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This single grain scotch whiskey is special for its blend of interesting ingredients. It is the result of the combination of three-grain whiskeys. Different types of casks were used for maturing each of these.

One can feel the flavors of eccentric modernity in Haig Club’s single grain scotch whiskeys. It is an exceptionally smooth, stylish, and sophisticated drink. It’s like pouring modern Scotland into a glass.

Haig launched this new whiskey collection after almost 30 years. It is an easy drink that gives way to versatility. It’s bold and it that drink that the young drinkers are falling in love with.

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Things to Know About Haig Club

The very popular personality David Beckham is the public face of Haig Club. this drink was developed to give a modern twist to the traditional taste of whiskey. It is different and typically a drink for modern times. Haig Club was established in the year 2014.

Haig Club shares a partnership with the universal figure, David Beckham. This whiskey is not very hard but rather carries a light and fresh blend.

This single grain can be used to tone down wild flavors like Pot Still spice and single malts. This Haig Club drink was created to feature as one’s entry-level whiskey.

Haig Clubs’ range of single grain whiskey is limited. They have exceptionally created two sensational drinks. First comes, Haig Club Clubman. The one that comes second in the range is the Haig Club Deluxe. Both these Haig Club drinks stand out in character and in style.

The bottles carry a luxuriously designer look. The liquids in them are even more luxuriously delicious. This Haig Club range is the introduction of a new area in the world of whiskey.

This whiskey line carries an interesting combination. It is designed with a mix of divergent, style, and modernity. However, Haig Clun did not forget incorporating its 400 years old house of heritage in it. 

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Benefits of Drinking Haig Club

Haig Club whiskey offers its consumers with some very attractive benefits. This Haig Club drink was customarily created for this generation of young drinkers. Considering Haig Club’s smooth and light tone, this drink acts as an entry card to the world of whiskey.

One can thoroughly enjoy the evening pouring a glass of Haig Club whiskey. The taste is different and modern. It embodies a new era of Scotch.

Haig Club’s range is breaking all rules attached to the stereotypes of drinking Scotch. These drinks are crafted in Cameronbridge. Cameronbridge is Scotland’s oldest single grain distillery.

Haig Club Clubman is enriched with flattering and bold spirits. This Clubman series has been matured in exclusive American ex-bourbon casks. One can feel the flavors of butterscotch,  vanilla, and sweet toffee.

Haig Club Deluxe features a fresh and clean style. It has been processed from a combination of grain whiskeys. Extracted from three cask types. The taste is versatile. The flavors felt are of smoothness and sophistication.

What Makes Haig Club Stand Out From the Rest

Haig Club whiskey’s boasts of some outstanding qualities. These are non-filtered whiskeys. The ABV percentage is approximately 40%. The secret behind their idiosyncratic flavors is their age statement. That is the old bourbon oak casks.

Over their years of experience this time, they have broken all norms. The Haig Club procures a unique line of modern-day whiskey. They are typically single grain scotch whiskeys.

This is Haig’s discovery for the young group of drinkers. Its smooth flavor gives way to a thorough enjoyment. The cask type used in maturing Haig Club is the Ex-Bourbon Casks.

This whiskey range can be used to tone down the harder flavors. Flavors like the Pot Still spices and Single Malt whiskeys. Haig Club whiskeys can be exclusively used to make a good variety of cocktails.

One can make classic whiskey cocktails and signature cocktails. It can be used to make seasonal cocktails like summer cocktails and winter cocktails. Like, Orange & tonic, Clubman & cola, new old fashioned, and espresso martini.

The consumers can make refreshing pineapple whiskey sour and green tea & grain cocktails. Haig Club is crafted in Scotland. The world’s largest whiskey producer.

Haig Club’s whiskey is also boosted with some health benefits. Consumers can experience an extremely low risk of dementia. It acts as an aid to all sorts of digestion problems.

The stomach enzymes are stimulated. A better process of food break down takes place. These whiskeys are light and hence can be consumed in big quantities without any worry.

Haig’s single grain whiskey is good for the heart. They can even prevent strokes. These whiskeys can also act as an excellent cure for the common cold.

Unlike other Haig Club’s packaging has also broken all standards. It’s not the basic brown or orange. It’s blue and the shape is square. The bootle alone can deliver the essence of luxury and sophistication.

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