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Supermarket GLITCH - Unlimited Free Ice Cream

April 15, 2018, 10:15 AM
  • Savvy shopper bags unlimited free ice cream after spotting a glitch in popular supermarket
  • Purchasing one ice cream gave a coupon to get another for free
  • Scanning the second ice cream also gave a coupon
  • The extreme bargain hunter managed to get 36 ice creams for £2.50
Buy one, get unlimited free! (Image: Bianca Parkinson)

Savvy shoppers bagged unlimited free ice cream at a popular supermarket following a massive technical glitch on Sunday.

When you bought a tub of Breyers ice cream from Sainsbury's and scanned your Nectar card, you received a coupon for another tub free of charge.

Purchase one tub of Breyer's ice cream and you get a coupon for another, free of charge. (Image: Bianca Parkinson)

Bianca Parkinson, from Maidenhead, spotted the glitch late on Saturday evening in the local Taplow store.

She then shared pictures into the deal hunting Facebook Group, Latest Deals, Extreme Couponing & Bargains Group.

Other shoppers then went to their own local supermarkets and it was confirmed to be a nationwide glitch.

Luckily, Bianca had enough space in her fridge-freezer for 36 tubs (image: Bianca Parkinson)

Bianca said, "It's an amazing glitch. The staff around me were hovering in shock. The man on the tills behind me overheard. He ran to the freezer and got the last four!"

The total price for the 36 tubs of ice cream came to just £2.50.

The receipts for each tub of ice cream, purchased separately (image: Bianca Parkinson)

The ice cream had to be bought separately, scanning the Nectar card with each purchase to create a new coupon.

However, Bianca is planning to give most of it away.

She said,

"I'll be donating most of this to the local food shelter, helping those in need. If it can help someone else, that's great."

Staff in the local store were shocked (image: Bianca Parkinson)
Bianca plans to donate the ice cream to a local food shelter (image: Bianca Parkinson)

Latest Deals recently wrote about which supermarket loyalty schemes are the best. Perhaps this puts Nectar and Sainsbury's right at the top.

The glitch was still taking place at the time of writing but may be expired when you read this.

Have you managed to get this glitch? Share your pictures and comments below.

msoover a year ago

This made me giggle so much 😂I thought that I am mad about freebies but there are worse then me out there 😂😂😂 I am so glad that I am not alone 😘 I am tempted to go to the shop right away 😜

jayy123over a year ago

If only it was Ben & Jerry’s or Hagen Daz’s!

PrinceHunterover a year ago

I know. I love Ben and Jerry’s they taste amazing

AgnesFaludiover a year ago

I am sure it is a mistake and the supermarket did not meant to give coupons after coupons XD...

PrinceHunterover a year ago

I think this has ended

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