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Cheap Clothes Airer

Cheap Airer and Clothes Dryer Sales, Discounts and Voucher Codes!

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White Deluxe 3 Tier Airer
A really good price for this type of airer. Made from hardwearing tubular metal and with non-scratch feet this white 3 tier airer is lightweight and provides 14 metres of drying... Read moreDunelm deals
6th May
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The British weather is very unpredictable and drying our clothes inside our homes is what most of prefer rather than take the risk of hanging them outdoors. However, medical experts raised some concerns on the risks of how draping clothes on warm radiators can have an effect on a home’s moisture levels. An increase in a home’s moisture levels can create a breeding ground for mould spores.

This problem can be solved with the use of proper airers. In addition, a clothes airer will not just solve your problem on where to hang your clothes during rainy season, but it’s also ideal if you don’t have enough space to hang your laundry. Whether you want a heated clothes airer or a classic standing rack or even a type that you can hang over your door or bath, you can find a cheap airer deal here at Latest Deals. Every month our team of bargain hunters are always on the lookout to find the best possible deals around internet to ensure our members will get unbelievable savings on a wide range of products and services from retailers across the country both online and in-store!

What you need to look for when shopping for a clothes airer

If you want your clothes to dry quicker, you have to hang them in an open place where water can drip in order for clothes to dry faster. For this reason, you need a clothes airer. But before choosing on which one you’re going to buy, there are some factors you need to consider.

  • Material type. The airer’s material where it is made from is an important factor in your decision. Since you will be hanging your wet clothes, avoid getting one with materials that can rust over time. If you want a metallic airer, go for one that’s made from stainless steel. Metallic, plastic and wooden are 3 of the most common materials. Out of this 3, homeowners prefer plastic because it’s not going to rust or break easily. Hardwood material is also a good option while softwood tend to absorb plenty of water.
  • Size. Choosing the size of your clothes airer will be based on your intended purpose for its use. For example, if you intend to use it for doing a lot of laundry that involves plenty of clothes, then opt for a wider clothes dryer. Keep in mind though that its size will also have an influence on its cost. Aside from its purpose of use, you also have to look at your available storage space, this is another factor that will determine the size of the clothes airer you need to get.
  • Durability. Any appliance that will be exposed under the sun needs to be durable. This goes the same with clothes dryers. The type of material will also determine its durability. Metal types are the most durable in this case, plastic being next.
  • Price. Once you have considered the other factors, you need to have a look at your budget. Make sure you stick on your budget and to check out the money saving deals we have here at Latest Deals that can help you get the perfect airer you need.

Types of clothes airers


  1. Rotary airer. You can commonly see this type in homes with small gardens where longer kinds are not possible to use. Rotary airer clothes dryer usually comes with a singles post or shaft with around 4 or more arms stretch out at its top part. You can use it outside and you only need to stand in one place when getting your clothes since it rotates.
  2. Standing clothes airer. Another popular clothes dryer, the standing airer is basically a frame made of metal that you can unfold to offer a broad and long series of metal poles where you can hang your clothes. Lookout for designs that can be unfolded easily that comes with a couple of separate sections at its end for added drying space. Since it’s foldable, you can easily store it when not in use. There are also standing electric clothes airer that’s very convenient during rainy or winter seasons.
  3. Airer racks. This clothes dryer rack is just like a clothes rack but has a somewhat 3D design. It extends upwards instead of out and has poles at different height for maximising all useful space available. This is ideal for small spaces. Depending on your home’s height, you may be able to fit in a 3-tier model.
  4. Ceiling-mounted clothes dryer. If you want a more permanent structure, this type is for you. This clothes airer is also called a hanging airer and comes in different designs. It features some taut ropes as poles that you will hang on your ceiling in a frame mostly made from wood or metal. It also has a rope mechanism that lets you pull and cause it to descend. You can easily load and unload your laundry before lifting it back up. So if you don’t have any floor space, this is the airer you are looking for.
  5. Wall-mounted clothes dryer. Just like the ceiling-mounted type, you can install this on your wall and features a pull-down rack to easily load your clothes. In addition, you can simply lift it back up when you’re done using it.
  6. Wardrobe dryer. This type has the same dimensional frame and size as a modern wardrobe. It features 1 or a couple of rails at the very top and most of the time comes with a cover or screen over the entire frame to protect the clothes.

Where can I find cheap airer?


Clothes airer Argos sale and special offers

  • Argos clothes airer deals includes a 2 for £15 and 2 for £30 on indoor clothes airer. Also, they often have cheap airer offers where you can save around £2 to £5 on almost all of the selections they have.
  • Although clothes airer Home Bargains offer are limited, they do offer a cheap airer with a price tag of just £2.99. Their heated clothes airer is currently out stock as of this writing but they do have an electric clothes dryer you can check out.
  • Clothes airer B&M special buy is something you need to lookout for! You can get a 20 peg clothes airers for just £1.49 and a 3-pack radiator airer for only £2.99. You have to check for its availability at your nearest store though. Meanwhile, clothes airer Asda offerings ranges from £4 to £25. You can choose from retractable to foldable and rotary.
  • Lookout for the “Stay Low Price” clothes airer Wilko deals if you want to take advantage of their cheap airers. Plus they do have a wide selection of clothes airer that you can choose from including, indoor and outdoor clothes airer as well as heated clothes airer in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Tumble dryer vs heated clothes airer


Clothes hanging on rails dries quicker especially those closest to the rail. Socks and other small items will usually dry in less than 2 hours but jeans and larger clothing items will take much longer and will not dry as fast on a standard clothes airer. Laying your clothes flat across the rail is more effective, in fact woolens and small towels will dry in as little as an hour.

Keeping this in mind, a tumble dryer would most likely dry a regular washing load much faster for the same electricity cost or probably even less. However, if you have an older model, running it would cost more and investing on a more energy-efficient heated clothes airer will cut your electric bills.

Although it’s nice it’s pretty convenient to use this machines, they are still limited to the electricity’s availability. So, overall it is still best to use a manual clothes dryer.

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