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Imagine if every single person in the country had access to all price information.

Every deal, every discount, every voucher code, every coupon, every freebie.

Imagine how much money we could save. How much debt we could clear. How much more we could buy.

Latest Deals is a community website. We want to make this happen. But we need your help.

Support us with one click

Drag and drop this button into your bookmarks bar:


Like this...

It is a link to Amazon. When you want to shop there, just press the button and it will take you there. That's it.

How does this support us?

Every time you use the button to go to Amazon, we will earn a few pennies.

You don't pay us, Amazon does. It doesn't cost you anything and it helps you get there faster. This is a great, free way to support us.

On your iPhone? You can do it for iOS too.