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A Refreshing and Relaxing Alcoholic Beverage
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Beer is one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in the world. It is the third most popular after water and tea. Beer is made by brewing cereal grains including malted barley, corn, rice, and though wheat. During its brewing process, the fermentation of starch sugar produces carbonation and ethanol.

Most beers today are brewed with hops which adds a bitter flavour to it. This also acts as a stabilising agent and a natural preservative. Furthermore, some beers also use other flavouring agents such as fruits, herbs, and gruit. Commercial brewing process includes a carbonation effect which is removed and replaced by using forced carbonation.

Beer is packaged in cans and bottles. The brewing industry is dominated by several multinational companies and their products are usually consumed in bars and pubs. The alcohol volume of modern beers is around 4% to 6%.

Beer is also made and consumed as part of a culture of different nations and is associated with social traditions. Craft beer is usually sold during festivals and parties. This drink is widely consumed during social gatherings and special events.

British beer guide: The differences between ale, stout and IPA

Different Types of Beer

Beer is widely consumed all around the world and there are various brands and varieties of it depending on the location and taste preference of the people. In some parts of the world, beer is mixed with other components that resemble the taste of prunes, plums, bananas, pineapples, pears, apples, and other fruits.

There are various kinds of beer including real ale, stout, porter, mild ale, wheat beer, Kriek, lager yeast, pale, and more. Pale is one of the most widely consumed beers in the world and if famous in many cultures.

The ingredients in this particular type of beer can be found anywhere. You can buy various beer products at your nearest supermarket and convenience store. You can even buy beer online. Beer is often sold in volume and you can save some money if you buy more products.

Most commercially produced beers are very affordable. There are even beer kits that you can buy so that you can make your own beer at the comfort of your own home.

Popular Beer Brands in the UK

  • Budweiser. This brand is not only famous in the UK but all over the world. It gains the tops spot because it tastes great and because of its comprehensive localization strategy. This is commonly sold in six packs so that you can conveniently bring it anywhere.
  • Guinness. This beer brand is one of the best selling real ales in the United Kingdom. It is a great bar drink that you can have together with your friends. You will surely have a great time with a mug or two of this particular drink.
  • Stella Artois. It is a filtered beer that has a balanced flavour. This full flavoured lager beer is available in bottles, cans, and in a draft. It is a very popular alcoholic beverage in the UK most especially for the younger generation.
  • Carlsberg. This beer has a great combination of bitterness and sweetness which is perfectly balanced. Carlsberg Elephant Extra Strong Beer is one of their best selling products.
How to Get Cheap Beer Deals Online
Beer sale, Sainsbury’s

Take time to relax and have a cold bottle or a can of beer. Get access to the most affordable Aldi beers that you are looking for. Some UK retailers have seasonal clearance and regular beer sales. Take advantage of the different kinds of quality products available on the market today.

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