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Best Cheap Earphones

Best Earphone & Headphone Deals in UK

Looking for cheap earphones? Here you'll find the biggest bargains and deals from our community of deal hunters. Whether it's wireless earphones, or plain and simple, these are the top price drops from Argos, Currys, Amazon and more. From cheap as chips to Sony quality earphones, there's a big range of offers. But don't forget, it's always worth scouting a voucher code to stack on top for that extra saving.

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Satzuma Zip Earphones
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The earphone market is massive and comprises of everything from high-end ones which costs hundreds of pounds to budget earphones that may surprise you with its performance. There are plenty of difference amongst them, but neither the brand nor price can guarantee that you will get the best performance to meet your needs. Users don’t have to have just one earphone for their mobile phones, another one for their MP3 players or another set of earphones for playing games. Nowadays, almost all earphones are universal and can be used through a wide array of different devices.

If you’re looking for earphones for casual listening or to plug into your portable player, or if you’re looking for a set of headphones that’s studio worthy for monitoring recordings and wireless headphone deals, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Latest Deals you’ll find best cheap earphones and headphone deals in the UK. We have best deals on headphones and earphones as well as the latest sales, discounts, bargains, offers and voucher codes from UK retailers like Tesco, Asda, Argos, Currys, Amazon and more.

Choosing the right earphones

Of course the quality of sound is important to everyone, but for others, it is a must for earphones to offer big bass while other prefer full-range and open reproduction that accentuates overall accuracy. In addition to considering the sound tuning you prefer and other factors such as weight, comfort, fit, portability, high noise isolation as well as the audio source you plan to use.

Keep in mind that a good fit is very important in earphones. Most in-ears were intended to always uphold a tight seal with our ear canal and a poor fit will result in sound quality suffering.

Difference between earphones and headphones


A pair of headphones is simply a couple of speakers attached to a band which goes across the top of the wearer’s head. This allows for an immersive and personal listening experience as the sound source offers a brilliant auditory payload directly into the user’s ears. Compare to traditional speakers, a headphones’ listening experience is rather unique.

Earphones on the other hand are like the spiritual successor of headphones. It’s an efficient in-ear speaker that features padded ear muffs or cans which houses the headphones speakers in. When inserted into our ear canals, it offers an even more direct sound connection source and move even less air compared to headphones. Furthermore, earphones cut down the bulkiness of headphones, making them ideal for individuals who are always on the go. They are also the choice of runners, athletes and people who regularly go to the gym.

However, its design can essentially compromise its likelihoods of noise cancelling and for some users they can sometimes be a nuisance and uncomfortable to wear. But for those who prefer or like the earphone experience as well as the compactness and ergonomic contours it offer, it can be fairly comfy.

At the end, it will always boil down to your preference, intended use and budget. Whichever you choose, you’ll find a great selection of best cheap earphones and best deals on headphones here at Latest Deals.

Things to consider when buying earphones


In-ear and on-ear earphones

There are a few factors you need to consider when shopping for earphones.

  • Budget. If you want a high-quality sound and clear mic transmission, you’re going to have to shed some money for it. There many cheap earphones though that can deliver decent to good performance. There are also brands synonymous with dependability and quality like JVC.
  • Comfort. Make sure to inspect the earphones first closely especially if they are the ear buds type. Look for those that offers changeable ear cushions, especially if it sits near the ear canal. If a cushion is too small, it’s possible for ambient noise to leak in, if it’s too large, the earbud will not sit well in the ear and can be quite uncomfortable.
  • Features. Universal earphones normally come with only a number of features such as play and pause, volume and track controls and a microphone. The placement of the earphone’s controls and mic will vary depending on its make and model.

Buying a good set of earphones can cost you a lot, so it’s always a good idea to do your research first and compare online prices before purchasing anything. You literally have hundreds of choices available and selecting the perfect set is a decision that you should not make quickly. And of course, if you want to get the best possible savings, make sure to check out the offers and deals and vouchers our massive team of community of bargain hunters have found from your favourite online retailers.

Where can I get the best cheap earphones and headphone deals in the UK?


Best cheap earphones Argos clearance sale

Earphones Argos deals include clearance sale on big brands like JVC, SkullCandy and Sony. You can get these brands for less than £10 saving you around £7. They also offer some of the best deals on headphones where some brands like Philips, Acoustic Solution and JVC are on clearance sale.

You can get some of the cheapest earphones deals on Amazon plus free delivery if you’re an Amazon Prime member. You can get a cheap earphones set here for as low £2.99.

You can find quality earphones at Tesco with massive discounts. You can save anywhere from £2 to £224 on selected brands and make. The online retailer also offers an extensive lineup of earphones. You can also find decent budget earphones here for as low as £3.99 and Pioneer earphones for just £4.99.


Wireless headphone deals at Tesco

Earphones Asda deals include price rollback where you can save as much as £3 on selected JVC earphones with mic and £4 on selected Mixx earphones.

Earphones Currys deals include free delivery, 2 year guarantee and 3 months free unlimited music with Deezer Premium+ when you buy selected earphones. You can also get discounts on brands like Philips and SkullCandy ranging from £4 to £20. They also have fantastic wireless headphone deals for brands like Beats by Dr. Dre where you can get a massive discount of £100.

Sainsbury’s headphones offering include headphones in-ear for as low as £6 and wireless headphone deals with Bluetooth.

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