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Vimto Cheesecake 400g

Vimto Cheesecake 400g

Baked cheesecake set on a biscuit crumb base topped with a Vimto® flavoured glaze.​ ​Suitable for vegetarians...Read moreIceland deals
12th Sep
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Creamy Goodness
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Cheesecake is a sweet dessert consisting of one or more layers. The thickest layer consists of a mixture of fresh, soft cheese that is typically made from ricotta or cream cheese mixed with sugar, eggs, and vanilla. The bottom layer or the crust is made from crushed biscuits, graham crackers, sponge cake, or other kinds of pastry. Cheesecake can be unbaked or baked and is usually refrigerated.

This dessert is sweetened by sugar and it can be topped with any kind of ingredient including fruits, nuts, fruit sauce, chocolate, cookies, or whipped cream. It can be made in different kinds of flavours. Some of the most common flavours include strawberry, lemon, key lime, chocolate, chestnut, toffee, Oreo, pumpkin, and blueberry, among many others.

Modern commercial cheesecake comes in different types. Some cheesecakes are made with uncooked cream cheese on a crumbled biscuit base. These kinds of cheesecakes are commonly made in western desserts.

Today, there are many companies that offers the best cheesecake mix which allows you to make cheesecake easily at home since the ingredients are already prepared. They also come in various flavours and you can choose from any of them depending on your taste preference. You do not need to have any baking experience to make a cheesecake of your own.

Reasons to Eat Cheesecake

First of all, people eat cheesecake because of their yummy taste. There are also a wide variety of cheesecake flavours that you can choose from. Eating cheesecake also promotes weight gain. If you are skinny and you want to gain some weight then eating it will be beneficial for you.

It is also a heavy and rich food that is essential in your diet if you want to gain weight. Cheesecake is also good for kids since it is filled with vitamins and minerals most especially if you top it with healthy ingredients.

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Cheesecakes Varieties By Region

  • Africa. South Africa has many different varieties of cheesecake. One of the most popular variants is made with cream cheese and whipped cream with a gelatine filling.
  • Asia. Asian-style cheesecake use ingredients that are abundant in their regions such as, lychee and mango. Most of the cheesecake variety in these regions are less sweeter.
  • Japan. Popular cheesecake flavours include matcha which is a powdered Japanese green tea. They also rely upon the emulsification of eggs and cornstarch.
  • India. They are popular for their Chhena pods. It is cheesecake that is made from chhena which is a mixture of cottage cheese, nuts, and sugar.
  • Australia. Their cheesecakes are commonly unbaked. Their flavours include chocolate, raspberry, caramel, vanilla, lemon, and passionfruit.
  • Europe. Their cheesecake crust is commonly made from groundnuts. They also use a New York–style filling and smetana top layer.
  • France. Their cheesecakes are very light and they use gelatin as a binding agent. They usually use Neufchatel cheese in their cheesecake desserts.
  • Italy. italian-style cheesecake use ricotta-like cheese and honey. Their cheesecakes are typically drier and they use small bits of candied fruit as their topping.
  • The United Kingdom and Ireland. They usually use crushed buttered biscuits as their crust base. Their cheesecakes are also usually topped with fruits such as black cherry, blackcurrant, passionfruit, raspberry, strawberry, and lemon curd.
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