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The Kindle Paperwhite is an e-book reader that enables users to read easily in the dark because of its improved contrast. the display is evenly illuminated and this is possible because of the bulb that is located on the top of the gadget.

The light effectively shines down on the display which allows the user to read comfortably even on low lighted places. In addition to effective lighting. Kindle Paperwhite has a 6” touchscreen display with 62% more pixels for better picture quality.

It has a resolution of 221 pixels per inch more than the previous generation of Kindles. The device can also deliver up to eight weeks of battery life which is great for people who are always on the go. You do not have to charge your device too often. Amazon Paperwhite e-book reader has made a few iterations but they have not done any massive changes to the looks to the device.

The most recent devices have a sharper display but they stick to the low price point to give their loyal customers more value for their money. The Kindle Paperwhite will make sure that you will have an amazing reading experience this is why they made some improvements to prevent the readers from having eye strain.

How to Get Cheap Kindle Paperwhite Deals Online

Kindle Paperwhite deal Amazon UK

There are lots of special offers on Kindle Paperwhite that are provided for their loyal clients. Our team of enthusiastic bargain hunters has updated the list of the latest cheap Kindle Paperwhite discount codes and deals just for you.

With brilliant selections from industry-trusted retailers, we have handpicked the Kindle Paperwhite deals to help you stay on top of your savings. Voucher codes that can give you big savings are offered by various popular UK retailers, including Argos, Tesco, Curry’s, and John Lewis. Spending money on quality items is a great deal.

Getting a Kindle Paperwhite will bring you a better reading experience compared to other similar products in the market today. You can bring your Kindle Paperwhite during your travels. You can use it for work or at school. Grab this opportunity to purchase the device that you want at very affordable prices.

You can make use of exclusive Amazon Kindle Paperwhite offers and special discounts so that you can stick with your financial plans. There are tons of Kindle Paperwhite versions that you can choose from depending on your needs and budget. Get access to awesome product options on amazingly great discounts plus you get to choose from the most reliable online retailers.

There are countless Kindle Paperwhite products to choose from, depending on what you are looking for. Just b aware of the return policy of the retailer you are buying from so that you can return the device or have it replaced whenever you receive damaged or defective items.

Rest assured that these devices have gone through quality inspection to provide you with the best performance devices possible. Just do not forget to use the latest cheap Kindle Paperwhite voucher codes to get big discounts. You can also use your saving to purchase accessories for your devices such as earphones and tablet covers.

Kindle Paperwhite Tips and Tricks Tutorial

Important Features of Kindle Paperwhite

  • Kindle devices support dictionary. Kindle Paperwhite devices support Wikipedia look-up functions when you highlight a word in an e-book.
  • Customisable Fonts. The user can customise the font that he wants depending on his preference. The user can also adjust the font size together with the margins so that they can read more efficiently.
  • Kindles can be charged in various ways. Kindle devices can be charged using an AC adapter. You can also connect it to your computer’s USB port.
  • You can use darker texts. If you are having trouble reading, you can use the Amazon Ember Bold font for darker text. There are also bold font versions that you can use.
  • The Kindle supports web browsing. There are Kindle Paperwhite devices that support web browsing by using NetFront based on WebKit. The user can access Wikipedia and Kindle Store using the browser.
  • Kindle supports Wireless Fidelity. Kindle Paperwhite devices can access the web since it has WiFi capabilities. It can also download firmware to upgrade the device.
Different Kinds of Kindle Paperwhite Versions
  • Kindle First Generation. The first Kindle could read Mobipocket files, plain text files, Topaz format books, and Amazon AZW format.
  • Kindle 2. This version of Kindle Paperwhite has added native PDF capability. It also has the ability to play the AAX Audible Enhanced format. It can also display HTML files.
  • Kindle 4th, 5t, 7th, and 8th generations. These Kindle device versions can display AZW, AZW3, TXT, PDF, PRC, and unprotected Mobi files.
  • Kindle Voyage and Oasis. These devices can access HTML, Doc, Docx, Jpeg, Png, Gif, and Bmp files. They can also play AA, AAX, and MP3 audio files.
  • Kindle KFX. This is the successor to the Amazon AZW3 Kindle 8 format.
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