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George Foreman Grill, Electric and Barbecue Grills & Deals UK

Enjoy healthier cooking when you look for awesome and cheap grill deals online. Everyone loves good food and company and even more so when you're able to cook the healthier way by removing all those excess fat. This is why getting quality-tested grills is definitely recommended! Various selections such as bbq kettle grills, bbq smoker grills, outdoor and portable bbq grills from brands such as George Foreman, Quest, VonShef, Expert Grill, CosmoGrill are among the top choices. Use voucher codes and special offers from John Lewis, B&M, Wickes, Wilko and Tesco to get some percentage off the original order.

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Raclette Grill
Raclette Grill
I looked everywhere and could not find a cheaper one . Add a candle or book go the order and save on postage as it is free postage over £20 I will be using mine on Xmas Eve lots... Read more
12th Dec
Aldi deals
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George Foreman Grill
Seven portion grill designed with bevelled upper steel lid internal branding and premium stainless steel handle Easy to clean, fixed non-stick coated plates and perfect fit drip... Read more
30th Nov
Amazon deals
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VonShef XXL Teppanyaki Grill
VonShef XXL Teppanyaki Grill If you’ve ever enjoyed Teppanyaki in a top-notch Japanese restaurant you’ll know just how good this style of food can be. With the VonShef... Read more
27th Nov
Domu deals
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Salter 3 in 1 Burger Grill
Perfect for creating tasty burgers every time! With 3-in-1 functions which enable you to cook your meat on the grill plate whilst warming your bun on the top warming plate.... Read more
23rd Nov
Studio deals
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ideal kitchen appliance for those looking for a healthier faster way to cook their food! With its sloped design, the grill channels fat and grease into a separate drip tray,... Read more
20th Nov
Studio deals

Grilling is a pretty common way of cooking in the UK. Brits generally refer to grilling as a manner of cooking a food directly under a source of heat. They usually prepare spare ribs, skewers, kebabs, veggies, fish, and even sandwich wraps on a grill, a fun way of preparing flavorful meals. But it can also mean cooking on top of a grill.

For you to start grilling, of course, you will need a grill. Fortunately, there are loads of affordable quality grill options for you to choose from online. Pay close attention to their different features and choose what you think best works for your grilling needs. Of course, do not forget to consider the price of the unit as this is for you to weigh out if a certain grill is really worth the price or will suit your budget. As for the discount and savings part of your quest to find the best grill, you can leave it all up to our community of bargain hunters here at Latest Deals.

Get the best deals around with the discount codes, voucher codes, special offers, and latest clearance sales our money-saving experts have found online. Get tremendous savings on your grill purchase from major UK retailers such as Argos, Tesco, Amazon & John Lewis. Be updated with all of their discounted offers on fantastic grill finds. Cheap thrills on cheap but quality grills.

Where to Find Affordable Grills Online

Cheap grill offers, Amazon UK

Not all people have the luxury of time to visit in store and check on grills, even if they want to. Thanks to online retailers, we now have the ability to browse through different models and types of grill, and even check on their features and product descriptions without leaving our homes. Here are some of the most trusted UK retailers where you can definitely get a good deal on grills:

  • Amazon. Amazon has its own Grills Store where you have the option to choose units from top brands such as Tefal, Char Broil and, of course, George Foreman. You can also take advantage of the perks and benefits of Amazon Prime, which includes free shipping.
  • Argos. Argos is popular for its great deals and low prices. This also applies to their wide grill selection. You can even choose to purchase an item right away on their website or reserve it for later. If you are looking into getting the best of the best prices out there on grills, look out for Argos sales, especially Black Friday. They offer grills at incredibly low prices. Get up to 70% off on select grills.

Grill on sale, Wayfair

  • Tesco. Tesco has a wide range of grill options, from health grills to microwaves that have grilling features. You can even get huge discounts on select grills on their Clearance section.
  • eBay. Find great grill deals on eBay. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor bbq grill or an indoor electric grill, Ebay got you covered. They also feature grill models below £50 on their website giving consumers affordable and great options..
  • Wayfair. Wayfair has a large selection of bbq grills under £20. The place to find affordable charcoal barbeques and daily sales for up to 70% discount on selected items.

Best Grills Under £100

You do not necessarily need to break your bank just to get yourself a high quality grill for your kitchen counter or patio. Top grill brands have designed models that best suit your budget without hurting your pockets. Here is a list of high-quality grills below £100:

  • George Foreman 4-Portion Family Health Grill 18471, Amazon. This is known to be one of Amazon’s best selling cheap electric grills, and is capable of cooking up to four healthy food servings.
  • Severin PG 2790 Electric Barbecue Grill, 2500 Watt, Amazon. This grill has water filled tray that lowers the odour or smoke generation. The Severin PG 2790 Electric Barbecue Grill has detachable heating elements and detachable grill wire.

  • Tefal GC713D40 Optigrill+ Grill, 6 Automatic Settings and Cooking Sensor, Stainless Steel, John Lewis. This is best for preparing rare to well-done meats. It has the ability to measure the thickness of the food automatically and adjust accordingly for best results. This can cook up to four.
  • Cuisinart Griddle and Grill, 1600 W – Silver, Tesco. This grill is great not just for meats and vegetables, but also for paninis and sandwiches or wraps. It features ribbed grill plates for perfect grilling, and it is also complimented for its ability to heat up fast.
  • Salter EK2132 Marble Collection 180° Health Grill and Panini Grill, 1500 W, Ebay. This grill includes non-stick cooking plates making it easier to clean. The plates are marble-coated for durability. This grill can be opened out for grilling meat, fish, etc, and can also be used as a press for wraps.

What you need to know when buying a grill

Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Grill

  1. Easy power activation. It is important that you choose a grill that only requires you to press a switch or a button for it to start. Who does not want an easy start grill, anyway? Just give it a few minutes after you switch it on, then you are all set.
  2. Does it have a built in timer? This is a must! – well, at least for those who don’t want a separate kitchen timer. The built in timer makes the grill easier to use and much more manageable resulting to accurate cooking time.
  3. Adjustable thermostat. A very useful feature that can help you consistently prepare evenly cooked meals.
  4. Check the unit’s max temperature. Although it is okay to cook meat over lower temperatures, it is ideal to have the ability to properly sear steaks and other meats over high temperature. So always check if a grill can go up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Removable cooking plates. The easier to clean a grill, the better. If a grill features removable cooking plates, then you do not need to worry about making a mess in washing it. The removable cooking plates or grates give you the convenience to hand wash it easily or to simply pop them in a dishwasher. Simple.
  6. Power recovery. Usually, heat escapes every time you lift the lid of a grill. The point here is to look for a grill that has enough power to recover the temperature quickly and to bring the food back to the desired heat level.

Floating hinge. This is to ensure that the grill will close even if you cook different kinds of food with different thickness.