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Are you looking for a new broadband package? Find the cheapest deals and plans handpicked by our community of bargain hunters. Unlike other price comparison sites, here you'll find tips and tricks from real people. This includes how to use cashback to save up to £100, stacking the offers with voucher codes and negotiation tactics.

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NowTV Broadband 12mth Deal
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NowTV Broadband 12mth Deal
Get Fab Fibre for just £25 a month plus free anytime calls!Introductory 12 month offer for new broadband customers.£0 set up + £9.99 delivery.Price includes line rental.... Read more
23rd Feb
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£75 cashback makes this Plusnet offer the cheapest broadband deal around.The title of cheapest broadband deal has belonged to Onestream for a while now but it looks like Plusnet... Read more
9th Jan

On our Facebook Group Linsey Bailey-Rowles asked for advice on TV and broadband packages. It is a question many people have, and you may find the discussion useful for your own deal hunting.

Lindsey said,

I'm looking for some advice on TV and broadband packages. I'm currently with Sky and have been for 7 years, I'm currently paying £98 a month for Sky Q, all TV but sports channels and broadband and telephone. I have discounts on this but still think it's expensive... what does everyone else use please?

Here are the answers:

Samantha Edwards I pay £52 pounds for the same package after i rang up and told them i wanted to cancel my contract i have multi room as well xx

Jair Sharp Wow was paying £75 for mine and I got fibre with an extra sky q mini

Claire Williams My dad rang up and said he wanted to cancel as it was costing too much and they knocked about £30 a month off he was paying similar to you, can't remember how long he will get the cheaper rate for but we are definitely going to ring up and try ourselves as bill just gone up again!

Sara Bell Virgin for broadband tv and phone. £53 a month. No sports.

Steph Bould We just pay for broadband and use freeview!

Stephanie Clelland We have got over 400 channels on freeview. We pay £18 per month for unlimited wifi with sky, when we signed up sky sent us a £75 prepaid MasterCard and we signed up through top cash back and had £90 from them. What ever you decide make sure you go through top cash back. Buying anything online you'll get £££ back.

Linsey Bailey-Rowles I'm a TopCashback user myself so will definitely look at that thanks 😊

Stephanie Clelland We have just changed our energy supplier and will get £50 for that. And if we are feeling super savvy when the £50 reaches us we will change again. As long as you make sure you're on a tariff with no exit fees we will make around £200 per year which will pay for our usage.. winning!! X

Linsey Bailey-Rowles I'm looking for the sky channels still like Atlantic are these on other providers?

Sara Bell Not on virgin no you'd have to get nowtv or use a streaming service like cartoonhd Gemma Louise Thompson Yeah now tv has them channels on their entertainment passes and only £7.50 a month.

Sarah Rachel Davies Now tv is a cheaper option. Argos selling boxes for 12 quid with 2 months free sky cinema. Its pay as you go so you buy a monthly pass for either cinema or entertainment or kids and then when it runs out you can rebuy or leave it x

Varuni Mallikaarachchi Can you still get ordinary channels such as ITV, Chanel 4, E4, E4+1, BBC, Aljazeera with Now TV? I am also searching for a tv package. Currently using freeview and talktalk broadband.

Kathie Witzgall Cooper asda and Tesco has them also

Kathie Witzgall Cooper no aljazera try amazon for that but what you get on freeview and now tv you pay extra on amazon I have both sorry I am typing in dark

Donna Tickner Find out what virgin would offer you - Tell sky you are leaving - they will then match virgin you can stay with them and you will probably pay half what you do now

Kathie Witzgall Cooper I have older now box over 3 years old

Hazel Johnstone i wouldnt recommend virgin i pay 38 a month just for internet and its going up by 2 99 in oct/nov

Steve Pritchard I pay £31 for b/band and phone, ask for a better deal Hazel Johnstone im going to ring them tomorrow and say im leaveing . lol

Louise Morris I pay 82 for virgin I've got it in two rooms also phone andbroadband also free unlimited calls to any number including mobiles

Steve Pritchard The big problem with the likes of Virgin and Sky is the constant need to out do each other. I have suggested to Virgin that not everyone needs the superfast broadband. It is not the be all and end all to be able to download an MP3 in a millisecond.

Jair Sharp Move to a house with a tree that blocks the signal before they update the sky q boxes to run off the broadband instead of the dish

Donna Lloyd My husband pays £117 with virgin a month and I think this is ridiculous! I would cancel the lot. Don't use phone or the 1 other box he pays for! All this so he can watch sport

Stan Mint Dont know about sky but virgin if you threaten to leave you will get a call back and the usualy cut your bill down.

Steve Pritchard I was a sky customer for 20 years. Never called them out until after a storm blew my dish out of alignment after the engineer fitted it to the chimney against my wishes. They wanted to charge me a call out fee and I said no.

Sarah Rachel Davies I had been with them years. Then i left and joined back about 2 months ago. If i cancel dd they will just buggin me for payment x

Steve Pritchard Tell them your financial position has changed and you need to downgrade your services, if they won't tell them they can't have what you haven't got and just cancel the debit

Sarah Rachel Davies True i cud try that as i can prove my financial situation isnt great aswel lol

Stan Mint Get a android box and download a app called mobdro has most tv channels all movie channels and sports

Danny Mclean Origin Broadband & Line Rental Supersaver 12.

Jonathan Hanson I would never suggest anyone goes near this company, they are cowboys. Due to their cockup we went months without internet. Worst ISP going.

Jair Sharp One problem and a serious one at that if your caught using streaming boxes you can get you internet cut off and a hefty fine

Brian Karl fek sky get a vpn firestick stream all you need is broadband i get all the channels

Jonathan Hanson We moved from sky to BT recently due to the price hikes, really liking the service. Our internet is faster than with sky (BT infinity 1 getting 57 meg), we have their top TV package and box (keeps the kids happy, not as many channels as sky) all for £44/m we also got a £150 prepaid credit card as a bonus.

Lillian Armstrong I'm with Sarah ^^ I have now tv broadband package, unlimited internet 11 sky entertainment channels 11 sky cinema channels thousands of on demand films programmes and box sets including all catchup apps and YouTube

Emma Williams We had a friends and family deal from Sky - we got family package TV, phone line, and unlimited fibre broadband for £28! The deal lasted a year and when it ran out we called up and got it reduced to pretty much the same price again.

Karen Firth Ive got a sky q package & im paying 16 a month. No line rental or anything like that

Gemma Louise Thompson I pay £30 for bt youview broadband and then have Netflix for £6 a month then now tv for £7.50 a month on top. Works out much cheaper than sky. Was over £100 a month for that cos of my area

Peter Rusbridge Talk talk £49 per month all sky sports and all movies plus £100 back at TopCashback

Cath Hartley I don't have as an extensive package as you Linsey, but last year Sky tried to hike my bill considerably! I threatened to leave and the got back to me to renegotiate my deal! I now pay £39 a month for phone,broadband and a "middle of the range" TV package xx

William Cunningham If your 12 month contract has ended tell them you are leaving they will ask why just tell them they can't afford it they will go through all the details for a cancel and just when u are about to put the phone down they will offer you a full package for less.

Margaret Stephenson EE we have just taken broadband and the phone out with them,it's free line rental,free calls as long as you hang up before 60 minutes also a 1000 mobile minutes ,for £27 and I can't remember the pence we are over the moon with the price,by have rang loads of time trying to get us to Change our mind and matched the price but no sticking with EE also the deal is 18 months xxc