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Xootz Electric BMW Bike - Black

Xootz Electric BMW Bike - Black

Speed Up To 6 km/h 6V Battery Real Key Start Function Accelerator Pedal Dashboard Display Working Headlights Age: 3-7 Years Max User Weight: 30kg Officially Licensed Product...Read moreRobert Dyas deals
24th Nov
20 people like this deal
Bike Lights Set, USB Rechargeable

Bike Lights Set, USB Rechargeable

[Front Light]: The front lights Utilizes 2 SAMSUNG LH351B LEDs high-powered produces 200 lumens with 4 unique brightness levels (high, medium, low, Strobe) and Memory Function....Read moreAmazon deals
18th Nov
6 people like this deal
Mountain Bike with 26" Wheels

Mountain Bike with 26" Wheels

Quick release seat post Sleek design Great for adventurers Information The Mountain Bike with 26" Wheels is excellent for those that love to adventure off the beaten track You can...Read moreThe Range deals
12th Nov
11 people like this deal
Niluoya Bike Phone Mount Bag

Niluoya Bike Phone Mount Bag

Niluoya Bike Phone Mount Bag Bicycle Waterproof Mountain Cycling Frame Top Tube Handlebar Pack with Touch Screen Pouch Case Holder Accessories Compatible with iPhone 8 7 Plus 11...Read moreAmazon deals
12th Nov
3 people like this deal
Karcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer

Karcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer

As a guide to price this is £69.00 in Currys reduced from £79.99, so I reckon £58.29 at Amazon with Free Delivery is cheap! Kärcher K 2 Compact Pressure Washer, Yellow/Black...Read moreAmazon deals
12th Nov
6 people like this deal
Diyife Bike Pump with Pressure Gauge

Diyife Bike Pump with Pressure Gauge

With a 120 PSI capacity Mini Bike Pump can be used to inflate bike tires during emergency repairs or simply to maintain tire pressure over the course of a season. Now you're all...Read moreAmazon deals
11th Nov
4 people like this deal
See The World Closely
Find the best bike suitable to your needs and budget!

A bike or a bicycle is a vehicle that can be pedal-driven or motor powered. It has two wheels that are attached to a frame. A rider of this kind of vehicle is called a bicyclist or cyclist. This type of two-wheeled vehicles was introduced in Europe in the late 19th century.

By the early 21st century, it has been estimated that there are more than 1 billion bicycles were in existence which exceeded the number of cars. Bicycles are widely used in various regions in the world as their means of transportation.

It is very affordable compared to buying cars and they are very convenient to use and to store. Most bicycle units do not require the use of fuel so it is very economical. Bicycles are also used for recreational purposes and cycling is considered as one of the most effective exercises that you can do to become healthy.

Furthermore, bikes can provide a good cardiovascular workout. Not only that you can exercise your body but you will also enjoy doing it since you can tour other places. Bicycles have been adapted for many uses such as general fitness, police applications, bicycle stunts, children’s toys, bike racing, and more.

E-bike buying guide

Reasons Why Bikes Are Very Popular

Aside from being a very economical means of transportation. Bikes are also sold as recreational equipment and children's toys. As a matter of fact, there are lots of cheap bikes for kids that are being sold at your nearest sporting goods store. There are even cheap bikes that are being sold online.

Bicycles are used for racing and stunts most especially by the younger generation of athletes. In most countries, bicycles are used as a means of cheap transportation since you will not need any fuel to operate it. Most bike models are pedal driven which makes it very convenient and economical to use.

Aside from the bike itself, there are also accessories that are being sold to keep you safe while riding your bike. Some of the bike safety gear that you should wear while riding is knee pads, helmets, gloves, elbow pads, and goggles.

Most Popular Bike Brands In The UK

  • Brompton. This brand produces around 45,000 bikes per annum. Each of their bike models is hand brazed by a professional craftsman. Their unit is incredibly durable because of the special materials that they use.
  • Whyte. These types of bikes can be ridden in any type of condition whether it is rocky or smooth terrain. It is also very effective to use in slippery roads because of their specially designed tires and frame. The brand was established in 1999 and has become of the most popular in the UK.
  • Endura. This brand was founded in 1993 in Scotland. They are committed to providing outstanding function and performance. They even provide cycle clothing for riders. They are famous for making bike gear which is specially designed to provide improvements in aerodynamics.
  • Frog. This brand is headquartered in South Wales. They make bicycle riding fun and they also have smaller models for children. Their bicycle units are lightweight and easy to maneuver. They are also very durable because of their strong aluminum frame.
How to Get Cheap Bike Deals Online
Road bike on sale, Evans Cycles

You may be interested in purchasing a bike online. There are lots of different types of bicycles available. You can go over our list of latest deals and offerings brought to you by our community of bargain hunters.

There are definitely many ways for you to save on your purchases over the internet.

You have the option to use the money that you have saved to buy more items such as gear and accessories. Here at Latest Deals, we will provide you with information about the latest cheap eBay bike and mountain bikes deals and offers. There are even cheap motorbikes for sale that you can get at very low prices.

If you really want to save a lot of money, you should purchase products during special sales to get promotional discounts. Most online UK shops have regular sales, seasonal clearance, and flash sales. Make sure to use the latest eBay bike for sale and Muddyfox bikes voucher codes to save some money on the side.

Here is a list of the UK retailers where you can get cheap Bike bargains and deals:

You can get up to 50% off on selected bike brands of models. Special offerings such as free deliveries, extended warranties, and discounted rates are also up for grabs. Choose among the different UK retailers where you can get the best deals and bargains.

Our savvy money-saving experts will provide you with useful tips for you to save money. You can take advantage of free deliveries, voucher codes, special offers and an extended warranty from your favourite retailers.

There are online retailers that provide a product warranty on selected bike models. Spend as much as the minimum amount required and get big discounts off the regular price. We have checked and reviewed each Halfords ladies bikes deal we bring to you so you can have better options and saving.

How much does commuting cost?


Everyone's travel costs will be different. It depends on where you live, what mode of transport you take, how long the distance is and a multitude of other factors. We can only speak of averages. CycleScheme wrote a detailed analysis and came up with these figures, which I've put into an infographic:

£3,727 per year if you drive a car, £1,320 if you get the train, £848 on the bus and just £396 if you cycle.

How were these figures calculated?

Car costs are spread over 5 years. Lots of factors taken into account: initial cost, fuel, maintenance / service, insurance, breakdown cover. Average number of people who buy a loan and the interest. Parking not included.

The bicycle figure includes average spend on new bike (whopping £750), plus equipment, depreciation, insurance and running costs. Also spread over 5 years.


Bicycles save you money on transport costs. The only thing cheaper than cycling is walking.

How much does cycling save you?

The average driver will save over £3,000 per year by swapping to cycling. Over 10 years that's a saving of £30,000.

However, as a reader of Latest Deals you're not just interested in saving money, you're also interested in making money. As I wrote in Money's Big Secret you must remember money compounds over time. Had you invested this saving over 10 years, at a standard growth rate of 7% it would amount to over £35,000.

Plus, the financial benefits don't stop there. As Mr Money Mustache wrote in Get Rich With... Bikes, you save money on future healthcare costs and productivity. The Journal of Labor Research found that women who exercise regularly earn 10% more than those who don't, and for men it's 6%. It's not the bicycle itself that earns you more money, but the productivity and motivation benefits. Cycling can make you money.

When to buy a cheap bicycle


The graph above shows Google search trends of when people are looking for cheap bicycles. It shows over the last 5 years, there are peaks of demand during the Summer months and troughs of low demand in the Winter. When it's nice and sunny, people are keen to cycle. When it's cold and raining, people are less keen.

In general (we'll go into specifics later) purchasing a bicycle when there's less demand will save you money. Winter months tend to have cheaper prices.


This graph from data company ahrefs shows you the most popular bicycle retailers people shop from online. Halfords gets 34% of the attention and Sports Direct 9%.

If we look at when a big company like Halfords has its bicycle sales, you will see it fits in the above trend: Winter is cheaper than Summer.


  • 10% Off Bikes - April
  • 20% Off Bikes - June
  • 20% Off Bikes - July
  • 50% Off Kids Bikes - October (Half Term)
  • 50% Off Bikes - Black Friday (November)
  • 50% Off Bikes - December - January
  • You can see the latest deals posted by our community from Halfords here.

However, not all retailers have sales

Decathlon is a lesser known sporting retailer which focuses on "lowering our permanent prices". It therefore has fewer big sale events, and cheaper prices in general. On various cycling forums, people have expressed surprise at how Decathlon remains cheaper even when brands such as Evans Cycles have a sale on. For bicycles, it tends to have sales on specific products. Price history analysis from PriceSpy shows prices stay steady throughout the year but are often cheaper than other retailers.

Discount Cycle Shop is another online retailer which sells reduced price bicycles. It has mens bikes, ladies bikes, boys bikes, girls bikes and trailers. Similar to Decathlon it focuses on all year cheap prices rather than specific sale events.

Therefore, while in general Winter months are cheaper to buy a bike, be sure still to shop around and compare prices.


Tools to compare prices of bicycles

We have three favourite methods of comparing prices to find a cheap bike:

  • Ask a fellow member on Latest Deals. Put a question on Chat and deal hunters will try to help if they can. You can also write in our Facebook Group.
  • PriceSpy is a large price comparison engine we use. They have a comprehensive list of bicycles and retailers which you can do a side-by-side comparison.
  • Idealo is another price comparison site, which is nice to use if it has the product you're interested in but has fewer retailers than PriceSpy.

Where to get the best bike deals (new)

Many members of Latest Deals are interested in cycling and often share good bike deals. You can find all the best general offers here (scroll up). You may also be specifically interested in kids bikes, road bikes and electric bikes.

Retailers most often featured by our deal hunters:

Before you buy
  • Think about what type of cycling you’ll be mainly doing to get the most out for your bike as well as enjoyment out of the experience such as cycling for transport, cycling for leisure or cycling for competition.
  • Most of the time, you will get what you pay for and never more when it comes to purchasing a bike. Try to get the best that your budget can afford since it’ll ultimately be a good investment when it comes to quality features, ride, durability and components. A budget of about £250 is an ideal starting point for bikes you’ll use for transport or leisure.
  • Your storage should also be taken into consideration. It is not recommended to leave your bike outside if you don’t have a secure and weather-proof place.

How to get cheap bikes second hand

Buying a bicycle second hand may be the best way to save money. Unlike a car which has many moving parts and difficult engineering, a bicycle is simple. You therefore have much lower risk of buying a broken bicycle second hand. A quick test ride will tell you everything you need to know. Replacement parts and a full servicing will only ever cost a few hundred pounds at a maximum.

In the UK there are two main online marketplaces of second hand bicycles: ebay and Gumtree. For this article, I will concentrate on ebay data and show you when the best time to buy your bike is.

Cheapest times to buy second hand bicycles on ebay

There are optimal times to buy bicycles on ebay to save money. In this section we'll look at:

  • 'Mens road bike'
  • 'Ladies road bike'
  • 'Childrens bike'

Mens road bike


The graph above shows the price history data for 'mens road bike' auctions on ebay over six months (2017).

  • Average price: £139.70
  • Best time to buy: Wednesday, 8PM - Midnight

Ladies road bike


The graph above shows the price history data for 'ladies road bike' auctions on ebay over six months (2017).

  • Average price: £188.68
  • Best time to buy: Monday, 8pm - Midnight

Childrens bike


The graph above shows the price history data for 'childrens bike' auctions on ebay over six months (2017).

  • Average price: £35.53
  • Best time to buy: Friday, 4am - 8am

Why are these times the cheapest? 🚴🏿

ebay sellers set their own duration times for the auction. It appears that by focusing on auctions that end late in the evening there is less competition from other bidders and you may end up saving money.

This is a simple trick but focusing on the time at which you bid on ebay is not as important as shopping on ebay in the first place. Getting a bicycle second hand is sensible for other reasons other than cost: when it gets nicked.

Note from Tom - Having your bicycle stolen is a common experience. Being small, portable and untraceable they attract more thefts. Do not let this put you off. It is so common cyclists call it the "cycle tax". However, it is a big reason why you may wish to buy second hand. Older bikes attract less attention but are just as good. Plus, the cost of having to replace it will be less, so you continue saving money.

How to buy cheap bicycles on Gumtree

The classified ads website Gumtree hosts some fantastic offers, including new bicycles. While there is no reliable data source for analysing trends, members of Latest Deals have noted that straight after Christmas there seems to be an influx of new listings. Presumably this is because many receive bicycles as gifts and then sell their old ones. You can expect prices to drop during this period.

Cheap bicycles at police auctions


Police auctions provide a great opportunity to purchase a cheap bike. These are reclaimed bicycles for which the authorities have not managed to pair up with their previous owners.

Search for your local police auction, '[County] Police auction' to find your nearest.

They are often held once a month by a private independent company. For example, the biggest in London is Frank G Bowen. Often there is a catalogue of the products available online, or you arrive an hour or so earlier to take a look, make note of which bicycles you wish to bid on and wait until they're on offer.

Note, it's best to research how much the same bicycle is selling for on other marketplaces to make sure you don't pay too much (auctions can be exciting places). Prices can start from just £20.

What's the maximum distance I can comfortably cycle before needing a car?

If your commute to work is further than 15.5km (9.6 miles) cycling may not be a comfortable option for you. These are the average distances people can cycle in one hour.


60 minute and 30 minute cycling distances in London

However, could you cycle to your train station? Could you cycle at the weekends to the shops? All local, smaller journeys could be swapped to a bicycle so you get some of the partial savings (plus health benefits, productivity boosts etc.)

How to cycle with young children


The idea of cycling with children puts many people off. That is until you discover the bike trailer. This nifty device is perfect for safely bringing your children with you, and when not using it for them, carrying your groceries.

Latest Deal'ers who have been cyclists for years are amazed once they discover and give a trailer a go. It is liberating in being able to carry heavy goods including DIY equipment in the back. Do the school run, take them to the activities, and keep cars further back with its wider frame.

If you have any questions about cheap bikes you can always contact us. Plus, if you spot a deal you can post it here to help others.

Tom ✌️

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