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Amazon Kindle Deals

Cheap Amazon Kindle Deals, Voucher Codes & Offers on Sale

Get access to great and cheap deals on Amazon Kindle. We have gathered only the most recent and decent deals on Kindle devices so you can maximise value for your money. Here you will find the most affordable prices and offers from Argos, Amazon, and John Lewis. Whether you are eyeing the new Oasis E-Reader or maybe the cheapest Paperwhite E-Reader, discount codes are up for grabs and you can get as much as 20% on your next purchase. Look for voucher codes too and spend at least the minimum amount to get your device delivered for free.

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Amazon Kindle Case
Designed by Amazon to protect and perfectly fit your Kindle (7th Generation 2014 release) - will not fit previous-generation Kindle devices, Kindle Paperwhite or VoyageWake your... Read more
10th Jan
Amazon deals
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Amazon Kindle in White
Amazon Kindle White Save £5 with eCoupon code TDX-HMFR at the checkout The Amazon Kindle e-reader is the convenient way to enjoy reading and storing a library of books... Read more
1st Sep 2017
Tesco deals
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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-reader 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi (Black) - Includes Special Offers 4.6 out of 5 stars 12,996 customer... Read more
20th Mar 2017
Amazon deals


  • I have been a happy Amazon Kindle customer for many years. I have Amazon Kindle application installed on my phone which is very convenient, because I can read books on my phone on the tube and anywhere I go. I also like the idea that it is eco friendly and so many trees are saved that way. Amazon offers a great variety of books available on Kindle and you can find any book you want and save with online discount codes. They also have some good free books or for a really good price. Cannot be more happier. themystery3
  • I love Amazon Kindle. I don't actually have a kindle but I have the app and I can download books to my iPad which is really convenient and saves a lot of space at home. There are so many free books available from voucher codes online so if you like classic novels or fiction by brand new authors you can get a massive collection for absolutely nothing. Kindle books are usually cheaper than actual books so you can make a saving there as well. Freebiesarefun
  • I have been an Amazon Kindle customer for many years now and brought 4 within that time for the upgraded versions with the HD. I Love my kindle so much, I honestly never thought it could replace a book but i couldn't have been more wrong. On kindle you can get a lot of free books or purchase some with savings from online voucher codes, I personally have Amazon Prime as I am a bit f a shopaholic and love reading so it works out brilliantly for me along with the other benefits. There are many uses on the kindle, apart from the ability to read books, you have access to the internet browsing, many apps, music store, video , camera and much more. I take my kindle everywhere, on holiday I use the different colour text settings to suit weather when suns bright. Kindle has come on a long way and as its not very expensive compared to iPads it pretty much does the same as them but you get to read books on kindle which makes that mire appealing for me. So it really is the technology item to buy and nothing can top it in my eyes! zararoberts86

Kindle launched its very first e-reader in the year 2007. This bestselling device from Amazon is set to enhance your reading experience. The purpose of it is to download digital media including blog newspapers, magazines, and e-books. With the evolution Kindle has gone through from the moment it started, it is now safe to say that the brand is here to stay.

The original Kindle took the market by storm. When it was introduced, it was immediately sold out in just a couple of hours. Sales also sky-rocketed with its memory being expanded. Primarily, it started with only a 6-inch, 4-level grayscale display. Amazon suddenly stopped selling the original and replaced it with Kindle 2 International Version. This was just the beginning.

Since then, Kindle has gone through significant changes most especially in its screen technology. From the 4 level grayscale, e-Readers now utilise E-Ink technology. Aside from this, there are tons of series to choose from with Kindle Book, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Fire, among others.

Consumers looking for promotional sales and discounts on quality products like Kindle has the internet to check. Aside from the device itself, and other Kindle-related downloadables, there are also affordable accessories for this specific gadget. Just find the right deal for it.

Where Can I Find Cheap Kindle?

Cheap Kindle books on sale, Amazon UK

Here at Latest Deals you will find special offers, discount codes and sales available for various Kindle-related products such as eBooks and accessories. Own the cheapest Kindle Paperwhite and other special offers on Kindle from your most trusted UK retailers including Amazon, Argos, Buy Subscriptions, John Lewis, Currys PC World, Maplin, Morgancomputers, and Tesco.

Our team of money-saving experts and community of bargain hunters regularly post the best discounted and affordable deals on Kindle eBooks, eReaders and accessories.

Best UK Sites to Get Cheap Kindle Deals

Kindle Paperwhite & Amazon Fire tablet special offers, Tesco

Here is a list of retailers that have the new Kindle 2018 and others. Visit their page, find the cheapest place to buy a Kindle through voucher codes and sales offered by the following:

  • Amazon. Each day, Amazon uncovers new Kindle book deals for both young and adult readers. This includes science fiction & fantasy deals for everyone. Own a Kindle paperwhite lowest price and save money from an Amazon discount and voucher code shared by our community of bargain hunters here at the Latest Deals.
  • Argos. Store all your favorite novels with Argos Kindle. With Argos’ selection of Kindle, you will be overwhelmed with the choices to pick from the midst of a long travel. From the ultra-slim Amazon Fire to the best accessories like Kindle covers, you can get any Kindle-related products at an affordable price. You can get up to 50% off on this. Just find the right Argos voucher deal and discount code posted by our community of bargain hunters here at Latest Deals.
  • John Lewis. John Lewis has a wide range of Kindle & eReaders online. It also offers Kindle Paperwhite 4 release date. Buy your preferred Kindle generation and save extra in the purchase. Watch out for other promising deals!
  • Tesco. Indulge a love of sprawling, large novels or choose from an eclectic library wherever you are with the Amazon Fire tablets and Kindles available at Tesco where you can get a good savings of as much as £30.
  • eBay. Shop with confidence at eBay and find great deals on eBay for Kindle sale in iPads, tablets and ebook readers


Best Kindle: Which is the best ereader for you- Kindle Vs Paperwhite Vs Voyage

Must-Have Kindle Accessories

Once you have bought yourself a new Kindle, the next thing to do is to accessorize it. You will have plenty of selections to pick from in here. It may even be a daunting task to find the right one for your device so here is a list of Kindle accessories you may find not just appealing, but also functional:

Cheap Kindle accessories clearance sale, Currys

Clip-On Light. The purpose of a clip on light is for you to get some targeted reading light because the E-Ink display of this gadget may get too dark at night. Aside from providing you a clearer vision, it will enable you to read anywhere without interrupting or disturbing anyone. Just look for one which has the appropriate amount of illumination though. Since it is LED, you are unlikely to burn anything so it is proven safe.

Plastic Skins. Plastic skins are not only for the aesthetics, they also serve as a protection for your Kindle. In just a couple of bucks, you can have a customised version of it to make it even more personal. Most of the available ones employ 3M technology for simple application and removal. What is even better is that you can also choose from a variety of styles and colours. You will definitely get a design that suits you best. Just examine if it fits the Kindle model that you own.

Screen Protector. As the name suggests, a screen protector is vital because it is through the display in which your Kindle becomes efficient. Secure your screen from scratches and dents by putting on the best screen protector the moment you get your unit. Of all the accessories mentioned here, this is one of the priorities because it will keep your Kindle looking good and new. In placing one, make sure to not settle for less too. Get a high-quality protector always.

Carry Case. If you are one who carries your Kindle wherever you go, then you must have a carry case to safeguard your gadget from the hardship and struggles of everyday life. These carry cases are in different kinds of materials, colours, and designs too. You can also make yours fashionable. There are deals online for this. Find the right one without hurting your pocket.

Kindle Kradle. Kindle Kradle works for readers who like going through books, magazines or novels over breakfasts. Basically, it is for you if you are not very fond of having your hands occupied with Kindle. With it, you can be free and you can also adjust it at 15 degrees so that you can do something else like eat and pat a dog while you read. Just don’t use it when driving.

These are just some of the primary accessories you can buy for your Kindle. You can also have a Kindle car charger, waterproof guardian case and a Kindle sleeve if those are realistic to your lifestyle.