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External HD DVD Player (Xbox 360 / PC)

External HD DVD Player (Xbox 360 / PC)

C&C: Free Delivery: £1.95 Includes: - HD DVD Player - USB Cable - Charger I've been using one like this for years on my PC to play CDs and DVDs (and HD DVDs if you'd have any)...Read moreCEX deals
1st Oct
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Mini DVD Player Region Free

Mini DVD Player Region Free

COMPACT DESIGN Little DVD Player:ARAFUNA Mini HD DVD / CD players built-in latest HD decoding chip is simple and compact design its size is equivalent to a palm (135*153*30mm),...Read moreAmazon deals
7th Sep
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*SAVE £30* LOGIK DVD Player

*SAVE £30* LOGIK DVD Player

£30 Discount LOGIK L3HDVD19 DVD Player Watch your old favourites in even greater detail with the Logik L3HDVD19 DVD Player. It upscales your old movies to HD quality giving them...Read moreCurrys deals
19th Aug
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PANASONIC S500 DVD Player Product code: 190146 Product features Plays DVDs Slim design Watch your favourite films display holiday photos and share videos you've recorded with...Read moreCurrys deals
2nd Aug
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The popularity of DVD players have been continuous since they were first launched in the late 90s. While these devices were designed originally to only play DVDs, there are various models produced later on that were capable of recording DVDs. In the past years, Blu-ray players, HD-DVD players and portable DVD players have become available as well, so consumers have a wide selection of options to choose from. A lot of major electrical brands manufacture DVD players, so make sure to look for brands and certain features to the perfect model that will suit your needs.

What’s a DVD player?

DVD players are electrical devices designed to play DVDs that you can connect to your TVs or used as part of your home theater system. Portable DVD players with built-in display screens are also available which you can use at home or when you’re travelling. There are also several different types of DVD players available in the market such as DVD recorders, standard DVD players, Blu-ray and HD-DVD players, all of which have many capabilities and features. There are also units that combine a DVD player with an audio-visual equipment within a single unit.

How to choose a DVD player

You can find a wide range of DVD player both online and in-store, so it’s quite hard to know which model to select. It is possible to narrow down your choices by deciding which kind of DVD player would most fit your needs, which features would be really helpful and which DVD formats it’ll need to be able to play.

What are the types of DVD players?

There are a number of DVD player categories and each type comes with different functions.

  • Standard DVD players. These are designed to play an array of DVDs which include pre-recorded DVDs such as TV box sets and films as well as DVDs recorded at home. You can also play CDs and view your photos stored on CD. However, it’s not possible to record DVDs on a standard DVD player.
  • Portable DVD players. A compact DVD player designed to play DVDs when you’re on the go, particularly on plane or train journeys or when you’re on going on a roundtrip. There are also portable DVD players designed specifically for use in cars.
  • Blu-ray players. Designed to play Blu-ray discs, but it can also play CDs and DVDs as well. Blu-ray discs can also hold more info compared to standard DVDs and provide better image and sound quality and more content as well.
  • DVD recorders. This type not just play DVDs but also record TV programmes as well onto blank discs. Blu-ray recorders are also available to purchase.
  • HD-DVD players. You can connect these players to HD screens in order for you to watch your DVDs in high-def.

DVD player sale


DVD player Argos deals

If you’re on the market of DVD player cheap deals, you can find plenty of DVD player on sale here at Latest Deals. From DVD player recorder and compact DVD player to DVD player Blu-ray type to small DVD player, you will surely find one that’s perfect for your needs and budget as well. Our money-saving experts are always on the lookout to find the best possible deals, price drops and voucher codes from your favourite UK retailers like Argos, eBay, Amazon, Currys, Asda, Tesco and more.

DVD player Argos deals include some of their lowest and great new price on brands like Bush, LG, Sony and Panasonic. You can even find cheap DVD players here under £20. On the other hand, you can find more high-end DVD players in Tesco which are on sale. You can save as much as £80 on selected models of HD-DVD players, Blu-ray players and DVD recorders.


Cheap DVD players at Amazon

You can choose a wide range of DVD players in Amazon wherein you can save as much as 50% on major brands. If you’re an Amazon Prime member you will get exclusive members only discount plus you’ll also be eligible for free UK delivery. Currys also offers great discounts on quality DVD players. Not only will save up to £99 on selected models, you’ll also get fast and free delivery.

DVD player combo

There are some manufacturers that produce combo units which combine an AV equipment and DVD player in a single device.

  • Hard drive recorder. This is a built-in hard drive and you can directly record to this to blank DVDs as well.
  • VCR. It can record and play videos.
  • Digital tuner. Some DVD players come with built-in tuners wherein you can access free-to-view digital channels when you connect them to a screen.
  • Internet or media streamer. There are also several DVD players that feature built-in internet connectivity which enables you to stream media or access internet from certain websites when connected to a screen.
ImageFeatures to lookout for
  • Each DVD players have different features, so make sure to compare different models in order to select the most suitable one for you.
  • DVD players that come with disc changers can hold numerous DVDs and CDs at a time.
  • Progressive scan functionality enables your player to read discs in a different way so that higher quality image will be displayed when used with HDTVs or TVs with this feature.
  • Look for DVD players with US ports so that you can plug in compatible devices like your hard drives wherein you can directly watch movies or stream your audios and images.
  • A DVD player that comes with an HDMI port can be connected to your HDTV via an HDMI cable for clearer images.
  • For more convenience, look for DVD players with remote controls.
  • The picture zoom feature of some players will enable you to enlarge images shown on screen if you want to get a closer look.

DVD formats

Pre-recorded DVDs and Blu-ray discs

These are encoded so you can only play them in certain regions, so if you’re a film buff and owns films that are produced internationally, make sure to check that your DVD or Blu-ray discs can be played on any DVD players. However, you can also purchase region free DVD and Blu-ray players, which can play pre-recorded discs from all regions.


Recordable DVDs

Recordable DVDs come in an array of formats as well, so if you own a collection of home-recorded DVDs, it is important to look for a DVD player that will be able to play these discs. The following are the main types of available recordable disc;

  • DVD-R and DVD+R: You can only be recorded onto one time.
  • DVD-RW and DVD+RW: You can record onto multiple times.
  • DVD-RAM: This type is double-sided and has added functionality. For example, you can watch a disc while still recording it. But, only a few DVD players can play these than can play other formats.
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