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Carex is the trusted brand pioneer to keep hands and bodies clean after every play. They are continually developing their product formulation. Thus they achieve the trust of their consumers by giving their hard work. 

Carex is one of the UK's favorite brands growing their business passing through generations. Their products are considered as the better choice as they created them with kids in mind.

Thus they crafted a fun edition range of hand wash to enjoy while washing. As they are full of fabulous fragrances, attractive colors, and funny characters. Carex advanced range provides extra protection all day long.

The pocket-sized hand sanitizers are ideal for on-the-go. All their products are kind to skin. They give 3 times more moisture, cleanliness, protection at the same time after application. 

If you are interested in buying Carex products, it is available at Home Bargains, Poundland, Sainsbury's, and other reputable UK retailers.

Things to Know About Carex

The hand washes from Carex are proudly made in the UK. They work with a dedicated team of experts. They are continuously striving to remain in their position in the first place of the hand care brand as always. 

Their products are budget-friendly and also good for our planet. Carex has reduced its plastic use by up to 85%. This way they are saving our environment at the same time. 

Carex products kill 99.9% of bacteria and leave long and healthy effects on the skin. They include various kinds of wash formula to clean and care for the hand. 

Carex ranges its products into different categories. They are hand wash, hand washes refills, hand sanitizer gel, and shower & bath. Their products include fun editions, extra protection, pocket-sized sanitizer, and more.

They have also got an advanced antibacterial formula for hand moisture, clean, and protection. Carex sells bulk ranges of their cleaning products. Thus one can avail this antibacterial hand washes in a bulk quantity from them directly.

Their hand washes are suitable for everyone. Carex products are a worthy way for the easy removal of bacteria and viruses from hand. 

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Benefits of Using Carex Products

The hand wash range of Carex is specially created to leave the skin with a soft and smooth feeling along with cleaning effectively. Their DermaCare range enhances the skin's natural pH.

The advanced range gives extra moisturization and protection. Besides the Fun Editions Hand Wash range is ideal to wash hands with fun. The Carex eco refill range reduces plastic consumption by up to 85%.

They come in easy-to-use pouches which can be poured into empty Carex hand wash bottles. These refill pouches are of different sizes from 500ml to 1000ml.

Carex is specified in various ways based on its product range. Besides their hand washes, they conclude premium quality hand sanitizer gel. These sanitizers contain 70% alcohol and keep the hand away from germs and bacteria.

They are the ideal to use on-the-go as it does not need water to use. Carex fun edition products also formulated sanitizer gel, especially for kids.

It features sweet-smelling fragrances that would love the little one. Some of their infused flavors are aloe vera, strawberry, bubble gum, and more. 

What Makes Carex Stand Out From the Rest

Carex is one of the most popular hand wash brands across the UK. Besides, dealing with handwashes they have a lovely range of body wash and sanitizer gel.

They are very much selective about their product formulations. Thus they suit every individual from child to adult. This feature makes the brand stand out from the rest. 

Their shower gel and bath range are dermatologically tested. They are designed to suit every skin type. This bath range is 100% soap-free. Thus it is not harsh on the skin and cleans proficiently. 

All the range from Carex concludes an incredible Fun Edition to attract the children. This way children enjoy a lot while washing their hands and body every time. The sweet fragrances of different flavored washes and sanitizers highly allure children.

Not only that, but this Fun Edition also comes with attractive coloring bottles to make them more appealing. This makes the brand Carex beneficial over the others. All their product ranges come in different sizes. One can also avail them in a bulk quantity from the store.

Carex is widely known for its genuine formula of clean, care, and protection. They have been protecting the hands for more than 25 years with full sincerity. As they are committed to taking care of hand hygiene with their premium products.

They are constantly striving to deliver sustainable products by reducing plastics use. Carex products are for adults and children for the need of maintaining hand hygiene.

Their eco-refills products are not only helpful to the environment but also saves money at the same time. Apart from all, Carex also has partnerships with brands like San Rio, Swizzles, Merlin, and more. 

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