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Battlefield 1 (PC Game)

Battlefield 1 (PC Game)

Join the strong Battlefield™ community and jump into the epic battles of The Great War in this critically acclaimed first-person shooter. Hailed by critics Battlefield 1 was...Read moreSteam deals
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13th Aug 2020
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Be the First-Shooter

Developed by the Swedish company EA Dice and published by Electronic Arts, Battlefield is still one of the most popular first-person shooter video games in the market. It started with Microsoft Windows and OS X as Battlefield 1942. Afterward, it becomes a series that offers large maps, vehicle warfare and teamwork.

As of the year 2012, the PC game is being played by almost 50 million players already. Since then, it has undergone 11 games and 12 expansion packs. It has really gone a long way from its beginnings.

In playing, the game concentrates on enormous online multiplayer battles. The idea of playing in squads is the major factor of the series. When Battlefield 2 started, the series began recording online stats for every player that allow players to receive their rank promotions. They also use that to unlock weapons for as long as they got to secure medals, ribbons and pins.

Now, Battlefield already has a class system. From Battlefield 1, you may see some modifications on the game. Every class comes with characteristics as to what particular primary weapon, equipment and roles must be included in the battlefield.

Battlefield is available in various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 2, Xbox, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you want to make this a part of your gaming lineup, there are affordable deals to check online to do so. Play while you save!

How to Get Cheap Battlefield Deals Online

Battlefield 1 cheapest PS4 deal, Amazon UK

Are you searching for Battlefield 1 cheapest PS4? Are you interested with the exciting plots of Battlefield 1 Revolution? Do you prefer Battlefield 1 PC? If your answer is yes - you have come to the right place to do all of those and more. Get Battlefield 1 cheap PC, Battlefield 1 PS4 and Battlefield 1 Revolution PS4 at very low prices from your favourite UK retailers

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Best Battlefield price, GAME UK

There is a massive number of retailers you can trust when looking for Battlefield deals online, brand new, used or bundled. Here are some you can check out:

You can find all the series of Battlefield here at everyday low prices. These retailers usually conduct clearance events where you can get some excellent discounts on a wide selection of video games.

Just remember that the best time to shop for gadgets and accessories is during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale events in the UK where you can take advantage of huge price reductions for Battlefield. There are also exclusive bundle deals that may get you some 60% off when you shop. Make sure to use the latest discount codes here at Latest Deals for additional money off.

Things You Should Remember Before Playing Battlefield

  • Be creative
  • Look and listen
  • Be courageous
  • Always tag
  • Stick with your team
  • Destroy vehicles in group
  • Stay true to your objectives
Evolution Of Battlefield Games 2002 - 2018Best Battlefield Game
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2. This is first on the list and is said to be the well-received Battlefield game ever. From its soundtrack, sound effects, graphics and visuals - everything goes well together for this edition. A classic, the environment of this edition is inviting most especially to multiplayers. Get ready to blow up things with your friends while you remain focus on your objective - to be a solid community achieving your goal as a team.
  • Battlefield 3. The Battlefield 3 was a version from the year 2011. It is commended for its engaging storyline which is said to be the greatest in the history of the Battlefield game. From its variety of weapons, giant maps to superb vehicles that also fly - Battlefield 3 is indeed futuristic. With this version, you will not just run, you will also strategise to stay in the game, which is a good brain exercise.
  • Battlefield 4. This game will engage you to worry on dealing with a hacker or a glitch exploiter. Expect for its classes to be well-balanced in power. As for its one-shot sniper, be prepared for it requires skill and technique to nail off as well. So far, this has the largest amount of guns as far as the Battlefield series is concerned. Teamwork is an important element of this version, most especially having a commander mode as a new feature. Prepare to launch a cruise missile in this edition.
  • Battlefield 2. Battlefield 2 is going to work for players who dislike the new versions of Battlefield. If you want fun more than anything else in this game, and then this is the edition for you. This is also considered a classic by most players already. While you are guaranteed to enjoy this, you might want to lower your expectations on its graphics yet. Regardless, that would not spoil your Battlefield experience.
  • Battlefield 1942. If you are up for an intense feeling from an actual war, this is the answer for you. Set in the WW2, your shooting skills will be tested by this edition of Battlefield. This is not just about graphics nor upgrades. It focuses on the real essence of the game and that is to develop the abilities of the players in attaining an aim. From organised maps to useful vehicles, make the most of this game.
  • Battlefield 1. Apart from its fantastic trailer, the cars, weapons, tanks, and planes of Battlefield 1 are perfect. You will find yourself submerging to the world created by this game. As always, the multiplayer option of this edition is outstanding. Its graphics are incredible too which are packed with infinite warfare that will get you on your toes. This is really a promising release you should not fail to try.
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