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Woman Saves £1,100 on Bathroom Transformation Using ebay and Amazon

January 24, 2020, 12:00 PM
  • Debi Smith, 47, suffers from fibromyalgia so was desperate for a bath
  • She transformed her dated bathroom into a stunning modern space
  • Debi enlisted the help of a family friend to save on labour costs

Transforming a bathroom can be a long-winded process, but the results at the end are so worth it.

One woman totally changed the look of her bathroom in just two weeks using products from ebay and Amazon.

Debi Smith, 47, a cleaner in a school, was desperate for a new bathroom after moving into her new house, but she was keen to keep costs down, so paid a family friend to do all the work to save on labour.

Debi, a mum of a 21-year-old son from Cardiff, told LatestDeals.co.uk: “I bought the house nine months ago, and the bathroom only had a very dated shower in it. I have ulcerative colitis and desperately wanted a bath.

"I chose slate effect tiles (everyone said it would look dark but I had my mind made up!) from Wickes at 15% off for the floor and walls at £600, PVC cladding with recessed lights for £56 and an LED cabinet for £121.

“It took two weeks to complete and cost just under £4,000 including all parts and labour.

“I was quoted £3,500 by a builder just for labour, so having my friend help me for £2,400 was considerably cheaper and saved me quite a bit.”

Debi went on the hunt for cheaper items to keep the price of her new bathroom down.

“I totally gutted the bathroom (thank goodness I have a downstairs loo!) and replaced it all bar the window,” she explains.

“The tiles were on offer in Wickes - £25 for a box of five tiles. All furniture was on offer in Plumbworld, so I got everything for £850, the light pull and towel holder were from Amazon on offer, the LED cabinet was £121 on eBay and has anti fog on it so it doesn't get steamed up when using the bath or shower.

“My only problem I encountered was that the shower glass panel was damaged but Plumbworld sent a replacement out the same day so I can't fault them.

“I felt relieved when it was all done as I suffer from fibromyalgia so to actually get into a hot bath was amazing!

“I was overwhelmed at the transformation - it was like a completely different room. It was so nice to be able to take a hot bath after a year of not being able to - nothing quite beats a bath when you have aches and pains does it?!

“If you want to do something similar, I’d say shop around, take note of online reviews and trust your gut feeling - everyone I asked was against me having such a dark colour but all those people now say it looks stunning!"

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, says: “It can seem tricky to try to save on the cost of renovating a bathroom as they are typically so expensive but Debi has come up with some great ideas.

"To save money, look for discounts on everything from tiles to bathroom furniture, and ask for a number of quotes from builders to determine the best price. If you have a family friend who’s happy to help you for a discount, even better!"

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