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Important Facts About Helix:

Stationery supplies have become essential on this date. This brand wishes to make products that wouldn’t just look stylish but will do their work with accuracy. This eminent company was the first to patent a drawing compass. Afterwards, this was regarded as revolutionary. Helix gained popularity after the success of the compass and rule. In 1912, the label created the first mathematical set. The sub-brand of Helix which is known as ‘Helix Oxford’ is also an extremely popular name. Ever since its inception, Helix had made itself a major name in Europe. It is known as a leading stationery product manufacturer. Millions of people worldwide rely on the brand for its high-quality products.

Things To Know About Helix:

This globally respected label only has the highest standards. The intention of this brand is to create products that would do more than simply function. Helix intends to manufacture stationery supplies that are both stylish and efficient. They have the aim of developing new standards for office essentials. For almost half a century this brand has been swiftly making itself distinguished among lots of other names. Helix claims to lead the way in designing and manufacturing new innovations. The brand has become successful in making a huge customer base in around 65 countries worldwide.

Features Of Helix:

Stationery supplies are essential for students. Helix has a vast collection of stationery supplies and office essentials. These products are both stylish and easy-to-use. The style and features depend on what is convenient for the customers. The colouring sets produced by the brand have become a favourite for children. Helix has come up with scissors that are safe for children to use. The unique blade locking system of the scissors makes it possible. These stationery supplies also come in various colours and sizes. The solar calculators made of innovative technology makes these products convenient for everyone. The popular fountain pens of Helix Oxford are refillable and can also be obtained in various colours.

Benefits Of Helix:

Helix stationery supplies are lightweight and handy. They can be used easily without much fuss. The crayons and colouring pencils produced by the brand make drawing fun for kids. Helix has also launched stationery sets for maths which are really popular amongst students. The stationery supplies are also available in variations of shapes and sizes. People can easily make a choice of what they wish to buy amongst these products with great ease. Helix believes that everyone should be able to use their products. This is the motivation behind them making their products affordable. The brand wishes to serve people with every stationery supply they need.

Specifications Of Helix:

This popular brand has a vast range of products. In the Color Peps range, they have come up with colour pencils, felt pens, and various other products. The colour pencils come in sets of 12 and 100. Helix has also launched erasable colour pencils. The Oxford Clash range of Helix consists of pencil cases, maths sets, folding rulers, etc. Camo range is a close replica of the same. Though it is available in a completely different and trendy design. The colouring pencils of helix Oxford are popular worldwide. There’s also the iconic maths set of Oxford which are available in rose gold or silver finish.

What Makes Helix Distinct From The Rest:

This brand states that they effectively meet consumer needs. They thrive to fulfil every need of their consumers. Helix is one of the most prominent stationery supply manufacturing companies in the UK. They have got a huge stock of premium quality products. The goal of Helix is to provide its consumers with a vast stock of products. The expert team of this brand specializes in making products that are of premium quality. The brand has received industry-wide identification for its elite product range. The variety of these products have become successful in making their mark on the youth.

Advantages Of Helix Over The Others:

Aesthetics and functionality have been kept in mind while designing Helix products. The brand professes that they are immensely passionate about producing things that are for students and kids. The key factor of the label’s success is its wide range of products. Helix states that they are persistent about searching for ways that can add extra value to their products. They’re motivated about achieving the same too. This eminent brand promises to have the solution for every office essential. Helix products are design-driven and perform with utmost efficiency. The label has been producing innovative office essentials for years. They aspire to do the same hereafter too.

What Makes Helix Useful:

Helix has been continuously updating itself to be on par with the needs of every individual. The huge product collection of this brand makes it suitable for every person. Their collection of stationery supplies are available at a low-cost. The products of Helix do more than a simple function. They also last for a long time and perform at their finest. Helix claims that each product of theirs is a result of careful thought. The products made of high-quality material are useful to everyone. Their Oxford range is extremely well-known. It has become a favourite for growing kids worldwide.

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