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Importance Of Graphics Card

A graphics card is also known as a video card, display card/adapter, or a graphics adapter. It's what produces the images you see on your monitor by converting data into a signal that your monitor can understand.

Moreover, the main purpose of a graphics card is to remove the graphical processing job from the RAM or processor. It consists of a dedicated GPU and RAM to assist it in processing graphical data instantly.

This computer hardware is a crucial component to video editors and gamers. It allows the display of higher pixel ration, image rasteration, a wider array of colours, 3D images, and so much more. Additionally, it comes with different expansion ports, including AGP, TV, HDMI, and several monitor connectivity.

Generally, graphics card are available in the following types:

  • Integrated graphics card
  • PCI
  • AGP
  • PCI-Express

You can add it as an extension or integrate it within your motherboard.

Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Graphics Card

Space And Cooling. GPU generates plenty and heat. This is displayed on the TDP, which plays a major role in determining the proper GPU. For instance, a smaller computer tower will require a GPU with low TDP values and vice versa. Therefore, you must choose a graphics card that offers sufficient space and cooling.

Power. Check if the power supply of the graphics card has either a 6-pin or 8-pin connector. This will ensure that you'll have a decent amount of power supply, which should be a minimum of 80 plus bronze.

Memory. Graphics cards are available from 2 to 12 GB of video RAM. When deciding which one to get, consider the amount of memory you need. This factor will determine the higher-resolution image quality.

Bandwidth. This is what will determine the amount of accessible GPU memory. A GPU that has more bandwidth can support the shader cores faster. As a result, you'll have visuals with seamless clarity.

Clock Speed. Graphics card speed is measured by Mhz. This is an important factor since it'll have an impact on latency, input lag, and frame rate.

Shader Cores. This is what can add more life to the graphics. It produces contrasting variations of dark and light to 3D objects. Hence, a graphics card with more shader cores allows for quicker and better image visuals.

Where Can I Find Cheap Deals For Graphics Cards?

There's no better place to look for cheap graphics card offers than here at Latest Deals. We have the best deals and promos from popular brands and UK retailers that will surely provide you with big discounts on your purchases.

Amazon UK. The biggest e-commerce portal has some of the most attractive deals on graphics cards. They have great offers on top brands, including MSI Radeon, XFX Radeon, ASUS, and NVIDIA.

eBay. Another leading e-commerce platform, eBay connects millions of buyers and sellers every day from all around the world. Here you can find a broad range of graphics cards from ASRock, NVIDIA, and ASUS.

Argos. Being one of the leading UK-based retailers, Argos has a good range of graphics cards, both online and in-store.

Overclockers. The retailer focuses on giving consumers great bargain deals on high-performing hardware, including graphics cards.

Box.co.uk. This place is one of the UK's prime online retailers selling tech products. Their stock includes some of the most efficient and renowned brands for graphics cards like Gigabyte Geforce GTX, and ASUS Radeon Arez, to name a few.

Box.co.uk. This place is one of the UK's prime online retailers selling tech products. Their stock includes some of the most efficient graphics cards from favourite brands like Gigabyte Geforce GTX, and ASUS Radeon Arez, to name a few.

Scan.co.uk. The online shop sells a wide array of graphics cards from major brands and other tech products.

ebuyer.com. The website is one of the UK’s top online electrical retailers. You can find a variety of graphics cards here from NVIDIA, AMD, and other well-known brands.

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