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Jaques of London Kite

Jaques of London Kite

a KITE Makes a Great OUTDOOR TOYS ACTIVITY - This Kite is designed for Play in your Garden Making it a very Popular GARDEN TOY for all ages KITES make Great TOYS FOR BOYS and...Read moreAmazon deals
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1st Jul 2018
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Kites and Its Types
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As a child, flying a kite is one of the most enjoyable things to do. You have to wait for a windy day so you can fly one. Some kites can be bought instore and some did a DIY kite which adds up to the excitement of flying a kite. We all know that kites are often bridled and has a tail to guide the face of the kite, yes, the string that is the string you pull, to create a lift of drag. Kites have wings, tethers and anchors but some designs like box kites does not need a bridle.

Kites are said to be invented in Asia and chiefly created by Chinese. The materials used in China are silk fabric for the sail material, fine and high tensile silk for flying line, and resilient bamboo for a strong and lightweight framework.

Here’s a list of the different basic types of kites:

  • Diamonds. Diamond kites stood out from the crowd due to its bright yellow color and fun designs. Although you can paint it with different colour. It is also the most recognisable kite shape in the western world.
  • Deltas. Large deltas are most likely constructed from fibreglass rods or tubes and light but strong rip rop nylon cloth to carry its weight in the sky. The most basic Delta is the plain triangular shape with no tail.
  • Stunt. This type of kite is not like other kites who only has a single line but it provides 2 or more lines to allow very direct steering control of the kite.
  • Inflatables. When approaching a kite festival, the first thing you spot is a giant inflatable. They are crafted from large numbers of nylon or polyester panels which leaves an impression to anyone who’s seen it.

Mind blowing Facts About Kites and Their Different Vibrant Types

Kitesurfing Tips for Beginners

Kitesurfing is exciting. In the United Kingdom, there’s a plenty locations where you can start your career in kitesurfing. One of the most famous kitesurfing location in UK is the Poole, Dorset. Here’s a list of tips for people who want to try kitesurfing:

  • Do not pull the bar. If you’re new to kitesurfing, you’ve probably read this a lot in different guides you’ve been reading in your journey to be an independent kitesurfer. A lot of beginners do pull the bar so that they can hold on to it but they only start to crash.
  • Hand Position is important. Just like with any other sports including golf, tennis, volleyball or even badminton, hand position in kitesurfing is just as important as your equipments. Holding your hands right to the edges will only make your kite overly-sensitive through turns. Your kite will also immediately start to veer off to the side when you want to fly the kite with just a hand hence your kite will fall to the edge of the wind window.
  • You can still fly your kite whilst releasing the bar and always try to keep some tension on your steering lines. Keeping a tension on at least one of the steering lines will allow you to be able to know where in the sky your kite is flying without having to watch it all the time.
  • The bar should be fully released when you relaunch and land your kite. Releasing the bar fully means your kite will be fully depowered and you will not have any tension in the steering lines. Meaning, you will not be pulled by your kite but will have a hard time steering it.
  • When the kite is at 12 o’clock you should only have enough tension so you won’t be pulled downwind and can still steer your kite. One of the most frustrating things that can happen to any kitesurfers is going downwind. It is tiring and eats up a lot of time in reclaiming your upwind position back in the shore. So if your kite comes up to 12 o’clock, you can control your kite without being pulled down by trying to release the bar slightly.
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