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Find the latest chocolate orange sale and deals across the UK!

It cannot be denied that chocolate oranges are becoming even more popular these days. Chocolate oranges lovers would agree that these two come well together. This is an interesting answer to your sweet tooth. Imagine the extract of real orange with smooth milk chocolate. You can divide them individually and eat them whenever you please. Just like how you would eat a real orange.

It would not hurt to have it as a surprise treat once in a while. You can share it or eat it alone. It would not really matter. You would still enjoy it. At first taste, you will notice the chocolate. Then, the orange would kick in. Indeed, this is a luxury that you can surely afford.

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The Best Chocolate Orange

When it comes to Chocolate Orange product, Terry’s is probably one of the most famous. It was created in 1932 by Terry’s at the Chocolate Works, England. However, it was only from 2012-2017 when it became international.

The Terry’s Chocolate Orange are made up of an orange-shaped ball of chocolates with orange oil. They are in 20 segments. Upon one look, they almost resemble a real orange. They are even wrapped in orange-skin foil. Thus, the unwrapping is indeed a delight. Traditionally, the ball was tapped on a hard surface so that the segments would separate from one another.

Today, these are the common variants:

  • Chocolate Orange Bar. This bar has six segments. It may remind you of Toblerone, only that it has smooth vertical segments. It is synonymous to a traditional orange shape.
  • Chocolate Orange White Eggs. As the name suggests, this is the egg-shape version of the Chocolate Orange. However, you can only buy this on Easter.
  • Chocolate Orange minis. These are good for bites because they are minis.
  • Segsations Mini Eggs. Another product only available for Easter. But, the only difference is that these are foil-wrapped eggs are packaged individually.
  • Segsations. If you want segments of chocolate, this is for you. It comes in many flavours. They are puffed rice, milk chocolate, cornflake, white chocolate, and all other layers.
  • Chocolate Orange-Egg & Spoon. This is interesting because it comes with an orange fondant filling.
How to Get Cheap Chocolate Orange Deals Online
Chocolate orange deals at Tesco

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