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An Irish Dry Stout
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Guinness has gone some biggest changes to date. Originally from the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. Jame’s Gate, Dublin, the beer altered its fundamental texture and flavour. This is a signature beverage and it did not happen like that overnight.

The company has always been community-minded. It is for human rights. It endeavours to save Irish architectural landmarks too. Hence, it is far from the “meal in glass” remark. As a matter of fact, a pint of Guinness is preferred by most health-conscious.

The huge change in Guinness is related to its use of nitrogen. Since it is way smaller now, you can expect for a smoother and creamier drink, as far as the consistency is concerned. Definitely, it has fewer calories than the usual orange juice, skimmed milk, and other non-light beers out there.

In the 1950s, Guinness used wooden casks to condition its beverage. However, a keg brewing system was eventually developed with aluminium kegs. They were used to replace wooden casks. Afterwards, they were given the nickname “iron lungs.”

Since 2016, the production of the beverage involves isinglass. It is created from fish. Thus, isinglass was utilised as a fining agent. It was ideal to settle out suspended matter in the vat. Furthermore, there was also a recent update in its alcohol content. From the Import Stout to Extra Scout, this is how Guinness is now. It has also undergone some bottle changes alongside.

How Can I Get Cheap Guinness Deals in the UK?

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Some say it’s an ancient monument of wonder. Others say it’s just a pile of rocks. Christine and friends take a day trip to Salisbury to visit Stonehenge and sit down to a pint of Guinness and steak and ale pie afterwards—a perfect finishing tribute to the chilly, reverent day.

Best-Selling Guinness Beers You Should Not Miss

When the name Guinness is mentioned, it is hard not to remember a big, bold, black beer. Throughout, this brand continues to innovate. There are different variants of Guinness to prove this. They are popular all over the world. These are the following:

  • Guinness Extra Stout. This is the leader, the original Guinness stout. As a matter of fact, it was the inspiration of Guinness Draught. The only difference though is that it is carbonated; far from the nitrogenated version. Other than this, it shares the same characteristics. The only thing lacking though is the creamy mouthfeel present in the Draught. Regardless, it is still the same beer.
  • Guinness Draught. This is probably the most popular variant of Guinness across the globe. Its following started in 1959 during its nitrogenated version. Afterwards, it started to be the flagship variant of the brewery. It is continued to be served wherever you are. Since it has nitrogen, drinking it is quite easy. Hence, it is both rich and creamy. It goes with malted barley that has a kick of bitter yet sweet caramel notes. This never fails to be a refreshing drink.
  • Guinness Blonde Lager. The Blonde Lager is a new offering from Guinness. It was primarily introduced in the American market. There has been a rage for craft beer and this is when this was when the new variant was launched. Thus, this Blonde Lager is refreshing. It is also crispy which has a yeasty nose-effect. Try this one too!
  • Guinness Dublin Porter. It was in 1796 when Guinness began making their own version of a porter. During that time, it was well-known in London. Hence, this Dublin Porter used the old recipes featuring historical beers. That results in a light drink. This can be easy for a porter considering its biscuity, sweet and malt flavour as well that always lingers.
  • Guinness Golden Ale. The Golden Ale was kind of new for it was only introduced in 2015. It is also considered a new addition to the family of Guinness. Thus, the drink is a combination of amber malt, hops, yeast and Irish barley as well. It is golden crisp in colour. You will not have a hard time savouring it.

Why Should You Drink Guinness?

Its brand slogan claims that it is good for you. It is supported with an impressive nutritional profile. If you are not yet convinced, here are some of the reasons why you have to consider drinking Guinness:

  • A light beer. Maybe it has a dark colour but that does not mean that it is already a heavy beer. The truth is, it is actually ruby. Since Guinness utilises more nitrogen, the bubbles flow downward. That’s how they settle. Regardless, that does not make the drink less light.
  • Packed with calcium. A pint of Guinness is equivalent to 1% calcium. That can boost the health of your bone. For as long as you drink in moderation, you can never go wrong. Its bone mineral is something to look forward to. It is good most especially to those who have risks in osteoporosis.
  • Filled with Vitamin B. Yes, there is also Vitamin B in Guinness. It has many nutrients maybe except for B12. The Vitamin B content is due to the process of brewing. Do not disregard the importance of this vitamin in your body. It assists in converting food to fuel.
  • Features Flavonoids. If you have not heard of them, you have to be familiar with flavonoids. They have antioxidants that provide the dark colour to vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, there are studies showing that flavonoids reduce a person’s risk in heart attack.
  • High in Barley. Guinness has a high amount of barley. This can already be seen in its dark colour. This is why it comes with a decent number of antioxidant that is definitely good for your body. The mentioned it is true in most lighter beers available.
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