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The James Bond series is about a fictional British Secret Service agent. James Bond was created by Ian Fleming in 1953. James Bond was featured in 12 novels and 2 short-story collections. Eight other authors have been authorised to write James Bond novels since Ian Fleming’s death in 1964.

These authors are Kingsley Amis, John Gardner, Christopher Wood, Sebastian Faulks, Jeffery Deaver, Raymond Benson, William Boyd, and Anthony Horowitz. James Bond was also adopted into various kinds of media including radio, comic strip, film, video games, and television series.

The James Bond films are the longest running film series of all time and it has grossed over $7.040 billion. The first James Bond film was Dr. No which was shown in 1962 starring Sean Connery as James Bond. Today, there are a total of 24 films.

The most recent Bond movie that was made was Spectre which stars Daniel Craig. This is his fourth portrayal of James Bond. Six actors also played bond in different movies. Bond films are popular for numerous features including its musical accompaniment and action scenes. Bond is also famous for his cars, gadgets, and guns. He is also noted for his relationship with various women who are referred to as the Bond girls.

The Influence of James Bond To Product Placement

James Bond is so famous that people try to mimic him from the liquor that his drinking to the cars that he is driving. He is famous for drinking his signature vodka martini which should be shaken not stirred. But in Skyfall, he is seen sipping Heineken.

There are also die-cast metal collections of his ever-popular BMW Z8 Roadster from the movie The World Is Not Enough. There are lots of items that were made that was inspired by him like shirts, mugs, fragrances, and more.

James Bond also helped lots of companies to endorse their products including Coke and Sony. The cultural impact of James Bond has reached a whole new level and it is not slowing down any sooner. This British Secret Service Agent is an icon that has a huge influence and investing in James Bond collectibles and merchandise is a good investment.

15 Things You Didn't Know About James Bond

James Bond Movies Available in Blu Ray That You Should Watch

  • Dr. No. Released in 1962.
  • From Russia With Love. Release in 1963.
  • Goldfinger. Released in 1964.
  • Thunderball. Released in 1965.
  • You Only Live Twice. Released in 1967.
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Released in 1969.
  • Diamonds are Forever. Released in 1971.
  • Live and Let Die. released in 1972.
  • The Man with the Golden Gun. Released in 1974.
  • The Spy Who Loved Me. Released in 1977.
  • Moonraker. released in 1979.
  • For Your Eyes Only. Released in 1981.
  • Octopussy. Released in 1983.
  • A View to a Kill. Released in 1985.
  • The Living Daylights. Released in 1987.
  • Licence to Kill. Released in 1989.
  • GoldenEye. Released in 1995.
  • Tomorrow Never Dies. Released in 1997.
  • The World is Not Enough. Released in 1999.
  • Die Another Day. Released in 2002.
  • Casino Royale. Released in 2006.
  • Quantum of Solace. Released in 2008.
  • Skyfall. Released in 2012.
  • Spectre. Released in 2015.
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