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Free Chicken Burger (Worth £3.99)

Free Chicken Burger (Worth £3.99)

Jollibee are giving away 10000 free chicken burgers worth £3.99 each & all you need to do is click "GET FREEBIE" button below, then download their app on your phone and sign up....Read moreJollibee deals
30th Nov
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Hovis 4 Premium Burger Buns

Hovis 4 Premium Burger Buns

Hovis® Premium Burger Buns are baked to perfection giving you soft slightly sweet bread with natural bursts on top - perfect for burgers. Baked using Hovis® expertise and no...Read moreMorrisons deals
22nd Nov
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Birds Eye 4 Chicken Burgers


Birds Eye 4 Chicken Burgers 200g

Features Made from 100% Chicken Breast. No Artificial Colours or Preservatives. Cooking Guidelines Cooking Instructions - General: To Prepare... Your Chicken Burgers contain...Read moreASDA deals
19th Nov
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All the best burger deals and voucher codes in the UK!

The Lure of Burgers

It has been observed that wherever you go - every restaurateur or chef sells burgers. Some would throw ground lambs on theirs, while others stick to the traditional recipes with a twist. We haven’t even mentioned the long list of popular chain burgers all over the world which are still supported by many people up to this day.

With the mentioned, the big question is - why are we obsessed with burgers? Well, the first simple answer is that burgers are affordable. They cost half of the usual dinner dishes you eat on fancy places. If you do not have enough money to pay restaurants and chains, you can do your own recipe at home. Just add them with fries and you are definitely going to have a good time.

Burgers have always been very easy to eat. Because their meat is ground up, you would not do a lot of chewing. There is no need to cut, or prepare a fancy set-up. You only have to lift it and you are almost done. It is also possible to see various sides. Build yours depending upon your taste and that can be appealing too. These are just among the many ways in which burgers are eaten.

Where Can I Find Cheap Burgers Online?

Burgers on sale at Amazon UK

From excellent cheap burgers in bulk, best burger UK patty and bun to Burger Brothers UK and Burger King vouchers - Latest Deals may be the answer for you. There are so many burgers UK feature you can pick from online. Find special offers, discount codes, price drops and other affordable deals and save while you buy best burger UK.

We have a team of money-saving experts and a community of bargain hunters who always look for the best offers on Burger Brothers UK, Honest Burgers and burger recipe. Get enormous amount of savings from your favourite UK retailers including Amazon, Iceland, Itison, Lidl & many more.

The Best Sites to Get Cheap Burgers

Cheap burgers offerst at Morrisons

Here is a list of websites you can visit if you want to buy the best yet affordable burgers online:

👍 Amazon. Browse Amazon and buy non-stick patty mould, beef discs, sweets, press, grill, cloche cover, paper sheets and takeaway box at an affordable price. If you are an Amazon Prime Member, enjoy more exciting deals as you can have your orders delivered for free. Make the most of the price reductions which may reach half the original from this top UK retailer.

👍 Burger King. Look at the King Deals of Burger King and learn about its offers on ready-to-eat burgers. Enjoy Long Big King and Long Texas BBQ without hurting your budget. Have the best experience from this world famous burger chain.

👍 Graigfarm. Visit Graigfarm to discover exciting offers for organic beef burgers and all meat burgers. Get at least 15% off when you buy organic beef burgers from this retailer of healthy options for you and your family. You can also take advantage of a free delivery service when you order over £50 from this retailer.

👍 Iceland. Select Iceland in your burger shopping and make the most of its fantastic features. From Luxury Wangyu Beef Quarter Pounders, British Beef Burgers, White Burger Buns, Grilled Cheese Burger, American Style Patties, High Protein Bean Quarter Pounders, Barbecue Quarter Pounders and Breaded Chicken Burgers, you have a wide array of choices to decide from. You can get 2 for £4 burger patties and discounted restaurant passes as well. Check on them.

👍 Morrisons. Scan through the offers category of Morrisons and spare extra when you get the best burger deal that is 3 for £5. Pick from the Best Scotch Beef Quarter Pounders, British Beef Burgers, Vintage Cheddar Beef Burgers, Jalapeno Beef Burgers and many other burger-related products. Buy any of these products and make the best burger at home.

Searching For London's Best Burger

How to Make the Best Homemade Burger

If you have plans to make the best burger, you can always start by looking at the right meat to use. However, there are still many other factors that affect your burger-making. Good news is that you can always mix and match. But then, to achieve the most delicious meal, here are the points to consider:

  • The Appropriate Meat. If you are like many other people out there, you surely want juicy burgers too. As this is the goal, secure ground chuck with only 18% fat content. Remember that extra-lean means only end up with tough and dry burgers. It would not hurt to know if your retailer has freshly ground meat. Doing it your own may be tricky. You may still need a food processor for this. The easiest approach is to just buy ready-to-eat meats already with the most favourable beef and meat features.
  • Make Burgers Cold Before Grilling. Compared to other meats that must be brought to room temperature prior to getting grilled, it would be the best to go for patties which are cold so that they always stay together. Doing so is also a way so that they remain to be juicy throughout. Before beginning, place the patties on a platter or tray in your fridge. Make sure they are properly covered. When you do so, you help in making the flavour-carrying fat remain in the meat even if you keep them for a long time.
  • Begin with a Clean Cooking Grate. When you leave bits of debris on your griller, that only encourages sticking. It may also be a big headache because there would only be un-oiled surface and low temperature in your preparation. The aim here is for the burgers to sizzle up right away when placed on to the pan. For the patty to firm up right away, always ensure that you clean your griller as much as you can. This is the answer for it.
  • Utilise a Hot Grill. There should be a steady high heat utilised for your grilling. The technique is to hold your hand just above 1 to 2 inches from the grill level. For charcoal users, ash-covered coals are the best in the production of heat. As for a gas grill, the lid must always be positioned down. Leave the lid off as well for it to cook easily.
  • Flip the Burgers Right. In flipping the burgers right, it only shows that you not need to flip the burgers many times, limit it to once only. Constantly turning it only dries and toughens your meat. However, flipping prematurely only stickens it. Just cook it 2 minutes per side and that is already the safest. You can also have it 3 for the medium-rare, then 4 for medium and 5 got well-done. These are the strategies.
  • Avoid Pressing the Burgers. This is the usual error in grilling burger patties. Hence, it is also the most heartbreaking to see and witness. The least thing you might want is to press the juice down from the burger. Always maintain the flavour and moistness. Give the burgers the chance to hold their natural juiceness. Let them cook in peace.

Health Benefits of Burgers

Hamburgers have always be the best treats for kids and adults. As a matter of fact, they are always found in restaurants and fastfood menus. They normally have beef, bread and vegetables as the main ingredients. Most of these are responsible for their taste and flavour. If you might be wondering, here are some of the health benefits you can expect from the said food:

  • Energy - Based on Diet Health Club, one of the health benefits of hamburger is that it gives off energy. In fact, the calories found in homemade burgers are less than that of fast food stores or outlets because low sodium burgers have better quality meat and they are way enjoyable and healthy too. These calories are responsible for the energy given to the body.
  • Iron - San Francisco Gate conducted a study revealing that burgers support the iron needs of the body because of their read meat. Hence, the best source of them are beef and chicken. Consuming eight milligrams of iron on a daily basis for men, while 18 milligrams for women can help in their daily nutrients.
  • Protein - Any person who wants to gain muscle should eat burgers especially on their cheat meals because when they do, they support their fats gain.
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