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Cheap Bluetooth Headphones

The best bluetooth headphone deals, discounts and voucher codes

Where can I buy cheap bluetooth headphones? On this page our deal hunters reveal their money saving tips to help you. The latest discounts from Amazon, Curry's and Argos. You can normally stack these offers with voucher codes so it's always worth an extra search in our vouchers section just in case. Many cheap bluetooth headphones can be found on Amazon where third-party sellers compete for sales and offer big exclusive discount codes which we specialise in finding and sharing.

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If the dangling wire between your smartphone and headphones annoys you, then it’s a good idea to consider wireless Bluetooth headphones. It will let you enjoy top notch sound without being tethered to your gadgets or devices. Bluetooth headphones is a mix of comfort and style with functionality. It offers users a convenient and easy way to get rid of those irritating dangling wires when placing it in your purse or bag.

When choosing Bluetooth headphones, it is necessary to consider the difference between various listening devices, its style and design, characteristics and features such as software compatibility and sound quality. You can use these headphones in a number of audio devices like portable music players, hi-fis and mobile phones. Most Bluetooth headphones come with built-in control buttons which allows you to play and pause music, adjust volumes, skip tracks and pause the music. This means, you have control of your music even when your mobile is in your pockets.

Another factor worth thinking of and considering is your budget as well. The cost of Bluetooth headphones can widely vary depending on its features, so it is best to do your research first to ensure that even if you’re getting a pair of cheap Bluetooth headphones, the quality will not be compromised.

Fortunately, here at Latest Deals you’ll find best cheap Bluetooth headphones deals, discounts, offers and voucher codes from online UK retailers like Argos, Currys, Amazon, Tesco and so much more. Our massive community of bargain hunters are always on the lookout to find the best possible savings around. Every day we post only verified deals to ensure you’re getting only the best discounts around. So whether you’re looking best budget headphones, wireless earbuds UK deals or good cheap Bluetooth headphone deals, we’ve got you covered.

Best budget headphones review

Choosing the right Bluetooth headphones

Choosing the perfect pair of headphones can be daunting. Especially when shopping online since you cannot actually try them out. To narrow down your choices, it is best to come up with a list of questions to answer.

  1. How is the sound quality? This is the most important aspect when it comes to choosing the perfect wireless headphone. When buying online, try to do some research and read consumer reviews and feedbacks about the one you’re eyeing. You can also ask users around in forums if possible.
  2. Are they a good value? This is another important question you need to find answer to before buying. If it’s not worth what you paid for, then you can forget about it since you’ll never be happy in the long run. Always buy with value in mind, don’t always go for what’s trending. And again read reviews and feedbacks.
  3. How comfortable are they? Having no dangling wires do help but it’s still good to find out if they will provide your with lasting comfort. Factors you need to consider include paddings on the earcups and headband and if they are completely adjustable.
  4. How easy are they to use? Not all Bluetooth headphones are equally created when it comes to pairing. Some will be easier to use, so make sure to consider pairing when looking for a pair of wireless headphones and functions like taking calls as well changing track and volume.
  5. How long will the battery last? Bluetooth headphones rely on batteries to run. So it is necessary to consider how long a headphones’ battery will last.

Styles of Bluetooth headphones


These wireless headphones come in a variety of designs and styles, giving you the option to find the perfect fit for your ears.

  • Over the head style. This type fits more snugly as it sits securely on top of your head and are normally designed with comfort in mind and offer some noise cancellation.
  • Headband style. This style fits the back of your head making it more discrete as it’s harder to spot. You can get these in in-ear and over the ear styles.
Factors to consider when buying Bluetooth headphones
  • Weight. Smaller headphones are usually lighter and will work great when you will be wearing them for extended periods of time and they are more comfortable. However, its battery life may not be at par with larger Bluetooth headphones.
  • Music control. Bluetooth headphones work just like the way mobile headsets work, wherein it’ll pause music when there’s an incoming call. Most comes with a convenient on-board music control, so this is something you should always check.
  • Software compatibility. Wireless headphones only support stereo sound where it’s supported by the audio source. If you want to stream music from your mobile phone, it need to have A2DP Bluetooth profile support.
  • Sound quality. Sound quality may not be as clear as with a wired device at times. But there are Bluetooth headphones with features such as noise cancellation to improve audio quality.
  • Range. Generally, wireless headphones have a fairly limited range. Make sure to check the effective range in the product’s specs. Choose a device that can deliver what you need in terms of sound quality while performing in the range as you would like it to. Current versions can cover distances of up to 300ft.
  • Battery life. Batteries of Bluetooth headphones are typically larger than those on headsets so the life will be better. Consider what your headphones will be most often used for. Listening to music and phone calls require different amounts of battery life.
  • Charging. There are some headphones that uses the same charger as a mobile phone, while some can be charged on your computer or laptop using a USB cable. Choose whichever is most convenient for you.
  • Multipoint. Multipoint Bluetooth lets you connect to and use two Bluetooth devices at the same time. So this will let you connect your headphones to a music player or mobile at the same time or to a mobile and hi-fi.
  • Versatility. If you’re planning to use it on more than one audio device, make sure that the wireless headphone you’ll get is versatile enough to allow this. Say if you will also use it for making calls, then buy one with a built-in microphone.

If your mobile is Android look for a couple of features like NFC pairing which creates a wireless connection between gadgets just by simply touching them together. For better sound quality, look for the aptX feature that offers improved sound overs regular Bluetooth transmission.

Bluetooth headphone deals


Cheap wireless earbuds and headphones UK online deals in Tesco

☑️ Best cheap Bluetooth headphones

  • Brainwavz BLU-100, £30 Amazon
  • Creative Outlier One, £35 Creative
  • Phonaudio ioSport, £40 Phonaudio
  • Sony MDR-ZX330BT, £49.99 Amazon
  • JBL Reflect Mini BT, £59.94 Amazon
  • SoundMAGIC E10BT, £69 Amazon
  • Lindy BNX-60, £79 Amazon

If you’re looking for good cheap Bluetooth headphones offers and promos online here are some of the deals from major UK online retailers:


Wireless headphones Argos sale

☑️ Wireless headphones Argos: You can find cheap Bluetooth headphones at Argos’ clearance sale. You can get savings ranging from £5 to £60 on selected models of brands like Marshall, Panasonic, Sony, Skullcandy, Philips and JVC plus free delivery. You can find a pair of best budget headphones here under £20.

☑️ Wireless headphones Currys: The online shop of Currys include Bluetooth headphone deals on brands like Beats where you can get a pretty sweet discount of £100 with free 3 months free unlimited music with Deezer Premium+ upon purchase of products on promo. Also they have clearance sales on other brands like Sony where you can save as much as £60. Plus most of their wireless headphones come with free delivery and 2 years guarantee.

☑️ Wireless headphones Tesco: You can save as much as £200 on Tesco’s Bluetooth headphone deals. You can also find here some of the cheapest wireless earbuds in the UK with price ranging from £10 to £19.99, with some even having a nice discount of £2.

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