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Cheap Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick Cheapest Price, Special Offer, Fire TV Stick Cheapest Offer at Sainsbury's, Asda and more!

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29th Nov 2020
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Amazon Fire Stick from Argos

Amazon Fire Stick from Argos

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20th May 2020
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Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick

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8th Apr 2019
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Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa

Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa

Fire TV Stick with all-new Alexa Voice Remote- Streaming media playerJust plug Fire TV Stick into your HDTV and start streaming in minutes. Fire TV Stick works with any HDTV-take...Read moreTesco deals
8th Apr 2019
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Introduced in 2014 the Amazon Fire Stick is in competition with Google Chromecast, and Roku. These are a new breed of electronics called Streaming TV Sticks that stream movies and TV shows from online sources.

The Amazon Fire Stick is a small device the size of a flash drive that plugs into a TVs HDMI port. The Fire Stick enables any TV to stream content over WiFi such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, HBO go, and much more. A remote control is included that works with buttons or voice commands, new versions now included Alexa Virtual Assistant. It can basically turn any TV into a Smart TV by simply plugging it into a HDMI video port.


The first version had a Broadcom BCM28145 Dual Vore 1.2 GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB Storage, 802.11n WiFi, and Bluetooth 3.0. While the new second generation has a Mediatek 8127D Quad-core ARM 1.3 GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB Storage, 802.11ac WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.1. The video output resolution is the same for both with High definition 720p or 1080p.

One of the first glances and review of the first generation of the Amazon Fire Stick

What do I get with it?

The Fire TV Stick houses all of your content and is completely portable. Simply remove your device and take it with you when you travel. Plug it into any compatible TV to gain instant access to all of your favorite videos.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, your Fire TV Stick comes pre-registered to your account. You have immediate access to all of your Amazon Prime content as soon as you plug your Fire TV Stick into your HDMI port. Being a Prime member also lets you choose from a cache of Amazon Originals that cannot be accessed by the average user.

When you receive your box from Amazon, you will have everything you need to make the Fire TV Stick work. In the box you will find your new Fire TV Stick, the remote, a USB cable and power adapter, HDMI extender, 2 AAA batteries, and a guide to get you started.

In addition, you will also get the following:

  • 1 GB of memory
  • 8 GB of internal storage
  • Optional voice support
  • Dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi
  • A dedicated VideoCore4 GPU

How does it work?

Fire Stick plugs into your HDMI TV via USB port, connects via Wi-Fi, and comes equipped with a Bluetooth remote. Simply plug your Fire Stick in and you will be directed through the setup process and prompted to sign into your Amazon account.

The Fire Stick is a central repository for all your content. Once logged on, you will have access to any music and videos purchased through your Amazon account. In addition, you can view any pictures uploaded to your Amazon Cloud service.

Using your device, you also have access to thousands of apps and games. For instance, you can use your Fire TV Stick to open the Netflix app and watch trending Netflix videos. Or, open YouTube and browse the latest uploads from your favorite vlogger. Other services like HBO Now, ESPN, and Hulu can also be accessed with your Fire TV Stick at a cost. However, even with the fee, you get the advantage of being able to choose your preferred services instead of being tied into a cable package.



Installing is as easy as 1, 2 and 3!

A Fire Stick is plugged into a HDMI port on a TV. It also needs power which is supplied by a USB connector or alternatively an AC power supply. After it is powered on and the TV set to the correct HDMI input a WiFi connection is setup to a router. The setup is easy with a on screen guide.

Once a WiFi connection is made videos are ready to be streamed to your TV. It includes all the popular online streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go and more.

Amazon Fire Stick special offer

If you’re shopping around for the cheapest Fire TV Stick, well you’ve come to the right place. A few years back, Amazon dropped the price of its Amazon Fire Stick to £25 in the UK, which is £10 less than before. If you think you’re too late for a good deal, have no fear! Our massive community of bargain hunters are always on the lookout to find the best possible deal to post and share. It can be a bit hard to find the previous generation of this streaming stick since Amazon is pushing for the latest one with Alexa, but we still found some sweet deals for you. Here are some of those:


Price comparison of the Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa. The company is pushing for the latest generation, so it's quite difficult to find the original generation so when you do find a great deal on it, grab it as soon as you can!

Fire TV Stick v Fire TV

Amazon offers a Fire Stick and Fire TV. These products offer the same services and both come equipped with a Bluetooth remote. Below are the differences:

  • Size: The Fire TV Stick is far smaller than the Fire TV. The Fire Stick is about three inches long and plugs into your TV. Fire TV is a square console that, while sleek, is about four and half inches long on each side. If you prefer the minimalist look, the Fire TV Stick is the winner.
  • Cost: You will find that the Fire Stick is the cheaper option.
  • Speed: The Fire Stick will give you 1 GB of RAM, while the Fire TV offers 2 GB of RAM, making the Fire TV more responsive. If you’re a serious gamer, you might want to go for the Fire TV to avoid lags and frustration in loading speeds.
  • Additional ports and storage: With the Fire TV Stick, you won’t have options for expansion. The Fire TV console has a USB port, Ethernet port, and microSD slot, making it easier to store and access content.
  • Capabilities: The Fire TV stick can support your watching habits up to 1080p. Fire TV is enabled for 4K streaming. With the trend leaning toward 4K TVs, the Fire TV might be a better option if you are looking to upgrade or already have. Although, if you haven’t (or don’t plan) to go the 4K route anytime soon, the Fire TV’s capabilities and portability factor make it a perfectly adequate choice for those just wanting to stream their favorite shows
  • Remember to evaluate your needs and budget before determining which Fire TV option is right for you.


Technical specs comparison of the Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV

If you’re interested to purchase an Amazon Fire TV the cheapest you can get it is at John Lewis for £54.95 you can get the All-New Amazon Fire TV with 4K UHD & Alexa Voice Remote. Save £15, get the reassuring John Lewis 2 year guarantee, and enjoy Free Delivery. Hard to beat. Especially as John Lewis are 4p cheaper than Amazon itself!

Fire TV Stick with Alexa

For easier searching, the Fire TV Stick offers voice control using Amazon’s Alexa. You can get this capability two ways. Simply press the black button and speak your choice. If that extra cost doesn’t appeal to you, you can download the free Fire TV Remote app on your phone. Using your phone’s native voice prompts, you can speak your choice and your phone will relay your choice to the Fire Stick.

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote also works with smart home devices such as lights, switches, thermostats and more from WeMo, Philips Hue, Hive, Netatmo, Tado and others.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Channels is exclusively available to Prime members. Being a member unlocks thousands of movies and TV episodes, including Amazon Original Series, plus ad-free listening to over two million songs with Prime Music. They can choose from over 40 channels and enjoy a wide variety of live or on-demand channels covering entertainment, movies, sports, documentaries, exercise and more. Each channel is available as an individual subscription so they only pay for the TV channels they want.

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