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Where can I get a cheap ACER laptop?

You can get a cheap ACER laptop from Argos, Ebay, Currys PC World and the Acer Online Store itself. Every day our technology-deal hunters look for ACER bargains and share them here to help you save money. ACER offers great value for money on laptops. If you're looking for something simple that's good at browsing the web, can handle Microsoft Office and similar applications, this is a great option. ACER computers usually run on Windows 10 and come in alternative colours such as blue and red. They also produce tablets such as the ACER Iconia One. If you have any questions, just ask in the comments and our community will do its best to help.

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Acer Predator Z35P
Matching the eBuyer deal - means you get Prime delivery / Amazon customer service etc etc. Always gets hot at this price hopefully helps some ultrawide fans out there out... Read more
26th Oct
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  • We have an ACER laptop and I have to say it’s the worst thing to have ever entered our house. We don’t ever turn it off because if we do it spends hours and hours updating itself. My brother in law has one and has the same problem. We spent a lot of time researching laptops as it is an expensive purchase so we are extremely disappointed. I am not sure if this is true of all makes and models but I certainly wouldn’t buy anything ACER again even with plenty of available special voucher code offers online. lauraddd
  • I have had ACER COMPUTER for many years now, my very first laptop back in 1999 aspire 3465 model cost £600 it isn't wireless nor connect to Internet in any other way than ether net cable it can only be updated to Windows 7, but it still works great. I have purchased new laptops from Acer since and find them reliable, good value with good deals from online discount codes. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to buy laptops. dalo2307

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