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Chess is a classic two-player board game that has been popular for centuries. It requires tactics as its main skill to win over your opponent. The abstract game is strategic and played on a checkboard with 64 squares with alternating colours. These squares are designed in an 8 by 8 grid.

The traditional chess pieces colours are black and white, but modern ones use almost all colours combinations imaginable. On the other hand, the board game itself is available in several different forms, such as boards, game sets, and magnetic, to name a few. The materials can also vary, from wood and metal to glass and acrylic.

History Of Chess

There has been a debate over the origin of chess and even its history. Some say that first versions and chess boards date back either during the Ancient times in Egypt Dynastic China. Nevertheless, the most supported one is that the board game made its first appearance in India during the 6th century. Back then it was known as Chaturanga.

Over time, chess made its way to Persia, where its name became Xatranje. Then, Europe eventually caught up to it slowly. It took more than 500 years for Xatranje to transform into the appearance of the chess we know and love today.

The current rules of Xatranje were consolidated in 1475. It is also in that year where it acquired its name as chess. Meanwhile, it is in the middle of the nineteenth century when we started to see chess tournaments and competitions across the world. Hence, it paved the way for the board game to be recognized as a type of sport.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Chess Board

Purpose. This is probably the main factor you need to consider when on the market for a chessboard or chess set. You can use chess for a wide range of purposes aside from a board game for the entire family to enjoy. These include as a decorative item and for tournament purposes. So make sure whatever you buy is suitable for your needs.

Material. The material of the board and pieces are important as well. Chess materials are available in wood, metal, marble, glass, and even bone.

Pieces. Make sure that the chess pieces come with a design that allows you to distinguish them easily from one another. Look for those with clearly defined pieces at a single glance, especially if you'll use it for competition.

Durability. Durable chess sets will last you for many generations. In terms of durability, wooden ones are the best choice.

Portability. This is a big factor to consider if you want a board game on the go and for storage purposes.

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