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Haden Salcombe Black & Copper Kettle

Haden Salcombe Black & Copper Kettle

The kettle features a 1.7ltr capacity water viewing window and scale, a light indicator during boiling and it includes a spare filter. The Salcombe range is available in two...Read moreASDA deals
16th Nov
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Haden 3000W 1.7L Sleek Kettle

Haden 3000W 1.7L Sleek Kettle

The ideal kettle for your home the Haden Perth 183446 Sleek Kettle in Stainless Steel is the easy way to a stylish kitchen with an abundance of functionality. The kettle comes...Read moreHughes deals
2nd Sep
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Important Facts About Haden:

Ever since the inception of this brand, their goal has been to provide people with top-quality home appliances. The speciality of this brand is in manufacturing kettles. Along with the kettles, they also produce various other appliances needed for cooking. The company wishes to provide people with a friendly yet powerful resource. Haden strives to develop premium quality household appliances. For years this brand has been creating various daily use products. Haden states that they have every solution for kitchen and home appliances. At present this company has been acquired by Sabichi. Along with the help of Sabichi, Haden has reached great heights.

Things To Know About Haden:

Haden strives to develop premium quality household appliances. Their intention is to make lives more easy and convenient for everyone. The products of this brand aim to do exactly that. Kitchen appliances are essential in every house. This brand intends to provide people with products that would make their cooking time fun. This eminent brand is constantly rebranding itself. They are passionate about design and innovation. Haden has strict requirements and high standards for its products. They wish to achieve the production of the highest quality. The brand is driven by the need of making its products available everywhere around the world. In a short span of time, this brand has become a crowd favourite.

Features Of Haden:

The entire range of kitchenware appliances from Haden comes with great features. The products can be obtained in various shapes and sizes. Haden’s range of homeware products is known for its vibrant colours and designs. The kettles feature a capacity of 1.5 litres to 1.7 litres. The temperature scale is one of its most noteworthy additions. Haden has also added a water viewing window on the surface of the kettles for convenient usage. The light indicator is also a prominent feature of these kettles. Toasters in 2 and 4 slice variations are also in here. Haden also manufactures slow cookers, microwaves, grinders, etc.

Benefits Of Haden:

Haden has a vast collection of products. These products are lightweight and handy. They can be used easily without much fuss. One of the major qualities of Haden’s kitchen essentials is its durability. The household appliances are available in various shapes and sizes. People can easily make a choice of what they wish to buy amongst these products with great ease. Haden believes that everyone should be able to use their products. Their intention is to deliver daily use of home appliances at a low price. This is the motivation behind them making their products affordable. These products are also available everywhere. The brand wishes to serve people with every kitchen essential they need.

Specifications Of Haden:

This eminent kitchenware brand has multiple ranges of products. In its range of Kettles, there are various multi-functional products. The Richmond 1.7lt Temperature Kettle is one of their most popular products. Haden’s Jersey Range is known for its pop of colours. On the other hand, the Heritage and Cotswold range have kettles and toasters available in pastel shades. The Perth range has various kitchen utensils. Salcombe range consists of sleek black and copper coloured products. Frying pans, Saucepans, Canister sets, etc all are included in this range. The kitchen appliances of this brand are demanded by many people. Haden intends to increase its product range in the coming years.

What Makes Haden Stand Out From The Rest:

Haden is the ultimate solution for kitchenware appliances. This brand has been satisfying customers for a long time. The product range of Haden is diverse. Haden takes inspiration from the seaside towns and countryside to design its products. These products are known to have improved with time. This brand does not want to compromise with the product standard at any cost. They are continually updating their kitchenware essentials. This brand wishes to deliver only those products which are elite. Over the years Haden has become immensely well-known for its kitchenware appliances. The brand is dedicated to doing its work. They wish to attain every demand of their consumers.

Advantages Of Haden Over The Others:

All across Europe, Haden has managed to become an identified name. The stylish design of their household appliances has won over people. There are numerous rewarding advantages of Haden’s home appliances. These products do more than a simple function. They also last for a long time and perform at their finest. The brand believes in conserving. The water window on the kettles lets people save water. Haden guarantees utmost user satisfaction with each of its products. They offer a two-year guarantee with all of their kitchenware essentials. Haden wishes to make its products suitable for the way of life of its customers.

What Makes Haden Useful:

The premium quality kitchen essentials are absolutely suitable for every person. The unique technology of Haden’s home appliances makes them stand out from others. The kettles have got a water viewing window. This cup markings on this unique feature prevent water from getting wasted. Haden also offers spare filters with their kettles. These filters help in extending the longevity of the kettles. This brand is the pioneer in making cordless kettles. Haden has been continually updating its kitchenware essentials. The products of this brand have a huge demand and sell their products worldwide. The brand believes that they will keep coming with new innovations that would serve people all across the globe.

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