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What Makes Adidas Gazelle So Great?

Aside from its trendy looks, Adidas Gazelle was the first shoe the brand offered that's made from suede at a time were training shoes were crafted from leather. This means that the footwear is much more flexible and lighter while still providing your foot with a good level of protection.

When the Gazelle first came out, it was available in two colours only. These were red and blue with both featuring white stripes. However, the difference did not stop there. Once you turn the shoes over, you will notice that their outsoles are different.

The red version, known as Gazelle Rot comes with a transparent, non-slip sole inspired by the earlier Olympiade footwear. It is built using gum rubber with a grooved wave pattern, which makes it a good pair for outdoor use.

Meanwhile, the blue version or Gazelle Blau featured a microcell ripple sole. It uses the microcell technology that incorporated its rubbers with small air bubbles, offering a more cushioned impact upon landing. On the other hand, its ripple effect provided firm footing. Hence, it's the Gazelle ideal for indoor use.

The re-launched series of Adidas Gazelle comes with a modern style and available in a wide variety of vibrant colours and stylish designs. Apart from the iconic three stripes on the sides and closure lace, the latest versions feature thicker outsoles but still maintains the feel of the original.

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A Cult Favourite

Adidas Gazelle has been through some changes since it made its first appearance in the 60s. When the 70s rolled out, it was one of the most popular Adidas footwear. During this time, the brand experimented with various outsoles and updated the shoe with several features.

One of these was the Soft Protect heel tab that provides better protection of the Achilles tendon. There's also the vinyl foot forming tongue for more comfort. In 1972, Adidas introduced the hexagonal-shaped tread microcell sole, giving the Gazelle one of its most modern outsoles. This is also the pattern that the company applied to the re-launched series.

In the early 1980s, Adidas was a favourite among young Brits and became something like a rite of passage with the Gazelle leading the way. What's interesting here is that Europe did not see any colour variations until the green Austrian-made model called Gazelle Grun was released in 1985. Also, we only see the footwear become available in a myriad of eye-catching colours in the early 90s.

The decade that would probably bring a lot of Gazelle memories to most people was the 90s. This is the time when we see famous artists like Oasis, Spice Girls, and Robbie Williams wearing Gazelle, making the shoe a part of the iconic 90s culture.

For its re-incarnation in the 2010s, Adidas chose the 1991 version of Gazelle. This means that they dug into their archives and brought back some of the original colour selections of that era. Additionally, they use the exact materials, such as the moulded tongue and pigskin, which are synonymous with that particular version.

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