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KTC Coconut Oil 500ml

KTC Coconut Oil 500ml

100% Pure Coconut Oil Essential ingredients since 1972 Premium quality Suitable for vegans and vegetarians A versatile flavourless cooking oil suitable for vegans and...Read moreSainsbury's deals
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29th Mar
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KTC Coconut Cooking Oil

KTC Coconut Cooking Oil

A versatile high temperature cooking oil of neutral flavour Used for baking frying, grilling, roasting and spreading Ideal for home use, restaurant and catering Contains no...Read moreAmazon deals
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20th Feb
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This brand stands to be the most esteemed supplier of healthy cooking oil in the UK. To this date, they supply approximately 250 million litres of premium quality cooking oil every year.

These cooking oils are not only for household consumption. They have been exceptionally formulated for different sectors in the food industry. The British Retail Consortium has accredited the custom-built sites of KTC. 

Their sites are located in Liverpool and Wednesbury. When it comes to quality, hygiene, and safety KTC has expertly implemented its control systems. Each and every ingredient that they use have been strictly supplier approved.

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Things to Know About KTC

This is the ultimate brand that solely focuses on what its customers are looking for. They design each of their products with the only aim to promote efficient customer satisfaction.

Every product maintains a satisfactory level of standard. These are exceptionally healthy to be consumed on a daily basis. KTC’s after-sales streamlines service is what keeps the customers coming back for more.

KTC features an expert team of producers. This team is well known for spending some good time in the R & D department to procure the finest formulas.

Being an international food brand they stand out for their exceptional quality everyday staples. Their occasional and special treats consistently maintain that supreme KTC quality.

This international food brand features a wide variety of food categories. They offer the complete food essentials category of any household kitchen. KTC has also successfully come up with some of the finest food solutions required for the various food industry sectors.

From everyday food needs to exotic spice cans KTC has manufactured it all. Few of KTC’s products may be canned but they feature the highest quality available to date. Their recipes and essentials are good for every individual’s health.

These products also guarantee to promote good health in the destined future. KTC’s range of products has been designed both for the food industry and for retail purposes.

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Benefits of Eating KTC Food Products

This is the one-stop-shop when an individual is looking for easy and healthy food solutions. KTC is a brand that has always been innovating and coming up with new and unique food solutions.

KTC exceptionally understands what the current generation wants and is demanding. Similarly, they design all their products. Their manufactured products are diverse. Whatever an individual or the food industry is looking is right here at KTC.

Their range of oils and fats are of the finest quality. This is an award-winning brand and has been a constant favorite of many eminent personalities.

KTC’s product categories comprise as many as 16 ranges. These include a good variety of edible and non-edible oils. Namely, catering oils, non-edible oils, and retail oils. The other ranges include ghee, margarine, spreads, and box fats.

Canned groceries, beans, pulses, and lentils are also available at KTC. Exotic seasoning & spices and everyday essential rice and spices can also be availed of. KTC’s range of a wide variety of coconut products, flours, coatings, and chutneys are exceptional.

They have also produced a wide variety of sauces, condiments, and beverages. Plenty of other groceries, non-food items, and groceries can also be effortlessly availed of at KTC.

What Makes KTC Stand Out From The Rest

This prominent international brand is boosted with some outstanding features. To begin with they have procured an interesting range of everyday essential products. For instance, in their catering oils range, one can avail of vegetable oil and rapeseed oil.

They have also got a chef’s choice and economy cooking oils. In their margarine range, one can get a great deal of vegetable margarine and sunflower margarine.

KTC also excels at producing zero salt margarine. Desi and pure ghee are also available to give those authentic recipes an exemplary traditional touch.

KTC offers its users with some good advantages. To begin with, all their products are available in different size packs. One can even avail of their compo pack sets. So that their products can promote convenience to their users they have designed their cases in such a manner.

From bottled products to canned and pouched products whatever is most preferred can be availed of. The expiry date and source of the ingredients have also been exceptionally mentioned.

The amount of preservative content used is a bare minimum. No additional flavors or coloring has been used at the time of production.

Together with the passing of time and generations this brand has modified itself. They only offer food solutions that can ease out every individual's lifestyle. KTC products are enriched with optimum nutritional values. They are high in protein and fiber.

The oils and fats are good for one’s health now and even in the long run. They only use premium quality products that have been authentically sourced. Not just households but other food sectors can enjoy the benefits of KTC’s products.

This brand manufactures both economy packs and travel-friendly packs. Their products have been designed to promote universal accessibility.

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