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Kettle - Black

Kettle - Black

This kettle from George Home is designed with an anti-drip design and water level indicator its polished black finish will complement all kitchen spaces. Black 1.7L 3000W...Read moreASDA deals
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7th Jan
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The kettle is a small kitchen appliance that boils water. Depending on the kettle type, it can either be heated by placing it on a stove or with electricity.

People in the UK are known to be avid fans of hot drinks – a warm cup of tea or coffee completes our every day. Whether we drink to unwind and relax or to give us the boost we need, one can never go wrong with a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Here at Latest Deals, our community of bargain hunters have found plenty of awesome cheap kettle deals you will not be able to resist. From glass kettles deals to stainless steel kettles deals, you can find the perfect kettle. Browse through the kettle collections of the biggest UK retailers such as Amazon, B&M, Tesco, ASDA & Argos. Do not miss out on grabbing the opportunity to get tremendous savings with the use of discount codes, coupon codes, and vouchers.

Development of Kettles

In 1893, the first attempt of electric kettles to be used as an alternative to stovetop kettles was made. Because of the era’s technology, the heating element could not be immersed in water yet. It was not much of a success until 1922.

In 1922, Leslie Large crafted a heating element that is enclosed in a metal container. By designing a heating element that could be immersed in water, it made electric kettles more efficient relative to the stovetop kettles people own.

Improvements did not stop from there. Russell Hobbs, a newly founded British company, released the first fully automatic kettle model in 1955. It featured a thermostat that cut off the current whenever the water came to boil.

Two Types of Kettles

  • Stovetop Kettles – This type of kettle functions when you heat it on a stovetop or hob. It is a metal container that is used to heat water. It typically has a lid, handle and spout – you know, the things that were mentioned in the Little Teapot nursery rhyme. It also features a steam whistle that will let you know if the water has reached its boiling point. A stovetop kettle is usually made with stainless steel.
  • Electric Kettle – Today’s modern technology has brought the kettle game to a whole new level. In recent kettle designs, the appliance automatically shuts down once the content has reached its boiling point. With its features, it prevents water damage and spills.
Where Can I Buy Cheap Kettles?
Kettle sale UK, Amazon

To be sure that you only get the best deals on your kettle purchase, check out the available voucher codes and discount codes here on Latest Deals. Here are our top three go-to places for small kitchen appliances:

  • Amazon. You can find a wide range of cheap kettle spcial offers at Amazon on popular brands like Morphy Richards and Russell Hobbs You can also avail of exclusive discounts and free delivery if you are an Amazon Prime member.
  • Argos. Argos is also joining the kettle game. They offer affordable kettles of almost all shapes and forms. You can also check their Clearance Sale on Kitchen Appliances to get the best possible deal on your kettle purchase.
Curry’s PC World Mega Deal on kettles
  • Tesco. Enjoy a hot drink with the selection of kettles at Tesco Direct. Aside from value models, they also have designer kettles in gorgeous styles and colours.You can even get up to 50% off on select Russell Hobbs kettles on their clearance sale section.
  • Currys. All the latest models and great deals on kettles are on Currys. Make sure to lookout for their Mega Deal where you can save as much as 50% off and free delivery on select kettles.
  • Debenhams. Buy Kettles from the sale department at Debenhams where you can save as much as 60% off. You'll find the widest range of kettles products online and delivered to your door.
Debenhams kettle clearance sale

Best Kettles in the UK

Currently, there are quite a lot of kettle models with fresh and innovative designs in the UK market. Here are some of the bests you might want to take a look:

  • Morphy Richards Prism Traditional Kettle. This kettle’s design is oriental-inspired. You can really tell that this was crafted to be ergonomic. Aside from its stunning design, this model is lightweight and has an excellent handle. It can hold up to 1.5L of water.
  • Tefal Avanti Classic. The weight of this kettle is distributed evenly and it features a large handle making it handy for people to pick up and use. This kettle has a decent boiling time and it comes with a replaceable anti-scale filter.
  • Breville Impressions Gloss White Jug Kettle. The design of Breville Impressions Gloss White Jug Kettle makes your countertop look cooler. It has a ribbed exterior and a blue light-up LED water level indicator. This kettle can hold up to 1.7L of water.
  • DeLonghi Avvolta. This kettle is a real treat to the eyes. It has a two-tone finish (available in sedate black, elegant silver, and striking red) giving your kitchen a classy touch. It has an auto-shut off feature and comes with removable limescale filter.
  • The Dualit Classic Kettle. The striking design that this model has can surely capture attention. It’s one of the best traditional and modern fusion designs in the market. Reportedly, it can keep the water hot longer than the typical kettles after you switch it off.

How do electric kettles work?

Things to Consider in Buying Kettles.

It will be helpful if you keep these few things in mind before you make your next kettle purchase:

  1. Ergonomics.

Of course, we need to be sure that your kettle-to-be is designed to be efficient and to be comfortable. There are a few factors that you need to check.

Does its handle give you a good grip of the kettle? Is it comfortable to hold? Is it easy to pour? If the answer to these questions are yes, then you know you are on the right track.

  1. Efficiency.

How long does it take for the water to boil? The lesser time it needs, the better. However, it does not just depend on how fast the water reaches its boiling point, it also depends on how quick its auto-shut off feature work. Aside from the time that you need to wait for your hot drink, you can also consider the model’s features on saving electricity and power.

  1. Water Filtration

Nobody wants a limescale build up on his or her kettle. Make sure that your kettle has integrated water filters. This makes water filtration easier and faster.

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