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All the products from Fruit Shoot are not only free from added sugar. None of their products contains artificial colors and flavorings. The simple juicy and water formula of their drinks provides an accurate balance of sweetness and refreshment.

Their juiced products are a combination of 50% water and 50% fruit juice. Besides providing all-natural products, Fruit Shoot believes in an eco-friendly packaging method. All the bottles of the whole Fruit Shoot range are 100% recyclable. 

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Things to Know About Fruit Shoot

Fruit Shoot drinks are highly suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. They formulate real fruit drinks and place them in eco-friendly bottles. It makes them ideal to keep with on-the-go. The original Fruit Shoot drink delivers tastes as thick juice of real fruit in every drop.

It also combines the essentials of multivitamins. Their Juiced range of Fruit Shoot is the combination of water and juice in the same proportion. They are pressed from juicy, sweet, ripe fruit from the seasonal crops. 

Fruit Shoot ranges three types of products in their store. They are Fruit Shoot Originals, Fruit Shoot Juiced, and Fruit Shoot Hydro. In this range, they conclude four different types of flavored juice.

They are Apple & Blackcurrant, Orange, Summer Fruits, and Apple. Their Juiced range includes two different luscious flavors. They are Apple & Pear and Strawberry and Raspberry.

The Fruit Shoot Hydro juice is also a naturally flavored spring water drink. In this category, one can also explore flavors like Blackcurrant, Apple & Raspberry, and Orange & Pineapple. 

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Benefits of Drinking Fruit Shoot

All the products of Fruit Shoot ranges are free from added sugar. Their Fruit Shoot Originals have flavored generously with the double act of tangy apple and bold. They also formulate juice from lovely and juicy oranges.

All their products are produced from low-calorie fruit drinks with sweeteners and vitamins. Each of the bottles contains the accurate amount of multivitamin. Thus it fulfills all the nutrition needs of the body. Thus the child keeps energized all day. 

Fruit Shoot does not include any artificial colors and flavoring in its formulation. It keeps the uniqueness of this brand. In their Juiced category, one can explore the drinks ranges which are school compliant and also preservative-free.

These fruit juice drinks are a brilliant blend of fruit juice and refreshment of water. They are naturally tasty choices for children. The delicious tasting fruits with an ideal combination of water makes this Juiced category a scrumptious one.

What Makes Fruit Shoot Stand Out From the Rest

All of the products of Fruit Shoot are formulated with real fruits. This incredible feature makes this fruit juice brand stand out from the rest. These real fruit juice provide the mouth-watering experience in every bottle with exciting flavours.

They do not add any fake or artificial colours to maintain its originality and superior quality. They formulate an unique category of spring water drinks. These drinks are also flavoured naturally. They provide an irresistible refreshing and tasty drink experience.

One of the superior advantages of this Fruit Shoot brand is its packaging. They not only formulate all natural products but also are concerned about their product packaging.

All the bottles of their Fruit Shoot range are made up from recyclable plastics. Thus it is also safe for children to use. As their fruit drinks products are packaged carefully in bottles, they are easy to carry as well.

Children can enjoy them during on-the-go. Some of their bottles come with resealable caps.  It helps kids to take the bottle with them and do other things.

Fruit Shoot ranges three different kinds of fruit drinks with various delicious flavours. Their categories like Fruit Shoot Originals, Fruit Shoot Juice and Fruit Shoot Hydro come with different luscious flavoured fruit combinations.

Whether you are looking for tangy apple flavour or juicy orange, they formulate all maintaining the originality. You can also discover here the range of summer fruit drinks like Strawberries, Raspberries and so on. They all are experts in delivering accurate amounts of nutrition as purely formulated from luscious juicy fruits.

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