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Woman creates amazing workspace for her kids for just £60 and here’s how

January 13, 2020, 12:00 PM
  • Veronica Sweeney-Bird decluttered a bursting cupboard to create a “cloffice”
  • She bought supplies from B&Q, Poundland and The Range
  • Her daughters are delighted with their new workspace

If you have a cupboard bursting with stuff at home, then take inspiration from this clever mum, who turned a cluttered wardrobe into a workspace for her daughters.

Veronica Sweeney-Bird, 36, from Tunbridge Wells, wanted to create a workspace for her two daughters, Ziva, nine, and Tali, seven, but couldn’t make it work in their room.

Instead, she decided to declutter a stuffed cupboard at home and transform it into a home office, or a “cloffice” - a closet office - for her daughters for around £60. She donated the outgrown clothes in the cupboard that she no longer needed to people through Facebook and searched on Pinterest for “cloffice” inspiration.

Veronica told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: "Both of my children had asked if they could have a desk each but unfortunately that wasn't possible in their room so I figured if I could shift things around in the wardrobe I'd be able to make something for them that could be hidden away when not used and that wouldn't take up precious floor space.

"I had a look on Pinterest and came across lots of ideas for a 'cloffice' and decided, as I rent, that putting up a desk shelf with brackets would be the easiest way of doing it that would make taking it down and turning the space back into a closet easiest with minimal fixing, just plugging up holes.”

Veronica, who shares her creations on Instagram at @creativetherapy.vsb, decided to look for supplies and accessories at B&Q, Poundland and The Range.

"I had a look at materials others had used, measured the space and had a look on B&Q. I decided upon buying a semi edged chipboard, the kind usually used to build wardrobes, as it meant I wouldn't need to treat the surface.

“I bought three shelf brackets, and the ones I chose are aesthetically pleasing, but you can get less expensive ones.

“I then painted the space with white paint I already had and found a sample pot of grey Valspar paint for 50p in the bargain basket.

“I furnished the space with Poundland pegboards and accessories, and stools from The Range. I customised some storage boxes from Poundland with Fablon I had left over from a different project and they had the rest of the accessories in their room already.

"In total making this cloffice came to about £60 and my kids love it!

"The outcome was actually better than I had expected it to be! I have two very happy girls who love their new cloffice.”

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, says: “Anyone who works from home will dream of an office that functions when they need it but that is tucked far away from sight, removing all the stress associated with work, when they don’t. Veronica’s genius closet office is an ideal workspace and I’m really impressed that it cost just £60 to make. Her girls are very lucky!"

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