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Things To Know About Calvin Klein Euphoria

This Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume features delicate notes of lotus blossoms and persimmon’s essence add a further layer of exotic mystique and depth to Euphoria.

Calvin Klein Euphoria’s fragrance lingers in the air for a good amount of time as well: It has good sillage. This perfume from Calvin Klein aims to deliver a long-lasting addictive oriental fragrance. The essence of Euphoria is both sensual and provocative. The Euphoria perfume holds a different range for men and women.

Both the ranges are unique in their own way and smell excellent. The women’s Euphoria perfume is inspired by orchids' mythical exotic notes. On the other hand, the men’s Euphoria perfume initiates a woody and oriental smell.

It is formulated with notes of pomegranate, black violet, and black orchid. The men’s Euphoria and the women’s, both guarantee longevity.

You can purchase a Calvin Klein Euphoria at a cheaper price at Amazon, Superdrug, Fragrance Direct, and other reputable UK retailers.

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Benefits of Wearing Calvin Klein Euphoria

The Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume comes with some unique benefits. The foremost benefit is, spraying a small amount of this perfume can last many hours. Its smell is soothing and affectionately lingers around the body and in the air. The Euphoria bottle for both the men and women carries a classy and stylish look.

The shape of this perfume bottle is designed for easy usage and as per the user’s convenience. The spray extraction system is developed with stainless steel, that guarantees durability. The main surface area of the perfume bottle is made of top-notch material with a durable finish.

If the bottle accidentally falls it won’t cause any breakage. This perfume bottle from Calvin Klein is available for both men and women in a quantity of 100 ml. The top notes in men’s Euphoria are ginger and pepper. The middle notes are black basil, cedar, and sage. The base notes are suede, Brazilian redwood, patchouli, and amber.

Women’s Euphoria is formulated with top notes of pomegranate and lush green accord. On the middle notes, one can sense black orchid and Champaca flowers. The base note has the heart of liquid amber and creamy accord. This Euphoria perfume comes from the luxury fragrance segment. It belongs to the fragrance family of floral and oriental.

Calvin Klein Euphoria stands out from the rest for a good number of reasons. The packaging of this perfume in accordance with both men and women is very stylish. It not just looks good but is also made of premium materials along with a durable finish. The nozzle of Euphoria is made of stainless steel.

It will not degrade in quality or get damaged. The vertical pipe attached to the nozzle has been clinically tested. Calvin Kelin never fails to impress its customers with its exceptional fragrances. They have maintained the same standard with their Euphoria perfume as well.

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