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Are espadrilles comfortable?

Espadrilles for men, women, and kids are typically highly comfortable. It's the kind of shoes that combines fashion with comfort. Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of espadrilles from well-known designers such as Chanel. Likewise, they are available cheaply in a lot of online and shopping stores across the UK, including Peacocks, eBay, New Look, Matalan, Amazon, and John Lewis.

If you want to spruce up your footwear's warmth, a classic espadrille is a great choice. You can wear a pair of these warm-weather, flexible shoes the entire year. Espadrille soles may be flat, wedge, or platform. Also, they can be made from either natural jute or rubber. It's so comfortable that you can wear them with just about anything, from dresses, jeans, shorts, and more.

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What are the advantages of wearing espadrilles?

Aside from being stylish and comfortable to wear, espadrilles offer the following benefits:

Eco-friendly footwear

Although espadrilles are now available in a wide array of designs, colours, and fabrics, and new manufacturing procedures are introduced, their process and design remain the same. They are made entirely from natural materials, making them eco-friendly. Moreover, the manufacturing process of the shoes does not include any toxic chemicals that may be harmful to the environment.

Materials used in making espadrilles, such as cotton, rubber, and jute came from natural plants. Jute is a natural fibre, 100% biodegradable, and does not require chemicals. On the other hand, natural rubber gives espadrilles its waterproof quality, along with being durable and sturdy.

It will keep your feet odour and sweat-free

All shoes are prone to plenty of heat and moisture. This means that when you don't wear socks, you have no way of eliminating that moisture. Although you can use foot powders to keep your feet dry, they may not get rid of the odour all together.

Another downside of using foot powers is that if your feet sweat like crazy, they can chunk and leave your shoe's interior with moisture that may damage its material. But it's a whole different story with espadrilles as it can help keep your feet from sweating and smelling all day long. That's because jute has a distinct feature, allowing the air to flow through smoothly.

Good for walking

Espadrilles are super travel shoes because of their relaxed and fashionable unfinished aesthetic. Also, these stylish shoes are excellent for escapades and adventures since they are lightweight. As an added bonus, packing them is easy. On top of that, its breathable and natural materials will provide you with a great cushioning system when walking long distances.

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