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Blind Spot Stick-on Mirrors
75% off

Blind Spot Stick-on Mirrors

Montoya Convex Blind Spot Stick-On Mirrors Protect Car Van Wheels Protector Features: - Provide all round vision to eliminate the blind spot. - It eliminate blind spot and give...Read moreebay deals
16th Sep
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Luna Merlot Blackout Roller Blind

Luna Merlot Blackout Roller Blind

Luna Merlot Blackout Roller Blind; Featuring a blackout coating to reduce external noise and light this Luna roller blind comes in a sophisticated merlot colourway and is...Read moreDunelm deals
13th Aug
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Aluminium Venetian Blind at Amazon

Aluminium Venetian Blind at Amazon

Venetian blind for privacy glare-prevention, and light management; ideal for a bedroom, living room, office, or study High-quality 25mm slats; made of durable aluminium; easy to...Read moreAmazon deals
21st Jul
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The Importance of Blinds to your Home
Savings on all types of blinds for your space!

The windows of your house have to be covered. When you do, it is inevitable to not mention blinds. There are different kinds of blinds available out there and they vary in their control systems. Basically, the typical window is consist of long horizontal or vertical slats. They can be from hard materials like plastic, wood or even metal. They are held together with cords.

Today, you can manoeuver blinds manually or remotely. You can rotate them in an open position with slats spaced out. You can also control them in a closed position so that the slats overlap to block the light. Aside from this, shades are also typical. They are the use of a single piece of soft materials, which is far from slats. This is another window covering.

Generically, the idea “window blinds” is bound to point out on window coverings. They can also refer to roller blinds, shutters, cellular shades, wood blinds, standard vertical and horizontal blinds, Roman blinds and others. Awnings are also shades or blinds in the United Kingdom.

Indeed, you will stumble upon a ton of variations for blinds in the market. It is not surprising that you come across various kinds that you must select from. Prior to buying and installing, you should ensure that you know what you are purchasing.

Various Kinds of Blinds

Buying blinds can be tough. It is not something you can do overnight most especially if you are clueless about what you do. Hence, these are the latest and modern types of blinds you must be acquainted with. They are in the market so take note of them:

  • Vertical Blinds. From the name itself, vertical blinds are from top to bottom. Based on the style you like, you can open them from side to side, or part them in the middle. This kind is suitable for patio doors and floor to ceiling windows.
  • Venetian Blinds. Among the different kinds of blinds, this is the most famous. It is the opposite of the first one. These horizontal slats are attached with a string or strip referred to as tapes. Hence, they are raised by pressing the slat above.
  • Mini Blinds. Mini blinds are not very far from Venetian blinds. However, the big difference is that they have smaller slats. Venetian has thicker ones that go around 1”.
  • Panel Blinds. Panel blinds are famous most especially for large windows. With them, you will not find it hard to move a track along. This is one of the reasons why it is convenient to open and close them.
  • Micro Blinds. From the name itself, micro blinds are way tinier than mini-blinds. As a matter of fact, their slats are only around ½. That is how different they are.

How to install blinds

Advantages of Using Blinds

As what was mentioned above, blinds are the covering for your windows. Once you install them, you can already expect privacy. On top of this, there will also be a control on the amount of sunlight that enters your home. That will surely make your space even way better. At the end of the day, it does not matter whether you are going for windows on your one window or the entire house. These are benefits of having blinds:

  • Privacy. When you have blinds, you can assure that you just do not control the amount of sunlight that enters your home. You also keep strangers from seeing the interiors of your home. Curtains have their limitations anyway.
  • Home Decors. There are various colours, styles and patterns for blinds. The options are boundless. There are many that can fit your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. If you have pets or kids at home, you may want to consider cordless blinds.
  • Various Materials. Since there are varied materials for blinds, you can get one that suits your style. For example, if you own a wooden furniture, then you can have blinds that compliment them.
  • Cost-Efficient. Blinds have the ability to control light since that is the case - you can use this to your advantage. At least, you can manage the right amounts of them that you can utilise.
  • Low Maintenance. This is also one of the most excellent ways to save money because blinds are simple to maintain. They would only ask to be cleaned with quick wipes. That is how easy their cleaning is.
How to Get Cheap Blinds in the UK
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