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Men's Business Shirt

Men's Business Shirt

Gender: Men's Style: Slim Fit Formal Casual Occasion: Business Work - Formal or casual style are suitable for workplace. Daily Tops Type: Shirt Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve Look...Read moreLightInTheBox deals
29th Nov
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Mid Year Busy Life Diary 2021/22 Cream

Mid Year Busy Life Diary 2021/22 Cream

Mid Year Busy Life Diary 2021/22 Cream WHAT'S CLEVER August 2021 to August 2022 a week to view with dual schedules Useful planner for timetables and important dates Handy...Read moreBusyb deals
6th Nov
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Busy Hairdresser (Busy Books)

Busy Hairdresser (Busy Books)

Busy Hairdresser introduces young children to the idea of getting their hair cut while they explore the busy salon by pushing, pulling and turning the tabs. Wash the clients'...Read moreAmazon deals
18th Sep
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Trodat Personalised Business Card

Trodat Personalised Business Card

Quickly add your contact details to documents Self Inking Stamp Voucher Personalise your own impression Simply follow instructions on voucher Quickly add your contact details to...Read moreAmazon deals
27th Aug
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Fisher Price Busy Activity Walker

Fisher Price Busy Activity Walker

Fisher Price Busy Activity Walker Combine sit-up play and cruising fun to keep your growing baby busy with this fabulous Busy Activity Walker by Fisher Price! Your little ones...Read moreThe Works deals
26th Aug
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Business as Usual
Look your best with affordable quality business essentials!

Business casual clothing and accessories can be worn by both men and women. Business casual is a dress code that is adopted by white-collar workplaces most particularly in Western countries. This outfit comprises of more casual wear than informal wear. These are also referred to as dress clothes. The widespread of this kind of attire originated in the United States. There is no real concrete definition of business casual. One definition of business casual is wearing a combination of short-sleeved polo shirts, long-sleeved shirts, skirts, slacks, and khaki pants. Business wear excludes wearing sweatshirts, T-shirts, short skirts, tights, sneakers, and jeans.

Business wear also generally consists of neutral and dark coloured clothing but can also include white and off white colours. Business wear is usually more towards the dark shades of navy, gray, and black. Business clothing should also be pressed and have crisp seams. It should also be clean and neat since the purpose of wearing these kinds of clothing is to look presentable.

Business attires could also require you to wear a necktie depending on the combination of your outfit. Furthermore, you need to look professional when wearing business attire or business casual attire. A safe business casual wear consists of a button down shirt, jackets or blazers, leather shoes, and khaki or gray slacks.

Business Attire Dress Code For Professional Men

Importance of Wearing Business Attire

The point of wearing a business attire is to look professional and presentable. This type of outfit is worn during special occasions and activities. Both men and women can wear business attire and there are specially designed clothing for each gender. Women can also wear what men wear for business attire such as khakis, blazers, and collared shirts.

Aside from clothing, there are also accessories that are used to complement a business attire such as belts, neckties, bowties, bags, and more. You can pick any combination that you want depending on your preference just as long as you look clean and well-groomed. There is also a safe global standard of wearing a business attire.

Common Business Attire Wear For Women

Women’s business attire ideas
  • Tailcoat. You can wear this over any kind of clothing. This is used for more formal events.
  • Dress. You can wear this kind of clothing for any type of occasion. There are lots of different kinds of clothing that you can choose from.
  • Shoes with heels. Wearing flat shoes is not common when women wear business attire. Leather shoes with heels are more acceptable.
Common Business Attire Wear For Men
  • Necktie. Wearing a necktie is optional depending on the occasion or activity.
  • Formal trousers. This is the commonly used lower garment for business attire.
  • Stiff-fronted shirt. This can have a detachable wing collar depending on your preference.
  • Waistcoat. This is also considered as a vest. This can be paired with formal trousers.
  • Frock coat. This is a formal knee-length coat which can be worn together with a polo shirt.
  • Leather shoes. This is the standard footwear for business casual and business attire.
  • Blazer or jacket. You can wear this over a polo shirt to look more presentable.
  • Khaki. Men can also wear khaki pants just as long as they pair it with a collared upper garment.
How to Get Cheap Deals on Business Online
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There are cheap business essentials that you can buy online. We will also provide you with information about suit sale and promos so that you can take advantage of the great offers. Get only top-notch but cheap suit jackets that will surely satisfy your needs and wants.

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When purchasing clothing online, it is highly advised that you should be specific about the size of the garment that you are going to order. This will ensure that the clothing item will fit your body well. The clothing should not be too tight or too loose so that it will look good on you and you will feel comfortable wearing it.

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