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Blu-Ray Deals

Where can I get cheap Blu Ray films?

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Arrow - Season 1-4 Blu-Ray Box Set

Arrow - Season 1-4 Blu-Ray Box Set

Arrow Series 1-4 box set Blu-ray £29.99 and Arrow 1-4 DVD box set £24.99 at Amazon. I paid £1 less than this for the 1-3 Blu-ray box set only about 5 months ago from Amazon so I...
Amazon deals
22nd Nov 2016
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You can get cheap Blu Ray films from Amazon, Zoom, Base and Zavvi. Our community of deal hunters seek the best high quality movies that are reduced in price, then share the deals here to help you save money. Whether it's a complete box set you're after, or a classic film re-mastered for Blu Ray, you'll find them all here. You may wish to use the filters to choose just 'TV & Film'. This is because this page also includes cheap Blu Ray players and devices which are featured as capable of playing Blu Rays.

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Innovative Technology


Every few years or so a new technology would be introduced that would dramatically change the way we experience home entertainment. For example, DVDs provided us with a significantly better sound and picture quality compared to VHS tapes, as well as scene by scene access and extra features like director documentary, all in one easy to store and durable format. Today, with the popularity of HDTVs, smart TVs and 4K TVs, Blu-ray players and discs are offering another wave of innovation in home entertainment.

Blu-ray is an optical disc format used to store high-def video and even games. These discs are the next generation of DVDs bringing Full HD picture quality and since they look and feel like standard DVDs, they’re just as easy to use. Perhaps most significantly, the menus are similar on both formats, and Blu-ray players have the ability to playback your entire library of silver discs whether they are DVD or CD.

High-Quality Audio and Video

Fantastic deals on Blu Ray movies and players!

A Blu Ray is a digital optical disc data storage format which is capable of storing ultra high definition video and images. It is also used for storing featured Blu ray films, music playlists, important documents, and video games.

Blu ray DVDs are also used by video game manufacturers to physically distribute their games for PlayStation and Xbox One. The name Blu Ray refers to a blue laser which is actually colour violet. This laser is used to read the information that is stored in the disc. It has the capacity to read data that is stored at a greater density.

A single layer has a capacity of 25 GB while a double layer has a capacity of 60GB. Today, up to six layers are possible in a standard form of BD. Blu ray DVDs are approximately 4.7 inches in diameter and 1.2 millimeters in thickness. Sony introduced their first Blu Ray prototypes in October 2000 and was released in Japan in April 2003.

Other consumer electronics companies also released their versions of Blu Ray discs soon after. They continue to develop new technology as time progresses to provide consumers with better products. Blu-Ray faces big competition from VOD or Video on Demand but still remains as one of the most effective ways to store and read data.

Blu-Ray Hunting in Leeds - Poundland and CeX

Blu Ray Benefits and Advantages

Blu Ray is the newest format when it comes to high definition movies and quality sound. It is basically available everywhere. You can even get Blu Ray movies online at very low prices. Most of the 3D movies available today are only distributed in Blu Ray format.

With this kind of technology, you get to experience enhanced picture and video quality which gives it true-to-life colours. It also has a super fast reading speed which can reach up to 5 Gbps.

Professional and amateur filmmakers prefer to use Blu Ray for their work since it has a higher quality. Blu Ray players have a native ultra HD 4K resolution which provides the viewer with visuals that have natural texture and are rich in depth.

Things to Consider When Buying Blu Ray Products

  • Capacity. Blu Ray is used to storing digital data and a single disc can hold up to 25GB of data. You can purchase a dual layer or a multilayer depending on your needs.
  • Cost. Blu Ray products such as players and discs are very affordable because of the availability of various models. You can play your favourite music playlist to watch the latest movies.
  • Quality. These kinds of data storage media have a greater advantage over standard DVD’s since it allows a higher quality of video to be saved since it has a bigger capacity. It has the capacity to store ultra high definition videos.
  • Availability. Blu Ray technology is newer than DVD which means that there are some older movies that are not yet available in Blu Ray format. But newer movies will definitely come in Blu Ray format which has a higher quality.
  • Content. Most Blu ray movies come with many additional contents such as behind the scenes, additional commentaries, and more. It can have additional bonus content because it has a higher storage space.
How to Get Cheap Blu Ray Deals Online
Blu ray movies and series, Zavvi

Here at Latest Deals, you will find the Blu ray releases that you are looking for easily and at very reasonable rates. Our team of community bargain hunters has listed the latest cheap 4k Blu rays deals and promotions you may want to check out. There are plenty of ways to save on your purchases online.

Take advantage of the abundance of information that our community of bargain hunters will share with you. Some UK retailers have seasonal clearance and regular sales. Check the Latest Deals site frequently to know about the latest Blu ray films offers and bargains.

You can get as much as a 50% discount on various movie bundles. Blu ray player deals from popular UK retailers would likely be on top of your options but you can also look for other great offers. If you really want to save a lot of money, you should purchase products during special sales to get promotional discounts.

Here is a list of the UK retailers where you can get cheap Blu Ray bargains and deals:

Deals and voucher codes that you can use at reputable online UK sellers will certainly not disappoint you. We have a team of money-saving experts who always share essential tips and tricks on how you can get low prices online. You can look for excellent deals online with just a few clicks away and you can do it in the comfort of your home.

No need to pay the full price when you use voucher codes and special offers. These 4k Blu Ray deals and offers are tested for you so you can get more by spending less. Discount codes are also up for grabs for a limited time so don't miss it.

Cheap Blu-Ray Offers UK


Cheap Blu-ray offers in Amazon

If you’re looking for cheap Blu-ray films or cheap Blu-ray movies wholesale deals, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Latest Deals you’ll find Blu-ray DVDs on clearance sale, the latest Blu-ray offers in the UK, pre-owned Blu-rays UK deals and HMV Blu-ray 5 for £30 promos. Get money saving discount codes and voucher codes from UK online retailers like eBay, Zoom, Zavvi, Amazon, Game and Base.

You can find cheap Blu-ray at Zavvi. Check out their incredible price drops on a great range of titles on all genres including Drama, Horror, Action, Comedy, Love Story and more. You can find films, TV series and Steelbooks you could ever want in superb high-definition quality, as well as 4K titles. You can find the latest releases and pre-order movies available to purchase today.

Amazon offers Blu-rays discs for under £5 on favourite titles from classics to animated films ike Jurassic World, Minions, Dark Knight and Les Miserables just to name a few. . The popular online retailer offers new and future releases Blu-ray box sets and best sellers at discounted rates. Their huge collection will leave you spoilt for choice as you search through everything they have to offer you. Step up your viewing experience a notch by checking out their 3D Blu-Ray movies. Plus if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you will get exclusive discounts and free delivery also. They also have Deal of the Day every Mondays, Wednesday and Friday where you can get bargain deals on selected titles

Give yourself the incredible audio-visual experience that you deserve with a little bit of help from Zoom today. Discover the wide range of Blu-Ray films, TV series and music they have in store for you and don't forget to check out their selection of special interest subjects as well. Not only will you get 10% on your first order, you’ll also get free UK delivery on all orders.

If you want to get the best offers, check out find-dvd.co.uk, which is a Blu-ray price comparison site. You can compare region Blu-ray prices including box sets and collections between UK retailers.

Blu-ray Ownership in the UK from 2010 to 2017


The statistic above shows the percentage of Brits who owns a Blu-ray player in their home from the third quarter of 21010 to the fourth quarter of 2017. The stats show that during the third quarter of 2010, about 7% of Brit respondents claimed to own a Blu-ray player in their home. This increased by 12% in the fourth quarter of 2012.

A Blu-ray player is used to read and play Blu-ray discs that allows for storing information at a greater amount compared to a normal DVD. It is capable of storing hours of videos in high-definition, 20p and 1080p, as well as ultra high-definition or 2160p. The presence of Blu-ray players in UK homes may still be slight compared to other consumer electronics, but they are increasing steadily throughout the years.

Better Picture and Sound Quality

Blu-ray discs produce the best possible picture quality for an HDTV, even better than HD cable or satellite broadcasts, and is really the only way for you to get 3D content. They have up to seven times the resolution of a DVD. Simply put, everything looks sharper, details such as skin and hair, patterns on clothing and even faces of people in the background can appear razor sharp. In addiion, Blu-ray discs offer far more accurate colour which generates richer and more life-like pictures that feel almost three-dimensional even without 3D technology.

Furthermore, the technology has taken the home surround sound abilities first heard and felt from DVD to another level. Its high capacity format allows for more depth of sound and better support for extra speakers. Some of the new surround sound formats supported on Blu-ray, like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, are basically identical to the original sound sent to theatres. So the only limitation on the sound quality is your home theatre system or TV. And with home theatre systems now available in every size and price range, it’s easier than ever to upgrade your equipment and get a more theatrical experience at home.

How Does a Blu-Ray Works?

  • The use of laser technology for greater capacity. Blu-ray uses blue lasers, which have a narrower beam than the red lasers in DVDs, giving them up to five times the capacity of DVDs in the same sized disc.
  • Different materials. Blu-ray discs are made of a harder, much more scratch resistant plastic for better reliability.
  • More advanced video compression. the information stored on Blu-ray discs uses the latest video compression, packing more information into the same space without noise or video artefacts in the picture.

Newer Blu-ray players connect to the internet to go beyond the contents of Blu-ray discs and support apps for streaming video on demand from the internet such as LoveFilm.

Other types of supported apps include customised internet radio from Pandora, news and weather apps from sources such as the BBC. Support for applications depends on the make and model of the Blu-ray player, but apps are quickly becoming a standard feature that can bring great convenience and selection to the content at your fingertips.

The Difference Between Blu-Ray, DVD and CD

In brief, CD (Compact Disc) is primarily used for delivery of music, DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) primarily for standard definition (720x480 in the North America, 720x576 in most of the rest of the world) video, and Blu-ray Disc primarily for high definition (1920x1080) video.

Adding a bit of detail to the above, each of these formats can be used for audio, video, or data (such as VideoCD or DVD Audio), and all come in read-only, write-once, and read/write formats. All of these formats have discs of the same diameter (120mm or 4.7in) and look roughly the same.

Compact Disc was commercially released in early 1983, and holds from 650-700MB per disc. DVD was commercially released in 1996 and holds from 4.7 - 8.7GB in the more common formats. Blu-ray Disc was commercially released in 2006 and holds from 25 - 50GB in the more common formats, with BD-XL supporting up to 128GB.

Almost all DVD players and burners support CD formats, and almost all Blu-ray Disc players and burners support DVD and CD formats.

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