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A hammer is a tool with a head attached to a handle. This referred to as the haft or helve. This can deliver a blow for an object to break apart from one another. It may also be used to form a certain kind of shape.

Hammers come in numerous types, but the most commonly used in households and construction is the claw hammer. It is composed of a head made of steel and a handle that's made from different kinds of materials such as wood. These hammers are usually used every day for pounding or extracting nails from wood.

Claw hammers have two sides, a flat side for pounding and the claw side which resembles the letter V for removing nails from various surfaces.

Different Types of Hammer

Hammers come in various types, choose the right one to perform the task at hand.
  • Claw Hammer. This is the most famous hammer for it is directed for general work. Often, it is available in wooden, glass-fibre or even steel handle. It may be with or without rubber grip. However, the most popular weights go around 455-680g. The claw is typically curved. It has a ‘V’ cut-out so that it can draw nails from the timbre. The claw is also meant to level up floorboards whenever there is a required lever. In here, remember that care should be taken seriously because a force must be applied to weaken the joint between both the head and the handle.
  • Ball Pein. This is common for most engineers. In here, the pein is rounded and it is ideal for shaping metal and closing rivets all at the same time. Most ball pein hammers can be bought from 55-1100, 110-165 g. These are also perfect for general use. Moreover, handles are usually wood like an Ash or Hickory.
  • Cross and Straight Pein. The cross and straight pein is intended for shaping metal. The pein here can always be at the right angles or even in parallel with it. Domestically, the cross pein has always been the most useful. It may be for starting panel pins and tacks. Further, the handles can be wood, most especially Ash.
  • Cross Pein Pin Hammer. If you are in need of a Cross and Straight Pein hammer lighter version, and then the Cross Pein Pin Hammer is the one for you. This is bound for light joinery and cabinet work which weighs around 55g.
  • Club Hammer. Club Hammer is sometimes called the Lump Hammer. This goes with a double faced head which is useful for light demolition work. This may also work for driving steel chisels and masonry nails too. Since there is a possibility for debris to fly, everyone has to wear safety glasses and working gloves too. The weight of this goes around 1135g which is for domestic work. Moreover, the handles can be wood, typically a Hickory or synthetic resin.
  • Sledge Hammer. Sledge hammers are for heavier jobs including breaking up concrete or driving in stakes on concrete, stone or masonry. Despite this, they can still perform lighter jobs. It would only depend upon how it is going to be blown. For heavier works, the hammer can be swung as an axe. Prior to using this though, have a protective clothing first together with safety glasses.
  • Joiner’s Mallet. A joiner’s mallet is utilised in driving chisels or tapping wood joints together. It is also the time when a metal-faced hammer causes bruising or damage. It has to be taken down note that the head of this is somehow tapered to secure the correct contact with the work itself. The head and the handle here are wood. They are also normally the Beech or Lignum Vitae.
  • Soft-faced Hammers. There are various kinds of soft-faced hammers available. They are normally with hard and soft rubber, copper and plastic faces. Some have a selection of faces which can be interchanged. They are useful for striking materials including chrome wing outs where are steel face can cause damage. There are cases when they can replace a mallet for cabinet work.
  • Power Hammers. Power hammers are called powered nailers. They take the normal hard work from staples, fitting nails, and others. They are usually ideal for a large number of nails that must be fitted including fixing floorboards. Their usual range is from light duty (which is seen in fixing picture frames and edge mouldings) down to the heavy duty nailers that are common for fixing garden decking and floorboards. The mentioned is the typical function.
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Things to Remember When Using Hammers

  • Make sure to utilise the perfect type of hammer for the job. When you do, your job becomes easy. Further, it is going to be simple to avoid possible damages to the workpiece or hammer.
  • Stop hitting nails with the side of a hammerhead or check. The metal at such points is not that hard. Thus, it may be prone to damage.
  • In the midst of assembling a delicate work, utilise a piece of scrap wood most especially between the workpiece and the hammer’s head. At least, you can ensure that you will not damage the workpiece.
  • Sink the nails to the timber by having a nail punch. This is going to stop the damage to the workpiece.
  • You might have to check the wedges from time to time. Know if they are tight enough when being struck by steel wedges. There are instances when dry conditions cause the Timber handle to shrink. Take note of this.
  • When you notice that a hammer slips off nails, use this as an opportunity to roughen the face of the head with a medium abrasive paper.
  • Wear safety glasses when you drive masonry nails or break up concrete.
How to choose and use a hammer
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