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Gillette Fusion Razor Blades X8

Gillette Fusion Razor Blades X8

Gillette’s 5-blade closeness at an affordable price Engineered with antifriction blades for up to 20 shaves per blade refill Precision trimmer for hard-to-reach places and...Read moreSainsbury's deals
31st May
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Gillette Fusion Starter Pack

Gillette Fusion Starter Pack

Standard Delivery £3.95 or free on orders over £15 Gillette Fusion5 men's razor features 5 anti-friction blades for a shave you barely feel. The Precision Trimmer on the back is...Read moreGillette deals
18th Oct 2020
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Gillette Fusion Proglide 5

Gillette Fusion Proglide 5

Gillette Fusion Proglide 5 Men's razor with FlexBall technology that responds to contours and gets virtually every hair. Gillette razors for men with 5 Anti-Friction Blades; a...Read moreWaitrose deals
24th Sep 2020
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Things To Know About the Gillette Fusion

The Gillette Fusion razor includes five blades.

The indicator-lubrastrips (they fade with time to know when you should replace the blade) make your shaving easier and smoother. It delivers water-soluble lubricants for a superior result for a smooth shaving experience. Great for sensitive skin.

The skin guard of the blade comprises soft microfins to make a comfortable shave. The cartridge of this precision trimmer fits to every fusion handle. The handle technology is made up with premium ergomatic with convenient elastomer grips.

The additional feature of this Gillette Fusion is its enhanced 5 blade technology with its comfort shaving. The flexible microfin comfort guard follows the contour of your face to avoid every negligible cut.

There is a lubrastrip present on the top of the blades. It releases water-soluble lubricants for a smoother shaving. Thus this strip helps to shave your beard smoothly without causing any irritations.

It’s 5 blade shaving surface provides close and precise shaving every time. It helps to reduce pressure for a comfortable shaving experience.

The brilliant precision trimmer blade is superb for trickier places on your face like around facial hair, under the nose, and so on.

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Benefits of Using Gillette Fusion

This precision trimmer has superior technology to trim in tricky spots on your face. It’s shaving technology with 5 precision blades is spaced closer together than that of MACH 3.

This feature leads to an irritation-free comfortable shaving result. You can shave tricky places with the help of microfin comfort guards. Get remarkable shaving experiences on sideburns, around facial hair and under the nose.

The lubrastrip is placed on the top of the blades. It excretes lubricant to aid during shaving. This razor has an ergonomic handle. It delivers a great control over every shave of your preference.

Gillette Fusion is a Men’s razor. It is known for its superior shaving performance around the world. This razor is vastly specified for its spaced closely together power-glide blades.

The blades are TUT Telomere coated to provide incredible glide on every shave. This is a type of cartridge razor made up with a 15 microfin comfort guard. It has a maximum shelf life of 36 months.

The enhanced indicator lubrastrip is placed on the top of 5 thin blades and excretes lubricants to have a comfortable shaving action on sensitive skin. This fusion razor also concludes an ergonomic handle to provide you with a quality experience than ever.

Gillette Fusion Provides a Comfortable Shaving Experience

Gillette Fusion razor delivers exceptionally close shave on every single glide. It also provides a sophisticated performance with its advanced shaving technology.

The 5 blade shaving surface technology provides you a neat and well-groomed look. It also has a rear-blade for precision trimming. This manual razor has enhanced indicator lubrastrips for your comfort shaving activity.

You can change the lubricant strips after getting an optimum shave. The precision razor composes with 15 microfins to stretch your skin gently while you are shaving thus you can get rid of every negligible nicks and cuts.

The handle of this razor provides good grips to have a relaxing experience while shaving. The precision trimmer blade is made exceptionally to detect the most trickier places on your face.

The 5 thin blades are placed together for incredible comfort and to remove hair effectively. Most importantly the flexible microfin comfort guard follows the contour of your face.

It also helps to avoid nicks and cuts even when you are in a hurry. Gillette Fusion is also made for sensitive skin. The excreted lubricants help to keep irritation free smooth skin after every shaving.

The Gillette Fusion razor with its power-glide fusion blades is made to provide you a comfortable shaving experience. The blades are TUT Telomere coated to reduce the cutting force. The blades are also spaced closer together for a closer and comfortable shave.

The cartridge carries an indicator lubrastrip on the top of its blades. This strip provides lubricants to the user's skin. Thus it provides an irritation free shaving for sensitive skin.

There is also a rear-blade in the cartridge which helps to follow the contour on your face. This way you can avoid every small nick and cuts on your face.

And lastly the incredible ergonomic handle is designed such a way to provide a secure grip while using it.

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