nectar points you get £100 worth of wine from Sainsbury’s premium range.’ In the LatestDeals.co.uk forum, Chelseaturpin revealed she applies this tactic to multiple stores: ‘ I usually let my points build up throughout the year as a lot of supermarkets up their prices and I can save money and use my points instead. I love my Boots Advantage Card and save my points until the Boxing Day sales. This means I've already got gift sets to give out the following Christmas!’

Go online to increase your points value

Jacqueline Docherty advised using loyalty points online. ‘I never use the vouchers in the shop. Go online and you can triple the value for days out, restaurants etc.’ Vics Savill agreed: ‘I use Tesco Clubcard also & then triple the points for days out.' Nina Denis also prefers the online method: ‘I find that there is no point using them in store as you just get the flat rate. However you get more for your money when you swap them for days out or meals at restaurants.’

Tracey James has special occasions in mind to spend her points on: ‘I always use my points to take my son's to Zizzi or Ask Italian as it triples the points. Because all my shopping was through Tesco last year, I currently have over £90 in points (£270 converted). We've already had our first meal out.’ Sara Clayton also plans for special treats. ‘I save Clubcard points. We don't do anything special, just our weekly shopping, but I only ever use them on the offers to triple the value. Mainly cinema vouchers - it means 4 of us can go to the cinema for £8 in vouchers. I also use them for a restaurant treat beforehand, it works out as a cheap family night out.’

Download loyalty card apps

Hannah Carney browses points deals from her phone: ‘Download the Nectar app and always save offers. I am currently getting 300 points (£1.50 value) for every item I sell on eBay this month (and I have sold 5 things so far). Also, Esso sometimes has great bonuses for points if you fill up with them.’

Sarah Crook also stays up to date with app offers. ‘You can use your Clubcard points for rewards. Download the app to see how many points you have and use the vouchers for money off your shopping. Alternatively, exchange them for rewards. For example 50p of Clubcard vouchers gives you £1.50 to spend at Longleat.’ Rach Ael chipped in: ‘I always forget my Clubcard so I have downloaded the app - so much better as I never forget my phone!’

Learn the tricks

Lindsey Millward shared some tricks on how to make the most of your points card: ‘If you have a Clubcard you get 1 point for every pound you spend, and this applies to everything except petrol or diesel where it's 1 point for every £2 spent. You don't get points on tobacco, scratch cards, lottery tickets or baby milk. You can also add money to your Clubcard at the tills in store to help you save.’

Tracey James shared her trick: ‘Definitely get the free Tesco magazine as I got 30 extra points when buying a 40p spring onion. It worked out at 90 points converted (free spring onions!) Meanwhile, Hannah Lou Carney had some tricks for Nectar cards. ‘I look in the partner offers tab - it’s really important to check every other day. For instance in April I got double Nectar points on everything just by transferring a few points to Avios.’ Tom added: ‘I went to Sainsbury's for the first time in ages last week and got a coupon for £9 off next time I spend £60. I don't think I ever got that big a coupon before, and so it must be to do with the fact that I hadn't been there for a while!’

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