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Woman bags gorgeous dress for 1p down from £139 and here’s how

October 10, 2019, 12:00 PM
Woman bags gorgeous dress for 1p down from £139 and here’s how
  • Michelle Nolan bought four stunning Coast dresses for just 4p (1p each!)
  • The mum of two got an incredible saving using a simple online shopping trick
  • More online shopping tips provided

Most of us are pretty chuffed when we get 50% off something we really want, but one mum bagged the deal of the century when she got a stunning Coast dress for just one penny.

Michelle Nolan, a merchandiser from Liverpool, managed to get the gorgeous shimmery dress down from £139. 

Michelle, who has two children, a boy aged 6 and a girl aged 4, says the deal is “by far” the best bargain she’s ever got. 

"I was shopping online on Sunday night on the House of Fraser website looking for a jacket for work,” Michelle told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk. “I browsed the sale items and then selected 'sort low to high', and this dress, along with a few other Coast bits, came up for 1p. 

“A lot of them were sold out when I selected them, but I saw this dress and it was in stock so I ordered four dresses in two different sizes. I ordered four as my friend is planning her wedding and I thought she could use them for her bridesmaids' dresses if she likes them. Although I ordered them, I thought it must have been a glitch and the order would not be fulfilled. I honestly didn’t expect them to turn up.

“They arrived this morning to my shock and they were even nicer than they looked online. The pictures don’t do it justice. This is by far the the best bargain I have ever gotten: 4p for four dresses that would usually cost £139 each is just amazing! I was shocked and over the moon.”

Michelle said she is a member of money-saving groups on Facebook, like Latest Deals Facebook Group, which has saved her lots of cash as members regularly post bargains, discounts and sales. 

"I have saved a fortune in bargains I have spotted on Facebook, from clothes, perfumes and candles to tons of toys for the kids,” Michelle says. “In Tesco, I use scan and shop to check prices and I have easily saved hundreds of pounds on kids' toys for birthdays and Christmas for my children as well as my nieces and nephews. I have managed to buy baby Annabelle dolls for £8 from £50!

"Another tip for shopping online is to always check the sale categories and sort by price low to high: that way, you see what the best deals are without having to go through the thousands of sale pages.”

Tom Church, Co-Founder of money saving community LatestDeals.co.uk, said “Wow! I've rarely seen such a fantastic bargain. Well done to Michelle for tracking down this gem of a deal. When shopping, follow Michelle’s advice and always sort items from low to high to find the best deals, rather than trawling through endless shopping pages. Other tips are to abandon your shopping cart to get the retailer to tempt you back with discounts, and to haggle with the brand via online chat - you get discounts more often than you’d think."

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erinmurphy2over a year ago

That would be great to get a deal like that !

SueNewburyover a year ago

Fantastic. Hope your friend likes the dresses. Amazing saving. If not sell them on n make a good profit

cheekmooover a year ago

That’s awesome 👏

gailwaterhouseover a year ago

What a deal!!!

YvonneKelly85over a year ago

Wow well done to whoever got this,they must be well chuffed

amparollorenteover a year ago

Wow, that's what I call a bargain

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