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Woman turns £5 drinks cabinet into fancy dress station for just £20

January 8, 2020, 12:00 PM
  • Sophie Alderton, 40, made a fancy dress station for her kids.
  • The station cost just £20 to make.
  • Sophie transformed a £5 cabinet from Facebook Marketplace into the piece of furniture.

If your kids have fancy dress costumes taking over the house, you’ve probably longed for somewhere to keep them without cluttering the cupboards.

One mum had the ingenious idea to create her very own fancy dress station, and she did it for just £20.

Sophie Alderton, 40, from Yaxham, Norfolk, found a cheap drinks cabinet on Facebook Marketplace for just £5 and soon created the amazing cabinet for her girls.

Sophie told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: "I started buying Disney dresses and fancy dress accessories probably in October for my two and four-year-old girls, stocking them up for this as it was their big Christmas present from me and their dad Dan. "

"I had wanted a place to keep them all tidy but that was fun as well as functional in our family room. I had looked online to buy something but even the basic poles on a stand seemed pricey and very plain!"

"I have always loved doing furniture up shabby chic style for our holiday let and home, and with my hubby being a carpenter I knew I could borrow his tools if needed.

"Being nearly eight months pregnant when doing it was a little challenging and slower but I really wanted it done for Christmas."

"I searched on Facebook Marketplace for a suitable unit I could use and found one locally for £5. I then made a template for the top to make it a bit more fancy, and then sanded, primed and painted it using some leftover wood paint."

"We made a little door mirror and fitted a clothing rail and then just added some baskets.”

Sophie’s daughters were absolutely delighted when they were presented with their new fancy dress station on Christmas.

"As you can imagine, our little girls went crazy when we revealed it Christmas afternoon and they have been dressing up in different outfits every day since,” Sophie revealed."

"I’m due a baby girl next week and I'm hoping they will continue to be amused with it for a long time so I can sit back watching them play while trying to rest!"

“If you want to make a fancy dress station yourself, I would say that something this big needs to fit in with its surroundings and I tried to make it look stylish and fit in rather than just a big pink chunk of kids toys and furniture."

“The total cost was probably about £20 without all of the accessories and dresses!”

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, says: “If you’re keen to buy a new bit of furniture for your kids, take a leaf out of Sophie’s book and have a look on Facebook Marketplace for items you can snap up for a fiver and transform yourself. Not only will you save a load of money, but you’ll have something in your home that is totally unique and that no one else will have!"

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