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Huawei is an electronics manufacturer selling tablets, smart watches and smartphones. Based in China, it manufacturers devices using the Google Android operating system and sells them globally. Normally the price point is quite low, and you'll find the devices on sale on Amazon. Our deal hunters enjoy Huawei devices for they offer good value for money. You can often stack the low prices with voucher codes and special discounts. You may also be interested in how to get a cheap tablet.

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Huawei Band 3e Running Wristband
Features: Two wearing modes innovative breakthrough about sports bracelet. Seven running posture data monitoring and analysis, offering professional running instruction. Built-in... Read more
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4th Jan


  • I absolutely love my Huawei phone. It's the only phone I've ever had that hasn't broken before my two year contract has ended, I paid a very reasonable price with EE for my contract and didn't have to pay anything upfront for the phone. I'm more than satisfied with the brand and would definitely consider getting another one. I currently have the Hauwei P9 lite but will be upgrading to a newer model in the next few months. Very satisfied customer and a very good phone with plenty of online discount cod offers! Mashleigh
  • Huawei is great because of the affordable pricing on their phones. The new P series phones are excellent and their camera is great by far the best camera phone I have used till now. The offers they run on the pre orders as well as the discount codes available online are too good. I purchased a P20 mobile phone for £361 which is a great deal for a brand new phone with that specs and I have received Bose quite comfort QC 2 series head phones as advertised on the pre orders. Some of the best pictures by my standard I have taken with Huawei P20. My friends think that I have taken this picture from a DSLR 📷 I had to explain to them that it's taken from a mobile phone camera and they couldn't believe it. gbharatkumar
  • My husband bought one of these phones and he only had it for 1 day and sent it back. He could not transfer data from his other phone to the new Huawei and some of his program what he uses for work is not working on these phones. Old apps are not running on it. He sent it back and got the new One+ instead, also got a good deal on it. The cameras are amazing and the phone itself is great, but if you need to use something from the past, that is not going to be easy. Their phones are affordable and you can get some money off from online discount codes, but if you can get a better deal on a bigger brand you should go with their phones. bibolda
  • I brought the Huawei P8 last year for my dad, and it is a good purchase! It's durable, very strong and very easy to use. The camera is good - nothing fancy and not poor quality pics or videos - it does the job. The screen resolution tho, seems a bit dull and perhaps dated. I have tweaked the settings and it's still not great. Just as with other phones, the battery life isn't particularly great, slightly disappointed how soon after purchase the battery life diminished, and there is about 5 apps installed. The design is very simplistic, so adds to the ease of use - altho seems odd the volume button is on the right side of the phone - BUT that could just be me being so accustomed to a Samsung phone. Always search for voucher codes online for some savings. All in all - its a good easy to use phone. NijKay

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