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This frozen foods brand initially started off by producing frozen Yorkshire puddings. In the year 1999, Aunt Bessie’s introduced their frozen roast potatoes. Together they also produced croquettes and chips manufactured under the Heinz license. 

Just within 6 years of business, they made it to the list of Britain’s top 100. By the year 2001, the retail value of Aunt Bessie’s became £50 million. Within the year 2014, Aunt Bessie’s became one of the fast-growing frozen food brands.

This brand produces a wide variety of frozen foods. It comprises ready meals, vegetables, desserts, meal accompaniments, potato products, and Yorkshire puddings. One can also avail of their delicious mixes and mouth-watering stuffings.

In 1974 Butlins asked for frozen Yorkshire puddings for their holiday campus. It has been 160 years since they have been serving their customers exceptionally.  

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Things to Know About Aunt Bessie’s

The products manufactured under Aunt Bessie’s have only one sole purpose. They aim to make their consumers a lot easier. With the travel of time, they have changed too. They have modified their recipes, upgraded their quality too.

With great innovation and style, they excel at offering their customers the finest. Be it roasted dinner staples, delicious carb wraps, or quick midweek wins Aunt Bessie’s has it all. Their frozen food products make one’s life easier, happier, and a lot tastier.

Aunt Bessie always freezes the food when it is at its most fresh and finest condition. Next, they also believe that frozen food gives way to a lot of waste reduction.

Aunt Bessie’s sources all its vegetables and other products from the freshest of sources. This is the reason behind the outstanding taste of all their meals and products. They preach sourcing the freshest also reduces waste to a large extent.

Their packaging is sourced from PEFC and FSC approved factories. Aunt Bessie’s aims to use absolutely or 100% recycled packaging by the year 2025. They completely use whatever vegetable they produce. For instance, when it comes to potatoes they use the potato and the peels to feed the animals. 

Aunt Bessie’s also supports Public Health England’s goal to reduce the use of sugar in food. This support group solely aims at reducing obesity. Every time they make a new dessert, reducing the sugar content becomes the top priority.

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Benefits of Eating Aunt Bessie’s Products

All ingredients used in making Aunt Bessie’s products are completely natural. Aunt Bessie profoundly focuses on reducing the amount of waste in their procedure. For instance, they use eggs from hens that are not caged but are rather happy and enjoying freedom.

In fact, Aunt Bessie’s has also been awarded with the good egg award. This award depicts that they only use eggs from cage-free hens. Aunt Bessie’s is a committed supporter of both British and Irish supporters.

This frozen food brand only uses Irish and British beef and pork in their recipes. They are certified by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Supply Chain Standard.

Aunt Bessie’s has produced a vast collection of 9 ranges of products. These include roasted potatoes, chips & fries, Yorkshire puddings, and vegetables. They also have toad in the hole mashed potatoes, dumplings, stuffing, dessert & pantry.

Aunt Bessie’s also features 9 types of meal inspirations. Namely, they are Gluten-Free, Sunday Roast, Dinner For Two, and Family Meal Ideas. This list also has Part Food, Kid’s Meal Ideas, Vegetarian, and Home baking.

Under each range exists almost 10 different types of products. These comprises of different size packs with a lot of various ingredients.

What Makes Aunt Bessie’s Stand Out From the Rest

This frozen food brand carries multiple outstanding traits. To begin with, they use all things fresh and natural. Aunt Bessie’s believes in freezing every meal or vegetable when it is in its most fresh condition. They produce a wide variety of meals and cultivate a good number of vegetables.

This band solely aims in waste minimization. They take care of the fact that every bit of the vegetable carries some good usefulness. For example, fresh vegetables can be used to make meals. Its raw peels can be used to feed the cattle. 

Aunt Bessie’s has been offering its customers with some good advantages. They offer quality meals and products manufactured from the finest of materials. Each of Aunt Bessie’s products has been excellently frozen in its finest of conditions.

They do not contain any level of preservatives in them and are very good for the user’s health. The nutritional values of each product have been well maintained. Aunt Bessie’s products add a good amount of healthy factors in the user’s system.

You can never get bored of Aunt Bessie’s readymade meals. Together with multiple options, they are also available in different shapes and sizes.

This brand may be decades old but the interesting fact is that with time they have evolved well. They understand that with the change of generation, one’s taste also changes. What was superficially enjoyed earlier might not be well-liked to this date.

Hence, they have innovated new flavours and new recipes with the passage of time. For instance, their traditional Yorkshire puddings are available in many shapes and sizes.

Some of the styles include boats, home bake, mini, classic, large, and carvery style.  You can even avail of Yorkshire burgers, giant Yorkshire wraps, and Jammy fruit tarts.

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