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Kiddylicious Veggie Straws

Kiddylicious Veggie Straws

Kiddylicious Veggie Straws in a range of flavours are the ideal tasty snack for kids. Our straws are made using natural flavours with absolutely nothing artificial added...Read moreAmazon deals
3rd May
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Kiddylicious is regarded as a prominent label in the United Kingdom for its tasty snacks and meals. These ready-to-eat foods are sold in every corner of the UK. These snacks and meals are also distributed worldwide in around 27 countries. Kiddylicious is a growing label in the British baby food market. The company is passionate about its vision of making ready-to-eat products that are great in taste and nutritious too. 

These healthy foods are a major key to developing young palates. Providing babies and toddlers with diverse flavors and textures from a young age is necessary. Kiddylicious aims to do that with great efficiency. Lotus Bakeries owns this food manufacturing label. Kiddylicious prides itself to be a prominent baby-food manufacturer brand in the UK. 

Ranges of Kiddylicious

Wafers. This popular baby food brand has produced wafers of various flavors. The wafers can be obtained in the flavors of Strawberry, Blueberry, and Raspberry. Banana-flavored Wafers can also be found in this category of Kiddylicious. 

Chunky Puffs and Ha-Pea Snaps. Kiddylicious has also introduced Chunky Puffs and Ha-Pea Snaps. The delicious Ha-Pea Snaps are available in flavors of Cheese & Herb, Original and Tomato. These snacks are great for encouraging self-feeding for babies. 

Veggie Straws & Melty Buttons. Kiddylicious is aware of the nutrition found in vegetables. They have made an entire range of snacks made mostly of vegetable extract. The Veggie Straws are available in flavors of Cheese and Sour Cream & Chive too. The Melty Button snacks manufactured by the label are available in the flavors of Banana & Pumpkin and Raspberry & Beetroot. 

Rice Cakes. The snacks of this category are made of rice. The Rice Cakes are available in the flavors of Chocolate and Yoghurt. 

Textured Meals for Chewing. These meals of Kiddylicious are meant for babies of 9+ months of age. These textured meals are convenient for chewing. They are available in the flavors Beef Chilli, Chicken Curry, and Cottage Pie. Mac & Cheese versions of these textured meals are also available. 

Bite-Size Chunks. Kiddylicious has also come up with meals that are of bite-sized chunks. These meals are available in the flavors Beef Hotpot, Beef Lasagne, and Chicken Tikka. People can also find tasty Kiddylicious Veg Lasagne for their kids. 

Where Can I Get Cheap Kiddylicious Deals

Amazon. Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce portals across the globe. From household products to electronic appliances, there’s everything on Amazon. Kiddylicious ready-to-eat meals and snacks can be easily found here. One can spot numerous Amazon discounts, deals, and offers at Latest Deals. 

ASDA. ASDA is a widely popular UK-based chain of stores. One can get a great range of Kiddylicious products from here. Some of the most attractive ASDA deals, vouchers, offers, and discounts can also be obtained at Latest Deals. 

Tesco. Tesco is a retail company based in England. Their collection of products are vast as well. People can easily find Kiddylicious baby food products amongst this huge collection. Latest Deals has plenty of Tesco discounts, vouchers, and deals. 

Kiddylicious. It is the official website of Kiddylicious meals and snacks for babies. One can get all products by the brand on this site. The Latest Deals have various Kiddylicious deals, offers, vouchers, and discounts. 

Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury remains one of the top-most leading retailers based in the UK. One can get Kiddylicious meals and snacks amongst Sainsbury's vast collection. Latest Deal also has plenty of top-rated Sainsbury discounts, offers, deals, and vouchers. 

Morrisons. Morrisons is one of the UK's famous retailers. People can spot a good variety of Kiddylicious products at Morrisons. Latest Deals also carries some exciting Morrisons deals, discounts, offers, and vouchers. 

Waitrose. Waitrose is a British retailer. In here, one can avail of almost anything. Kiddylicious products have taken up a good space here. Some attractive deals, vouchers, offers, deals, and discounts are available in Latest Deals.

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