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All About Kids Bikes
Buy the best children’s bikes at the lowest possible price!

When a kid starts learning to ride the bike, balance is an important factor to consider. Usually, a training bicycle is also advisable to have. This is when steering begins. It may not come with a drivetrain nor a pedal. That is how it typically works.

The bike for kids is made of wood and metal. They can be the common bicycle with pedals. However, there are times when the related parts are removed. There are purpose-built types too that are intended for little children in which no normal bicycles are available. Some come with bakes too.

In history, the very first bicycle seen was the dandy horse. Karl Drais invented it. It was considered as the pioneer two-wheeler. During that time, it does not have pedals yet. The initial ride was from Mannheim to Rheinau. It happened on June 12, 1817. Drais was also the one who invented the Laufmaschine, or the running machine. He also popularised the nickname dandy horse.

Needless to say, cycling is a life-changer. It is not only a mode of transportation. It is also a form of exercise which can further be a tool for play later on. Hence, this bonding for the whole neighbourhood will always be a part of the trend. It will never lose its magic considering that it has many benefits too.

Where can I find cheap kids bike deals online?

Cheap kids bikes at Amazon UK

Own from the best cheap kids bikes with the help of Latest Deals. From girls 16 inch bike to boys 14 inch bike, we have got you covered. Make use of kids bike sale to start. For sure, you can never go wrong with your kids bike shopping with us.

Our massive community of bargain hunters is always on the lookout to find the best possible Peppa Pig bike deals, discounts and special offers online. We also have a team of money-saving experts who regularly share essential shopping tips and tricks that can help you get some serious money off on your online and instore purchases.

Most UK retailers have sale events, seasonal clearance, and flash sales where you can save half of the original price with the best childrens bikes you can find here. They also reduce their prices further during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day. But if you want to maximise your savings, make sure to use the latest kids bike sale discount codes you can search here. There are also cartoon-themed bikes your kids may like including Peppa pig bike.

The deals here do not stop. From Peppa Pig bike, 24 inch girls bike to girls 14 inch bike, you will not run out of options to pick from. Aside from this, you can also buy boys BMX bikes without having a hard time at all. Look out for Halfords childrens bikes and Argos kids bikes offers on these types of kid’s bikes.

Get bargain deals on kids bikes from the following online UK shops:

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GCN's Top Ten Tips For Buying Kids Bikes

Top-Rated Bikes for Kids

The first bike of kids is a symbol of their freedom. In this, it is crucial to select a bike that is safe and sturdy enough even for heavy use. Of course, a unit that will not break the bank is also ideal. If your kid is only starting to learn how to ride, these are some of the recommended models they can explore for sure. Consider the following:

  • Strider Sports Balance Bike. This is famous for its availability. As a matter of fact, this is not the very first company to create balance banks. However, it has popularised the idea because theirs is affordable and simple. From the original, this model has undergone various updates already. For instance, it already has thinner grips and padded seat already. This is why smaller kids can just hold a grip on it.
  • Cleary Gecko. This Cleary Gecko is the best if you know children who are willing to pedal even if they are very young. This has a 12-inch wheel and as well as a stretched-out wheelbase which is easy and stable. A freewheel and rear and front breaks are also included in this. This is a way for kids to concentrate on learning the pedal with their feet. On top of this, it is also made of top-quality parts that will surely last.
  • Woom 1 Balance Bike. Woom is best in doing kids’ bikes. Its 12-inch wheels are ideal. Furthermore, it comes with a saddle which can also be set very low to the ground when necessary. As a matter of fact, this may be okay for kids who are 18-month young. At least, they are given the right starter. The tires are also made of rubber with air filled to it. The other features are the handlebar, adjustable seat and a rim brake. Make these useful.
  • Specialised RipRock 12 Coaster. For those who would rather go for rim brakes to coaster breaks, this is another answer. There are various things going on it. From parts, good tires, and stretched-out features, there are so much going on with this RipRock 12 Coaster. Aside from this, this bike is also very low in weight which makes it convenient to grip on any kind of surface.
  • Pello Romper 14-Inch. Make the most of your money with this 14-inch option. While Pello is a new company, it focuses on quality products for kids. This will indeed deliver. The Pello Romper comes with a lightweight aluminium frame, a low bottom bracket and a longer wheelbase. Thus, the brand is going is suitable for riders who are aggressive.

The Health Benefits of Cycling for Kids

Kids and bikes bond. At one point, they cannot be separated from one another. Basically, this can be the rite of passage to children. This would enable children to enjoy the front lawn for sure. Indeed, biking is a symbol of freedom, fresh air and fun. It makes being a kid even worthwhile.

However, apart from the good feeling it gives, biking can be good for your health too. Here are some of the benefits present from the activity:

  • Biking for kids develops overall fitness, balance and strength.
  • Biking for kids burns calories.
  • Biking for kids strengthens lungs, heart and the lower-body bones and muscles.
  • Biking for kids improves the muscles around the knees without too much impact.
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