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Pink Wedge Flip Flops
Product description Nothing says summer like a classic pair of flip flops! Add a pop of style to your beachwear with the pink striped design lightly gripped 2" wedge soles and... Read moreASDA deals
6th Jul
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Women's Slim Flip Flops
It's always summer with Havaianas 100 per cent rubber, hardwearing, long lasting and comfortable, the Brazilian flip flop designed for everyday wear from the city to the beach.... Read moreAmazon deals
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29th Jun
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Superdry Mens Sleek Flip Flops
Superdry men’s sleek flip flops. A pair of classic flip flops with a Superdry Beach Co. logo print on the upper sole and a branded strap. The flip flops are finished with a... Read moreebay deals
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21st Jun
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Everyday Comfort
Find the best flip flops sale on top brands in the UK!

Flip flops are sometimes referred to as slippers. They are a simple kind of footwear that bands the big toe and other toes. Today, it is common to see them worn everywhere.

Flip flops were first worn by people across various cultures. It originated in the ancient Egyptians in 1,500 B.C. The modern flip-flop was traced on the Japanese zori that became popular when World War ll was over. It was only in 1960 when the term became existent in the American and British English. Thus, it was a description for a thong or no-heel strap sandal. Hence, it was derived from the sound the slippers make when walking in them.

The Design

When it comes to casual comfort wear, flip flops are always a part of our ensemble. Most of them are made of a flat sole loosely held on the foot through a Y-shaped strap called a toe thong. It passes in the first and second toes on both sides of the foot. Simple designs are common among flip flops. They can just have a thin rubber sole with two straps in a Y shape. Do not get this wrong because they are no longer limited to these. These days, there are other designs you can find in the market.

How to Get Cheap Flip Flop Deals in the UK

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Majority of the UK retailers have sale events, seasonal clearance, and flash sales where you can save as much as 75% on a wide selection of flip flops. Furthermore, they also reduce their prices further during Black Friday and Boxing Day. But if you want to maximise your savings, make sure to use the latest flip flop discount codes you can get here. There are also promotional offers where you can get freebies and free shipping.

So if you are looking for wedding flip flops, something to wear on a beach or summer holiday, here’s a list of UK online sites where you can find the best deals on flip flops:

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How to Select the Right Flip Flops for your Feet

Flip flops sale, Amazon UK

Flip flops have been around for years. Once in a while, you will need them for sure. Thus, it is crucial that you know how to get yours. There is a variety of styles to consider. This sets the limitation though. It is only safe to say that not all kind of flip flops fit everyone. Hence, there are key points you must think about when shopping around for a pair or two. This is a way to choose the best for you. Here are some things to remember:

Where and where to wear. Knowing when to wear flip flops depends upon where you are.

  • Beach. Walking on the beach is best done wearing a pair of flip flops. Once in a while, you must give your feet the room to breathe and to protect them from hot sand.
  • House. Yes, you can wear flip flops around your house. If you have to go quickly outside, that should not be a problem as well.

Things to Consider It is true that most flip flops are stylish. However, you should not compromise comfort with fashion. You do not want to experience pains, injuries or aches on your feet. Here are some tips on how to prevent this from happening:

  • Prior to buying, you must know your size. While you probably have a standard shoe size in mind already, it can change in some cases.
  • Go for supportive insoles. They are the answer to optimum comfort. Most buyers prefer cushioned flip flops because spongy sole is cozy.
  • You can think about going for a little heel. This is effective since your feet are not really flatted on the ground.
  • Stay away from flip flops that slide your feet. You don’t want yours pushed on the front too. When this happens to you, it means that yours is not fitted properly.
  • If you are not yet sure with the materials you like, the safest has always been leather. It would stop you from getting blisters. Moreover, it is also a more durable fabric.

Comfort At the end of the day, comfort is really necessary on flip flops. When it is, your posture stays. It is also simpler to move around. It is not only about style and appearance after all. Your feet will determine the future of your sandals. Even ligaments, muscles and tendons affect your feet. Hence, without them, complex movements for balance and motion do not occur. To get a pair of flip flops is advantageous no matter what the season is. Wear them for summer, daily or any kinds of holidays - you will still be not disappointed.

How to Choose the Right Flip-Flops for Your Feet

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