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Cheap HP Deals, Voucher Codes & Offers on Sale

This page is dedicated to cheap HP computers and printers. Get the latest deals for everything HP from Currys PC World, Amazon, Argos and more. HP offers great value for money and its printers are known to be good quality. Our money saving experts share their top tips to getting cheaper printer ink and good laptops. You'll often find computer bundles. HP computers run on Windows 10 operating system. Remember to check our voucher section for extra savings you can stack on top, particularly Currys and Argos (as well as the Co-Operative Electrical Shop).

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  • HP is great because they have good quality printers and there are deals you can get from online voucher codes. I like how fast they are that you can control your spending with paying monthly for your ink, I don’t like that they use the amount in pages per month though, as sometimes I need to print lots and lots of stuff and then I have to upgrade to a higher amount for that month, I personally think they should tailor each persons usage throughout the year, then if needed the next years amount spread out, then the following year either higher or back down lower, this way I personally think would be an advantage. But anyway the quality of printing is really good, the ink does last a long time, not like cheap cartridges that just go after you have printed a couple of pages. Overall I would highly recommend a HP printer to many for home use, office I can’t comment unless that’s a laser printer. TahiraChaudhry
  • I love my HP printer, it connects to my laptop iPad and phone, so easy to use. I print off all my holiday details it it also scans and copies too. Don’t know what I’d do without it, even have my family come and print something off. We purchased it for £50 few years ago and paper isn’t that expensive, plus you can also save a great deal of money from discount codes easily available in Latest Deals. DawnBailey
  • I seem to always end up with HP products. The laptop is easy enough to use and the printer connects easy enough when it wants to. I do have trouble with scanning though or maybe that's user error. I'm gutted my printer isn't on the list for instant ink as that's something I could use. I do love my products though as I seem to be the family go to for printing. I'd definitely recommend HP products, they stand the test of time and def worth the money. If you want to save on HP products, always lookout for voucher codes online. funwithlisa
  • I had an HP laptop and it was brilliant it lasted for a good 5 years before it just slowed down completely. I did have to have the hard drive replaced but this was under warranty. It came with loads of software pre-installed and I loved that it was also pink! Great company and the obviously make quality computers with good deals available from voucher codes online. Overall a good experience and I will definitely consider them when buying my next computer or laptop or any other kind of technology item. Freebiesarefun
  • HP is definitely great and the brand I trust. I have had HP printer and laptop for many years and never had any issues. It always works great and I have not had the need to fix anything since I bought them. HP ticks all boxes for me for technical products. Very satisfied with everything and their products are very affordable and great value for money. You can also get savings from discount codes you can find online. themystery3
  • I love HP, I brought a HP printer with the instant ink. I never really thought much about it before as I didn't know what instant ink meant. Well I signed up to the HP online page.and subscribed to the instant ink which is basically a monthly payment for however many pages you want to print each month which you can alter at any time. Your printer lets HP know when your running low on ink and they send it out automatically, you don't need to do anything! Well to me that's just fantastic, I haven't had any real issues apart from one time and I cant even remember what that was but HPpaid my bill for 3 months which was fab. the printer itself has so many uses and easy to set up and use. And if you want savings or deals, simply search for voucher codes online. I would definitely recommend them. zararoberts86